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Special Meeting on Apr 25, 2017 5:00pm

Minutes for the Port Of Seattle Commission meeting, held on Apr 25, 2017 5:00pm

        Digital recordings o eeting proceedings and meeting materials are available online APPROVED MINUTES COMMISSION SPECIAL MEETING APRIL 25 , 201 The Port of Seattle Commission held a CALL TO ORDER WORK PLAN Presentation materials included and environment Commissioners and members of the Port’s leadership team engaged in small group conversations on these topics. Commissioners participated in discussion on all of the topics. Facilitator(s): Interim CE O Dave Soike, Aviation Division Managing Director Lance Lyttle, Director Julie Collins. Economic Prosperity The discussion on prosperity focused on inclusion and promotion of small and minority and women owned businesses. Commissioners considered how to provide opportunity for small and within RCW 49.60.400. Review of the policies of the City of Seattle on this subject and revision of the Port’s small business esolution No. 3618 were discussed Civic Leadership and Collaboration local communities, especially around the Airport and in Seattle’s industrial neighborhoods. Outreach to elected officials and the community at large was discussed. Examples of successful and unsucces sful community engagement were considered. Emphasized in conversation were the P.O. Box 1209 Seattle, Washington 98111 206.787.3000 ��PORT COMMISSION Minutes of the April 25 , 2017 retreat submitted for review on May 19 , 2017, and proposed for approval on May 23 , 2017 ality of Life and Environment Commissioners considered how to balance conflicting Century Agenda goals such as tripling air West Coast gateway of choice. Commiss ioners discussed balancing flexibility on the specific sectors for the 100,000 jobs increase with the need for the jobs to be quality jobs. There was a conversation about how to gauge the achievement of adding 750,000 metric tonnes of air cargo in relation to the relative value of cargo and the jobs created. The need for continued regional discussion of airport capacity and planning was noted. Commissioners considered the need to incorporate ongoing re evaluation into the Century Agenda. ADJOURNMENT he Commission