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Regular Meeting on Nov 14, 2017 1:00pm

Agenda for the Port Of Seattle Commission meeting, held on Nov 14, 2017 1:00pm

         Port of Seattle
       Commission           Date:    November 14, 2017 
        Tom Albro              Location:  Port of Seattle Headquarters  Pier 69 
       Stephanie Bowman               2711 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington 
        John Creighton 
        Fred Felleman            ORDER OF BUSINESS 
        Courtney Gregoire         12:00 noon 
                                       1.  CALL TO ORDER 
        Interim Executive Director 
                                       2.  Recess to EXECUTIVE SESSION*  Pursuant to RCW 42.30.110, if necessary. 
        Dave Soike 
                             1:00 p.m.: Reconvene or Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance 
        Web site:               OPEN PUBLIC SESSION** 
                                       3.  SPECIAL ORDERS OF BUSINESS 
                                      3a.  Executive Director Report for November 14, 2017. (no enclosure) 
                           3b.  Briefing on proposed Interlocal Agreement between the City of SeaTac and the Port of Seattle for                 a ten-year term beginning February 2018. (memo, agreement and presentation enclosed) 
        Port Commission:            4.  UNANIMOUS CONSENT CALENDAR*** 
          (206) 787-3034               4a.  Approval of the Claims and Obligations for the period October 1-31, 2017, including accounts
                                    payable check nos. 919948-920484 in the amount of $6,597,482.39; accounts payable ACH nos.
       Meeting and Agenda              002929-003623 in the amount of $55,741,559.04; accounts payable wire transfer nos. 014735-
         Information:                        014772 in the amount of $11,779,562.08; payroll check nos. 187656-187934 in the amount of
          (206) 787-3210                  $297,580.64; and payroll ACH nos. 826363-830346 in the amount of $9,212,284.42 for a fund
                                     total of $83,628,468.57. (memo enclosed) 
        Our Mission: 
            The Port of Seattle is a             4b.  Authorization for the Executive Director to execute Change Order 10 to Contract MC-0318654,
           public agency that                   Central Terminal Stairs Project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, to extend the contract
           creates jobs by                     duration by 76 calendar days and for the deductive amount of $64,508.00. No additional funds
           advancing trade and                 are being requested (CIP #C800716). (memo enclosed) 
          commerce, promoting
            industrial growth, and              4c.  Authorization for the Executive Director to execute an interlocal agreement with the Northwest
           stimulating economic                 Seaport Alliance to implement a series of support service agreements to allow Port staff to provide
          development                     services to the NWSA for 2018. (memo and interlocal agreement enclosed) 
                                    4d.  Authorization for the Executive Director to (1) spend environmental remediation liabilities funds for
        Strategic Objectives: 
                               2018 in the amount of $19,800,000; (2) approve a five-year plan of $88,800,000 for the
         Position the Puget Sound
                                     Environmental Remediation Liability Program for 2018-2022 of which an amount estimated not to
          region as a premier
                                     exceed $30,000,000 will be obligated during 2018 to be spent in future years. (memo and maps
           international logistics hub 
                                     of north properties, south properties, and aviation properties enclosed) 
         Advance this region as a
          leading tourism               4e.  Authorization for the Executive Director to execute an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ)
          destination and business            contract for Parking Revenue Consulting Services in the amount of $1,550,000 with a duration of
         gateway                     up to five years. (memo enclosed) 
         Use our influence as an
                                           4f.  Authorization for the Executive Director to execute Economic Development Partnership Program
           institution to promote
                                      contracts with the Cities of Carnation, Woodinville, Pacific,  Bothel, and Lake Forest Park to
          small business growth
                                  implement local economic development initiatives for an amount not to exceed $76,265, as
         and workforce
                                    detailed below. (memo, presentation, and report enclosed) 
         Be the greenest, and
           most energy efficient port
          in North America           * An Executive Session may be held at any time after the convening time, if necessary. 
                                 ** Please silence all personal electronic devices during the Public Session. 
                               *** Consent Calendar items are considered routine and are adopted by one motion without discussion. 
                                 If requested, items may be removed from Consent and considered individually following public testimony.

       AGENDA  Port Commission Regular Meeting, November 14, 2017, Port Headquarters  Pier 69                         Page 2 of 2 
            4.  UNANIMOUS CONSENT CALENDAR, Continued 
             4g.  Authorization for the Executive Director to: (1) advertise and execute a single major works construction contract comprised of 
              Taxiways A/B Reconfiguration; Taxiway L Relocation; Taxiway Q Mitigation; 2018 Airfield Pavement Replacement Projects; B
               Concourse IWS Upgrade; and Taxiway H Signage herein to be referred to as 2018 Taxiway Improvement Projects and (2) award an
                irregular bid or bid greater than 10% over engineers estimate, should that occur, with Commission notification only provided the total
               project remains within authorized budget (CIP # C800914). (memo and diagram enclosed) 
             4h.  [Removed from agenda] 
                4i.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a new collective bargaining agreement between the Port of Seattle and the
                International Association of Firefighters, Local 1257, representing Firefighters at the Port of Seattle covering the period from January
              1, 2017, through December 31, 2020. (memo and agreement enclosed) 
            5.  PUBLIC TESTIMONY  Public testimony procedures may be found online at 
             6a.  First Reading and Public Hearing of Resolution No. 3738: A resolution of the Port Commission of the Port of Seattle adopting the final
                budget of the Port of Seattle for the year 2018; making, determining, and deciding the amount of taxes to be levied upon the current
             assessment roll; providing payment of bond redemptions and interest, cost of future capital improvements and acquisitions, and for
                such general purposes allowed by law which the Port deems necessary; and directing the King County Council as to the specific sums
                 to be levied on all of the assessed property of the Port of Seattle District in the Year 2018. (memo, draft resolution, and
               presentation enclosed) 
                Motion and Second for First Reading 
                Public Hearing 
                Vote on First Reading 
             6b.  First Reading of Resolution No. 3739: A resolution of the Port Commission of the Port of Seattle Establishing Jobs, Pay Grades, Pay
              Ranges, and Pay Practices for Port Employees not represented by a labor union; Authorizing Legally Required Benefits, Other
                Benefits for Port Employees not represented by a Labor Union including Retirement, Paid Leave, Healthcare, Life Insurance and
                  Disability Benefits, Benefits for Port of Seattle Retirees, and Benefits for Port of Seattle Commissioners; and Authorizing this
               Resolution to be Effective on January 1, 2018, and Repealing all Prior Resolutions Dealing with the Same Subject, Including
               Resolution No. 3727 as amended by Resolution No. 3734 (memo, draft resolution, redline, summary of changes, pay range
               exhibit, and presentation enclosed) 
              6c.  Authorization for the Executive Director to increase the Marine Stormwater Utility 2018 rates by 7.75 percent. (memo and
               presentation enclosed) 
             6d.  Authorization of construction funding and for the Executive Director to advertise and award a major public works contract for (1) The
              replacement of the Shilshole Bay Marina restroom and laundry facilities for an amount not to exceed $8,500,000 for a total project
                authorization of $10,100,000 and (2) the replacement and overlay of Shilshole Bay Marina paved parking areas for an amount not to
             exceed $1,750,000 for a total project authorization of $2,000,000 (CIPs #C800356 and #C800355). (memo, presentation,
              Attachment A, and Attachment B enclosed) 
             6e.  Authorization for the Executive Director to (1) increase the project budget for the Flight Corridor Safety Program  Phase 1 by
              $2,600,000 for a new total of $5,806,000 (2) execute change order(s) in excess of $300,000 as necessary to complete the tree
              removal work and (3) advertise and execute a major works construction contract to remove invasive species and complete
                revegetation for Flight Corridor Safety Program Phase 1 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. (memo and site plan enclosed) 
                6f.  Authorization for the Executive Director to (1) execute a lease amendment for office space for the Capital Development Department 
             and Central Procurement Office Major Works Department to move into the SeaTac Office Center for $6,829,000 and (2) execute
                contracts to purchase office furniture, and design and install communications infrastructure to support business needs for $2,228,000 
              (CIP #C800982). (memo and amendment enclosed) 
            7.  STAFF BRIEFINGS 
             7a.  [Removed from agenda] 
             7b.  [Removed from agenda] 
              7c.  International Arrivals Facility Quarter 3 Program Update (CIP #C800583). (memo enclosed) 
             9.  ADJOURNMENT