Item No. 



Date of Meeting 

June 9, 2009 



May 22, 2009 



Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 



Michael Ehl, Director, Airport Operations 
Robert F. Riley, Director, Aviation Capital Improvement Program 



    Additional scope authorization to the Runway 16L/34R Reconstruction Project at 

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to include an underground conduit connection at 
an estimated cost of $60,000 to prepare for future Federal Aviation Administration 
(FAA) Runway Safety Status Lights (RWSL) on adjacent runway 16C/34C. 




Request Port Commission authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to increase scope to include 
construction of an underground infrastructure connection as part of the runway 16L/34R 
reconstruction project, for an estimated cost of $60,000; and to use the active Icon Materials contract 
for the runway 16L/34R reconstruction to complete this work within the current authorized budget 
and reimbursable by the FAA. 




This memorandum requests authorization to increase project scope in order to include installation of 
underground conduits now while construction is still going on.  It is preferable and least costly to 
install the conduits now rather than installing them later after the new pavement has been installed 
when demolition, repaving, and a runway closure would be required that would disrupt air traffic 
operations.  This construction change order will install a conduit ductbank under Runway 16L/34R, 
while it is being reconstructed, to service the future runway 16C/34C RWSL system required by the 
FAA.  Commission previously authorized the reconstruction of runway 16L/34R on October 28, 
2008, for a total of $85,000,000.  This authorization would increase the scope of the project to 
include the infrastructure connection.  The $60,000 in additional scope will be covered with the 
current authorized budget, and will be reimbursed 100% by the FAA.  The ductbank will be an FAA 
asset.  No new additional authorized budget funds are required for this action.  Future RWSLs would 
be funded by the FAA. 
The magnitude of this request would not normally require Commission authorization for three 
reasons:  The magnitude of this individual change is within prescribed limits, the total amount of 
unforeseen change on the project to date remains small and within prescribed limits, and adequate 
authorized contingency dollars remain within the project budget to accomplish this work.  However, 
this set of underground conduits will serve the future 16C/34C runway reconstruction project which 
has not yet been authorized by the Commission, therefore authorization for this scope of work must 
receive Commission approval.  The timing of the future 16C/34R project will be evaluated in this 
year’s budget process, however it may not be brought forward for some time.  Installing the conduit 
ductbank now will save money whenever the project does move forward.  No new additional 

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