Item No. 



Date of Meeting 

       June 9, 2009




May 12, 2009  



Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 



Raymond P. Rawe, Director, Engineering Services 






Advertise and execute a group of ID/IQ (Indefinite Quantity – Indefinite Delivery) 
Service Agreements to support the Engineering department 


Authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to advertise and execute a group of ID/IQ 
(Indefinite Quantity – Indefinite Delivery) Service Agreements to support the seven scopes of 
work for the Engineering department. 



CPO-1 allows the Port to execute ID/IQ Projects types of Service Agreements to provide 
Consultant services to meet Port needs.  Existing open order Service Agreements are expiring 
within the next several months.  In order to provide Consultant services to support capital project 
delivery needs, new contracts are necessary.  These series of Service Agreements will be 
procured within the limits of CPO-1, with Service Directives executed to authorize work for 
specific projects.  This action authorizes forming “empty” contracts: funds for work under the 
contracts will be approved as part of Operating Budgets or on a project basis. 



The number of outside technical Services Agreements that the Port enters into is substantial and 
there is a significant amount of effort and time required to process each agreement.  As an 
example, some of the administration activities required include: long lead time advertisements, 
consultant interviews, consultant selection and negotiation, contract preparation, and insurance 
requirements.  These activities inhibit rapid response and reduce the management and staff time 
available for other engineering and construction activities.  Significant economics and 
efficiencies can be obtained by reducing the number of selection processes.  Over 100 total 
projects are identified as having committed costs for identified for the next three years.   

The ID/IQ type of Service Agreements contracts take advantage of these efficiencies and 
consolidate multiple tasks into one consultant agreement.  The name of this type of contract 
(ID/IQ) is borrowed from federal contracting practices.  This open order type of contract 

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