8c. Attachment 02

Owned K9

Item No. 8c attach 22
Meeting Date: January 4, 2022



INSTRUCTIONS: Sections                                                                                     where POSPD wishes to transfer or donate retired service
| and Il of this form are to be completed by the property officer (PO) or program manager (PM) in cases
and surrendering potentially important legal rights. All
animals. The receipt/donee should read sections three carefully an initial each statement, as he/she is assuming important obligations
below. Once completed with the required signatures, the PO/PM will retain and maintain
provisions of the agreement must be agreed to in order to receive the retired service animal described
the receipts slash donee.
the original agreement with other service animal paperwork. Copies of the agreement are provided to
NAME:                             WORK PHONE:                                           HOME PHONE:
Hannah Minnehan                  206-423-3925
"STREET ADDRESS:                      CITY:                                                        STATE/ZIP:
J... -SE.        ____[
SECTION II: Retired Service Animal Information
NAME:                "SERVICENUMBER:    "TYPEOFANIMAL: ~BREED:                         COLOR:                AGE:
Canine             Lab                                Black                     6
MARKINGS:                                                                                                                                           K9
REASON FOR RETIREMENT: cost prohibitive to retrain dog and assign to new handler.
Black with curly tail                                                   has severe anxiety, documented between 2 different vets. Medically prohibitive.
to me of the animal described above:
SECTION Ill: Ag-eement. | declare and agree to the following in connection with Port of Seattle Police's transfer or donation
Initial                                                                                                                 such as the one being donated to
| have been trained and employed as an animal handler, responsible for an having worked with animals,
| declare that | have
nA  me. | declare that|am thoroughly familiar with the animal's health, discipline, propensities, and capabilities. Further,
successfully completed all required training and have a handler certification, and | represent and declare that | am competent qualified to                                                                                                                                                          K VA  \
0)        handle the animal.
Initial                                                                                                                         | gree to accept the above
| understand that the animal will be retired from Port of Seattle police's service for the reasons described above.
=Ie WN      animal as is and in the animal's current state. I've reviewed the file materials maintained about the animal. | understand that the Port of
WX      Seattle makes no warranties expressed or implied regarding the animal's physical fitness, health, or competence.
Initial                                                                                                                                         for
| agree to assume full personal, financial, and legal responsibility for maintenance and care of the animal, including any expenses
a veterinary treatments, from this day forward. | understand and anticipate that veterinary treatment will be necessary.
| promised to provide
) A \ '                                                                                                                               and other care as
x \             agood home to the animal and to provide at my expense such food, grooming, personal attention, veterinary treatment,
NAY                                 and happy retirement for the animal.
may be necessary and humane to assure a peaceful
Initial      In exchange for the transfer of ownership of the animal from the Port of Seattle to me, | agree to release from liability and hold harmless the
X, \QL |   Port of Seattle and any employee of the Port of Seattle free from any further obligation or liability to me, my family, my heirs, assignees,
a                    be caused by, relating to, or involving the animal.
executors, or administrators for any personal injury or property loss or damage which may
Initial 4)                                                                                                                               or judgments arising
| agreed to indemnify the Port of Seattle for any claim, liability, loss, damage, cost, or expense for lawsuits, claims, fines,
NE                                                                                                                 from this day forward.
by reason of personal injury or property loss or damage caused, relating to, or involving the animal
SIGNATURE:                                                    DAT:
RECIPIENT NAME:|                inn                                        |.
AMAY Cu EVIL vingined          w GATYY HAVA NAA                       20]20
SIGNATURE:                                                         DATE:

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