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From:            Madeline Cooper
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] comment for Port Commissioners meeting
Date:              Tuesday, January 4, 2022 9:04:10 AM

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Hello Port Commissioners -
I write to you today as a resident of the airport community, and as a restoration professional. I
live several blocks from North SeaTac Park, and am also one of the many
professionalsinvolved in the restoration efforts at the park. I strongly urge the
commissionersto protect North SeaTac Park, and the residents of the airport community by
halting all plans to remove trees or redevelop forested and natural areas.
I'm sure at this point you are all aware of the many mental and physical health benefitsforests
provide. We have seen evidence of this in North SeaTac Park as huge numbers of community
members use the park for walking, playing, disc golf, mountain biking, and picnicking. We
also see the benefits of urban forests in sustaining robust ecosystems that are resilient to
climate change and support human and natural communities through their ecosystem services.
As someone who has planted nearly 1,000 local plant species in North SeaTac Park I also
want to emphasize the importance of preserving existing forests. While it is an act of hope,
and an important part of restoration to plant new forests, it is disheartening to know that
despite these new plantings our North SeaTac forest will still lose ecosystem function if acres
of existing trees are removed.
If this park is truly going to act as a buffer to the huge amounts of pollution residents of the
airport community live with throughout their lives than management of the park needs to
reflect those values. The Commission should act to protect the park, and the residents of the
community by:
1) removing plans for deforestation and redevelopment from the Sustainable Airport Master
Plan and the Port's Real Estate Strategic Plan.
2) Protect North SeaTac Park in perpetuity by placing a moratorium on deforestation and
Thank you,
Madeline Cooper

From:            Sharla Dodd
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Public Comment Port Meeting 1/4/22
Date:              Tuesday, January 4, 2022 8:59:12 AM

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Dear Port Commissioners,
While I applaud the Port's stated goal of greenhouse gas reduction (in alignment with state,
federal and global goals)unfortunately many of your current and proposed future actions are
contrary to said goals.
For example: agenda item 11a where the Port spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to
increase tourism by promoting flights and cruises in and out of Seattle. This is
whollyinconsistent with Port reductions in greenhouse gas reduction. Instead we need to
embrace the downturn in tourism wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic and find a just and
equitable path to economic relief for those adversely affected, without a return to past (or
increased) levels of airline and cruise ship activity.
In regards to Item 11b the Port needs a full EIS for any and all plans to increase aviation
capacity that takes into account Port, regional, state, federal and global climate protection
needs. These plans must be consistent with a timely reduction in carbon emissions as well as
other global warming impacts of aviation. The only way to address the negative impacts of
climate change (GHG emissions and other harmful toxic pollutants) on impacted communities
is to decrease aviation activity. There is currently no other feasible way to achieve this goal as
electric airplanes are currently non-existent and SAFs are non-scalable and SAFs still produce
harmful toxic particles and emit the same amount of GHGs as conventional fuels.
I hope you stand by your stated aim to increase your focus on airport communities and protect
these communities from the harmful effects of increased aviation activity. An immediate push
toward degrowth in aviation is the only way to achieve this.
Thank youfor your time,
Sharla Dodd, Seattle resident

From:            laura gibbons
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Written (only) testimony for Tuesday"s Port Commission meeting.
Date:              Monday, January 3, 2022 6:03:44 PM

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Hi, I signed up again but I'm still not getting the notices. I only found out about tomorrow's meeting
today, from someone else. Any suggestions? Thanks!

This is for written-only testimony for tomorrow's port meeting. I hope you have time to read the
whole thing, it fits in 2 minutes, but at least make sure they know they need to incorporate my
written feedback on the health and climate impacts of aviation into the Port's Federal Legislative
Agenda for 2022. This includes that the SAMP needs a full EIS and must be consistent with climate


I would like to comment on Item 11b. Federal Legislative Agenda for 2022. Please incorporate my
feedback into the final plan.

You cite "progress of the SAMP near-term projects environmental review" and possible funding for
"terminal projects that increase capacity". I insist on a full EIS for any plans to increase aviation
capacity at SEA, one that incorporates Port, regional, state, federal, and global climate protection
needs. Plans must be consistent with a timely reduction in carbon emissions and other global
warming impacts of aviation, as well as local health impacts of noise and ultrafine particles.

I fully agree with the need for "Comprehensive Solutions to Address the Climate Crisis". The ONLY
way to sufficiently "reduce GHG emissions and other harmful toxic pollutants in all communities" is
to reduce aviation. Unfortunately, there is NO other way to meet current emission reduction targets.
Electric planes are decades away. Alternative aviation fuels cannot be produced to scale, they still
shower airport communities with toxic particles, and they emit just as much GHG when burned as
conventional fuels. You express support for "increased federal investment in sustainable aviation
fuels and other alternative energy sources", but as I just said, "sustainable" fuels won't save us, and
to the degree they might possibly help at all, the costs should be borne by those who fly.

I also strongly support "Increased Airport Communities Focus" and am glad you recognize the
massive harm caused by aviation pollution and noise on local communities of color. The health
impacts of aviation noise and toxic emissions are well established, and I have previously sent you
links to many studies to that effect. You can do more studies if you like, but you also need to reduce
flights and widen the scope of mitigation for airport communities NOW in order to mitigate current
harm and reduce airline and ship traffic to reduce future impacts. Also, while you are using your
equity lens, note that public money being spent to try to reduce harm from private flying is
inherently inequitable.

Laura Gibbons

From:            Bernedine Lund
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Re: Public comment
Date:              Tuesday, January 4, 2022 7:12:31 AM
Attachments:      1-4-2022 POS Public Comments.pdf

WARNING: External email. Links or attachments may be unsafe.
Shoot - forgot to add the attachment. That's what i get for waking up at 2 this morning
- going back to bed now!

On Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 07:10:51 AM PST, Bernedine Lund 

Hi, hope you enjoyed the holidays and was not too inconvienced by the snow. I'm
really glad most of it went away with the rain yesterday.
Here is Public Comment document. Most likely will not make a public statement
unless you want to hear me cough through the whole thing.

POS Commissioner's Meeting, Jan 4, 2022, Public Comment by Bernedine Lund, resident of
Federal Way and volunteer for 350 Seattle aviation group 
Topic: WTA plans to encourage travel 
The Washington Travel Association (WTA) plans to encourage people in Washington to explore 
sites within the state sound good. The internet has many sites listing sites describing places to 
visit, including Best places to see, Best places to visit, 10 best attractions, etc., in Washington
State. You can reach these sites by electric car, and even small electric airplanes. How many of
these attractions have you seen in Washington? 
My main concern is about the WTA encouraging international travel. This travel by airline does
not support one of the legislative agenda items listed in 11b of the agenda, which states
"Legislation must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other harmful toxic pollutants in
all communities" It is clear from many sources that airline flights generate green house gases
that contribute to global climate change; and there is still no large scale way to reduce or
eliminate the green house gases soon. In the short run, the only way to reduce the green
house gases is to reduce or eliminate the flights. 

Note: My neighbor and I happened to meet at the mail boxes a few weeks ago and we briefly 
talked about the global climate crisis. She said that the end of the world was coming --this
made me realize that I do not feel the same way. Instead, I know the Earth, that small blue ball
hanging in the sky that I have talked about before, will continue to exist even if/when we
manage to destroy much of the life on the planet with our disregard to the causes of the global
climate crisis. The basic building b locks for life will adapt to the new changes in the Earth,
whether humans are here or not. It's just incredibly sad to realize how much additional
suffering and loss that will happen during the process. It's even sadder to realize that many
people do not take global climate change seriously and think we should continue what we have
been doing

From:            Noemie Maxwell
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Public comment for 1/4/22 Port Commission meeting
Date:              Monday, January 3, 2022 5:27:53 PM

WARNING: External email. Links or attachments may be unsafe.
Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis
12239 Des Moines Memorial Dr. S. #6A
Burien, WA 98168

January 3, 2022
Dear Commission President Felleman and Commissioners Mohamed, Hasegawa,
Cho, and Calkins,
Welcome and congratulations to Commissioners Mohamed and Hasegawa as you
begin your terms.Grateful thanks to all of you for the various ways you stood up for
the North SeaTac Park community this past summer to keep our park whole.
There is much more to do.
I'm sure you agree that a climate emergency is not the time - and a community highly
impacted by airport pollution, is not the place - to strip the land of dozens of acres of
The beautiful, 200 acre urban oasis that is North SeaTac Park  and the people who
live near it - are at thegeographic center of a ten-mile zonewhere evergreen forests
are in decline and where Public Health Seattle-King Countyrecommendsincreasing
evergreen tree coverage. Research shows that evergreen trees keep deadly airport
pollution out of our lungs. They are also the backbone of our forests, key to a stable
climate, and central to our Evergreen State identity.
The ten mile community around the park deserves to have its life-saving trees
protected and restored.
Last summer's action by the Port in response to our community petition - to remove
the 11-acre parking lot proposal from Sustainable Airport Master Plan is much
But that Plan, and the Port's Real Estate Strategic Plan, right now contain proposals
to develop more than 100 acres of tree-covered land in and around the park.
You have the power to change that. You can partner with our community to save our
trees, our forest, and our lives. I'm a member ofDefenders of North SeaTac Park,
which calls for securing this park in perpetuity, for a moratorium on Port destruction of

trees within a mile of the airport, and for Comprehensive Action to Restore the
Ecology of North SeaTac Park and the life-saving, climate-stabilizing urban forest
within ten miles of the airport.
Please prioritize this and work with us to save lives in our community.
Thank you for listening. And thank you in advance for all you can do to make this

From:            Barbara McMichael
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Proud to be a Defender of North SeaTac Park
Date:              Monday, January 3, 2022 4:56:50 PM

WARNING: External email. Links or attachments may be unsafe.
Dear Port Commissioners:
Greetings to new Commissioners Mohamed and Hasegawa and welcome back to
Commissioners Felleman, Calkins and Cho. Never before have we had a Port Commission
that has so strongly identified as being pro-environment! And this is entirely appropriate,
given that we are in the throes of truly disastrous global climate change.
Some years ago, I came before a different configuration of Port Commissioners to protest the
plan to cut down 3000 tall trees at the south end of the airport. Today I am writing as one of
the founding members of the Defenders of North SeaTac Park to protest the Port's plan to
develop more than 100 acres of forested land at the north end of the airport. I hope you can
understand that the airport's growth over time has resulted in congestion, noise impacts and air
pollution, leading communitymembers to feel assaulted by the airport's growth.
That is why, as Defenders of North SeaTac Park, we are hopeful that you will do everything in
your power to secure North SeaTac Park as a park and green haven in perpetuity.
In addition, given the increasingly urgent warnings from the international scientific
community about the importance of retaining forests worldwide, we are calling for a
moratorium on any further destruction of trees within a mile of the airport while you work
with us - your constituents who are most affected both physically and psychologicallyby the
airport's presence - to establish a plan for Comprehensive Action to Restore the Ecology - not
only of North SeaTac Park, but also of communities around the airport. We urge you to
become a partner with us in a powerful alliance to envision and enact a plan for retaining
current mature stands of evergreens in our area, and for the further planning and planting of
climate-stabilizing and health-enhancing urban forests throughout communities withinten
miles of the airport. In thinking and acting locally, we can affect positive change globally.
I urge you to make this a priority as you move forward in your work.
Barbara McMichael
20816 Military Road S
SeaTac, WA 98198

From:            Carlyn Roedell
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] North SeaTac Park, protection
Date:              Monday, January 3, 2022 6:30:05 PM

WARNING: External email. Links or attachments may be unsafe.
Hi, We would like to add our voices in support of protecting all of the grounds of North SeaTac
Park from development and loss of forest cover.
Thank you,
Michael Roedell and Carlyn Roedell
Burien, Washington

From:            Linnea Westerlind
To:                Commission-Public-Records
Subject:           [EXTERNAL] Protect North Seatac Park
Date:              Tuesday, January 4, 2022 8:33:19 AM

WARNING: External email. Links or attachments may be unsafe.
I am writing to express my support for plans that protect North Seatac Park. As a park user, parent of
three and a constituent, I ask that the Port prioritize protecting this valuable natural resource that provides
enormous environmental, social and health benefits to our community, especially youth.
Linnea Westerlind
West Seattle

Good afternoon Commissioners, my name is Jordan Van Voast. If reports are true1 and you've finally 
cancelled the third cruise terminal, I offer thanks and congratulations. Our group, Seattle Cruise Control 
has a mission and vision that eventually you will cancel the other two cruise ship terminals.2 I urge you 
to be courageous and help the people of our region to look up3 and grasp the reality that if we continue 
to burn fossil fuels for nonessential travel, there's little hope for making the really difficult reductions in 
emissions necessary to prevent runaway climate warming. Cutting out global cruise travel is low 
hanging fruit in the race to save a livable world for our children and 90% of species on the planet.4 
Climate scientists calculate that we need to cut our total global greenhouse gas emissions in half in the 
next 8 years, from 60 gigatons5 annually, to 30 gigatons6. Global emission pathways based on current 
policies will lead to at least 3 degrees Celsius of warming. We've already experienced 1 degree of 
warming in the last century and a half and the effects are catastrophic and disproportionately felt by 
Black and Brown people in the Global South. If the Port is serious about its equity commitments, this 
inconvenient truth needs to be faced and rectified. If the Port is serious about aligning with climate 
science, it needs to work with the state legislature to revise its authorizing charter so that economic 
expansion isn't blindly tied to the fossil fuel intensive travel industry. The Port's mission is essentially to 
bring prosperity to the workers and people of the region. I believe there are many ways to achieve this 
outside of the traditional paradigm of internal combustion engines, but it will require all of us to heal 
our individual and collective trauma7 so that our minds can work together creatively and imaginatively.
Thank you. 

1 https://www.kuow.org/stories/how-the-port-of-seattle-is-whittling-away-
2 https://www.theurbanist.org/2022/01/21/third-cruise-terminal-cancelled-
3 The 2021 film, "Don't Look Up" parodies mainstream media in its
trivialization and denial of the climate crisis and modern techno culture for
its fixation on profit rather than true solutions:
4 The data and reflective inspiration for this comment derives from a
presentation by Kritee Kanko, PhD., a climate scientist and Zen priest in
the following YouTube video: https://youtu.be/fWT8sfhDO8E 
5 (CO
2 equivalents)  note that many website conflate CO2 emissions with
total greenhouse gas emissions, which include other gases such as
6 Ibid.
7 https://youtu.be/fWT8sfhDO8E

[The Dharma of Resi

160 Gt COze

140 Gt COze

No climate policies
120 Gt CO,e

100 Gt COze

80 Gt CO.e

Current policies
G0GLCO.    == == = = =                 :

.                                          al 1-3.7C)
RC       Pledges
40 Gt CO,e                                                              1 (2.6-3.2C)

20 Gt CO.e

0 Gt CO.e                                                                2C pathways
1.5C pathways


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