11c. Attachment 01

Port’s Efforts Related to the Infrastructure Investmen

Port Eligible IIJA Programs                                Item No. 11c_attach_1

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
Allows DHS to declare a Significant Incident
(demonstrable harm to: national security
interests, foreign relations, or economy of U.S.;
triggered by
or public confidence, civil liberties, or public   Recipients: Federal, state, local, Tribal,
DHS Sec.
Cyber Response and Recovery  Competitive/Cooperative             health and safety of the people of the U.S.)   public, private sector entities. Funding is
$100 million                                                                 DHS    Yes    Yes    Yes                    determinatio
Fund            Agreement                  following a breach of public and private   triggered by the Secretary's determination
n of
network that allows the CISA to provide direct       of significant incident.
support to those entities as they respond and
recover from signficant cyberattacks and
To address cybersecurity risks and cybersecurity
threats to information systems owned or
operated by, or on behalf of, State, local, or                           Starts at 90%                           States should aim to make
State and Local Cybersecurity                              Tribal governments. Develop, revise, or                             for 2022 and                           awarded funds available to
Competitive       $1 billion                                  State, local, Tribal Government.              DHS    Yes    Yes    Yes
Program                                  implement the Cybersecurity Plan (more details                          declines 10%                           local gov'ts 45 days after
on plan available). 1% of funds to each state                            each year.                                 receipt.
with any remaining funds apportioned based on
NOAA will deliver operational, continental-scale
Flood and Inundation                               coastal and inland flood models and mapping
Recipients: States, Counties, Cities, Special
Mapping and Forecasting,                               capabilities including flood forecasts and
Various        $492 million                              Districts, Tribes, Public or Private Higher-Ed           DOC    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Q2 2022
Water Modeling, and                              projections that will provide actionable decision
Institutions, nonprofits
Precipitation Studies                                 support services equitably delivered to
communities across the nation
Removal and cleanup of significant legacy
debris such as abandoned and derelict vessels  501c3, State agencies, local government,                                   Funding available for 2 years
Marine Debris - removal        Various        $150 million    and derelict fishing gear, as well as other   municipal government, Tribes, Educational           DOC    Yes    Yes    Yes  following each annual tranche.  Q2 2022
priority debris types that pose a threat to Trust      Institutions, For-Profit orgs                                           Through NOAA.
resources, the economy, or navigation.
Purpose of restoring marine, estuarine, coastal,
and Great Lakes ecosystem habitat as well as
constructing or protecting ecological features Recipients: 501c3s, state and territorial govt
that protect coastal communities from flooding  agencies, local governments, municipal
Habitat Restoration        Competitive       $491 million                                                                 DOC    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Q2 2022
or coastal storms. Projects: protect and restore    governments, Tribes, educational
habitat to sustain fisheries, recover protected     institutions, or commercial orgs.
species, maintain resilient coastal ecosystems
and communities.
Restoring fish passage by removing in-stream
barriers and providing technical assistance
pursuant to sec. 117 of MSA. Engineering and  501c3, State agencies, local government,                                   Funding available for 2 years
Fish Passage          Competitive       $400 million  design, future project development phases, and municipal government, Tribes, Educational           DOC    Yes    Yes    Yes  following each annual tranche.  Q2 2022
building the capacity of new and existing       Institutions, For-Profit orgs                                           Through NOAA.
restoration partners to design projects and
manage multi-faceted construction efforts.
Research (physical and social science,
States, counties, cities, special districts,
engineering, and legal) and increasing capacity                                                            Funding available for 2 years
Marine Debris - research and                                                          Tribes, Public and private higher ed
Competitive       $50 million   and expertise through education to eliminate                                     DOC    Yes    Yes    Yes  following each annual tranche.  Q2 2022
education                                                             institutions, nonprofits, small businesses,
barriers to marine debris prevention and                                                                 Through NOAA.
and/or individuals.
USACE funding for construction of authorized                                                                               Multiple
Major Rehabilitation for                             coastal navigation projects at ports and harbors,                                                                              contract
Direct Federal      $1.5 billion                                In partnership with Port Authorities             DOD    Yes    No     No
Rivers and Harbors                                 such as deepening and widding of federal                                                                               awards in FY
navigation channels.                                                                                       22
Funds the construction of authorized water
Authorized federal aquatic ecosystem                                                       contract
resources projects to increase aquatic
Aquatic Ecosystem                                                           restoration projects and programs. USACE                                                      awards
Direct Federal      $1.9 billion   ecosystem restoration, including $1 billion for                                    DOD    Yes    Yes    Yes
Restoration Projects - USACE                                                        in partnership with State, local, and Tribal                                                      through
multipupose projects and programs that include
governments                                                              2022
aquatic ecosystem restoration as a purpose.

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Port Eligible IIJA Programs

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
To establish a carbon capture technology                                                               Technology developers,
Demo projects: (i) 2 designed to capture
program for the development of 6 facilities to                                                             industry, utilities, national
CO2 from a natural gas electric generation
demosntrate transformational technologies                                                            laboratories, engineering and
Carbon Capture                                                           facility; (ii) 2 designed to capture CO2 from
that will significantly imrpove the efficiency,                                                             construction firms, state and
Demonstration Projects    Cooperative Agreement    $2.5 billion                               a coal electric generation facility; (iii) 2            DOE    Yes    Yes    Yes
effectiveness, costs, emissions reductions, and                                                               local govts, Tribes,
Program                                                               designed to capture carbon from an
environmental performace of coal and natural                                                            environmental groups, and
industrial facility not purposed for electric
gas use, including in manufacturing and                                                                 community based
industrial facilities.                                                                        organizations.
To carry out 3 enery storage system
demonstration projects -- lots of eligible uses
including: improving security of critical    Eligible entities: technology developers,
Energy Storage      Competitive, Cooperative              infrastructure and emergency response     industry, state and local governments,
$335 million                                                                 DOE    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Q3 2022
Demonstration Pilot Program     Agreements                systems; improve the liability of transmission   Tribes, community based organizations,
and distribution; integrate renewable energy    national labs, universities, utilities.
resource production; integrate fast charging of
electric vehicles, etc.
To demonstrate innovative approaches to
transmission, storage, and distribution
infrastructure to harden and enhance resilience                                                            States, combo of 2 or more
Program Upgrading Our
Competitive, Cooperative             and reliability; and B) to demonstrate new   coordinate and collaborate with electric                                    states, Tribes; units of local
Electric Grid and Ensuring                     $5 billion                                                                  DOE    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Q4 2022
Agreements                approaches to enhance regional grid resilience,     sector owners and operators                                       government, and/or public
Reliability and Resiliency
implemented through States by public and rural                                                              utility commissions.
electric cooperative entitites on a cost-shared
DOE to work in crosscutting
Priority to projects that increase efficiency                                   manner with National Energy
and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing,                                    Technology Lab, National
Clean Hydrogen                                Establish a clean hydrogen manufacturing and
Competitive, Cooperative                                        use of resources; support domestic supply                                   Renewable Energy Lab, and
Manufacturing and Recycling                   $500 million  recycling program to support a clean hydrogen                                    DOE    Yes    Yes    Yes
Agreements                                            chain; operate in partnership with Tribes;                                    Idaho National to carry out
Program                                         domestic supply chain
located in economically distressed areas of                                      regional hubs and
major natural gas producing regions                                      manufacturing/recycling
feedstock diversity produced from: fossil
fuels, renewable energy, nuclear energy;
New -- establish at least four regional clean    end-use diversity in: electric power
Regional Clean Hydrogen                             hydrogen hubs to demonstrate the production,   generation sector, industrial sector,                                                       Summer
Competitive       $8 billion                                                                  DOE    Yes    Yes    Yes
Hubs                                    processing, delivery, storage, and end-use of  residential and commercial heating sector,                                                      2022
clean hydrogen           transportation sector. 2 hubs chosen in
regions with the most natural gas
Projects that reduce energy use, increase
energy efficiency, and cut pollution/fossil fuel
emissions. Eligible uses: develop and
implement an energy efficiency and
conservation strategy; retaining technical
consultant services to assist the eligible entity
in developing such a strategy; conduct
residential and commercial building energy
audits; establish financial incentive programs
Energy efficiency and
for energy efficiency improvements; provision                                                            dkf: is the Port eligible for this
conservation block grant       Competitive       $550 million                                 States, Local Government, Tribes              DOE    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Q2 2022
of grants to nonprofits and govt agencies for                                                                  program?
program (EECBG)
performing energy retrofits; develop and
implement energy efficiency and conservation
programs for building and facilities (more
details avail); develop and implement programs
to conserve energy in transportation (incl. bike
lanes, pedestrian walkways); additional details --
develop, implement, install in/on govt building
renewable energy tech. (++more eligible
For the removal of barriers and for technical
Ecosystem - Fish Passage  Competitive/Federal Direct  $200 million    assistance under the National Fish Passage          Recipients: open                   DOI    Yes    Yes    Yes     Run through USFWS

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Port Eligible IIJA Programs

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
New program that addresses aquatic
ecosystems in connection to Reclamation
projects. It provides broad authority for
Aquatic Ecosystem                                   Reclamation to fund fish passage
Restoration and Protection                                improvements and aquatic habitat
Competitive, Direct Federal  $250 million                                     Recipients - Open                  DOI    Yes    Yes    Yes     Bureau of Reclamation    Q3 2022
Projects - Reclamation                              enhancement, including the removal of dams or
projects                                   other aging infrastructure if such projects are
supported by a broad multi-stakeholder group
and if it maintains the water security of all
Loan program to finance rail construction and
Railroad Rehabilitation and
Loan         $320 million  upgrades. Eligible projects include landside port                                    DOT    Yes
Improvement Financing (RRIF)
infrastructure for seaports serviced by rail
For surface transport projects including
States, localities, other public
Loan program: Amendended to increase    highway, transit, intercity passenger rail,
authorities, and private
Transportation Infrastructure                             utilization, streamline the application process    some freight rail, intermodal freight
entities undertaking projects
Finance and Innovation Act of       Loan         $1.25 billion  for assistance, and increase transprancey in the transfer facilities, some modifications inside           DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
sponsored by public
1998 amendments (TIFIA)                             vetting process for projects seeking TIFIA funds.  a port terminal, electrification of buses,
authorities. Airport projects
Airport projects now eligible.          ferries, trains, and associated
now eligible.
Eligible projects include a project to
establish or operate a traffic monitoring,
Allocates money to states to invest in low     management, and control facility or
New program; 65% of funding
carbon tech. Among other things, the program  program(more details), infrastructure-
under this program would be
can be used for efforts to reduce environmental  based intelligent transportation systems
suballocated by population.
and community impacts of freight movement. It    capital improvementsand the                                                        Dependent
Carbon Reduction Program                                                                                                                   Eligible projects also include
Formula        $6.4 billion    can also be used for purchasing, installing,     development of a carbon reduction             DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes                     on FY 22
for transportation emissions                                                                                                                    reducing transportation
maintaining publicy accessible EV charging   strategy. 2 years after enactment a State,                                                      budget
emissions (on-road highway
stations and alternative fueling stations.     with an MPO, shall develop a carbon
sources) at port facilities
Transportation emissions = on-road highway   reduction strategy to supports reducing
through electrification
sources of CO2            GHGs. States can request technical
assistance in development of carbon
reduction strategy.
Increases the number of highway miles a State
may designate as critical urban freight corridors
up from 75 to 150 miles. Raises cap on percent
of program funds that may be used for eligible                                                           Some % apportioned to MPOs;
National Highway Freight
Formula        $7.15 billion   multimodal projects from 10% to 30% cap and                             80%     DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes    Port could work/partner
adds LOCK, dam, and marine highway projects                                                                through PSRC
as eligible so long as they're connection to the
national highway freight network AND are likely
to reduce on-road mobile source emissions
for multimodal transportation planning and
programming in metropolitan areas. Planning
includes collection and analysis of data on
FY 22
demographics, trends, and system
performance; travel demand and system
Metropolitan Planning        Formula        $2.28 billion                                                                 DOT    Yes    No    Yes     Funds through PSRC    Dec. 2021; FY
performance forecasting; ID and prioritization
23 released
of transport system improvement needs;
Oct. 2022
coordination of planning process and decisionmaking
with public elected officials,
Assist in funding capital projects for existing
fixed guideway systems (rail, bus rapid transit,                                                            Apportioned funds -- States,
State of Good Repair         Formula        $21.6 billion   and passenger ferries) and high intensity bus         Capital projects                   DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes     counties, cities, special
systems to maintain public transit systems in a                                                                districts, Tribes
state of good repair.
Capital funding to replace, rehab, purchase or
lease buses and bus-related equipment and to
Buses and Bus Facilities        Formula        $3.16 billion                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes      Formula funding
rehabilitate, purchase, construct or lease busrelated

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Port Eligible IIJA Programs

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
Research and development activities with                                                             States, counties, cities, special  Multiple
resprect to highway and traffic safety systems                                                            districts, Tribes (Fed/non-Fed  NOFOs for
Highway Safety Research &  Competitive, Cooperative
$970 million   and conditions, human behavioral factors and                                     DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   recognized), public or private   specific
Development          Agreements
their effect on highway and traffic safety, other                                                            higher-ed, nonprofits, small   elements
activities on highway and traffic safety                                                                   businesses       anticipated
Explore novel approaches to improve public
States, counties, special
transportation service--especially for transit-
Funding to assist innovative projects and                                                               districts, Tribes, public
Transportation Research,                                                         dependent individuals; other activities that
Competitive, Cooperative              activities that advance and sustain safe,                                                              transport agencies, private or
Development, Demonstration,                   $132 million                              help transit agencies meet equity, safety,            DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Agreements                 efficient, equitable, climate-friendly public                                                             nonprofit orgs, Institutions of
and Deployment Projects                                                         climate change and transformation goals
transportation.                                                                      higher education, tech or
for a safer, cleaner, socially just and
community colleges
connected public transport
Requires DOT to test the feasibility of a road
usage fee and other user-based alternative
Strategic Innovation for   Competitive, Cooperative            revenue mechanisms to help maintain the long-   Road usage fee and other user-based                                       States, MPOs, local
$75 million                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Revenue Collection        Agreements                  term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund      alternative revenue mechanisms                                          government
through pilot projects at the State, local, and
regional level
Deploy cool pavements and porous
Goal to mitigate urban heat islands, improve air
pavements and to expand tree cover.
quality, and reduce the extent of impervious
Priority to projects in low-income or                                      Federal share up to 100%
surfaces, storm water runoff and flood risks,
disadvantaged communities; entities with                                     possible for economic
Healthy Streets Program       Competitive       $500 million   and heat impacts to infrastructure and road                              80%     DOT    Yes?    Yes    Yes
community benefits agreement, partnering                                        hardship.
users. Funds can be used to assess hot
with youth or civilian corps. Eligible entities:
spots/heat islands; tree canopy assessment;
State, MPO, unit of local govt, Tribe,
tree equity assessment
nonprofit working with above entity.
Acquisition and installation of pubicly
Electric Vehicle Charging and                            Deploy electric vehicle charging and alternative accessible EV charging or alternative fueling
Sometime in
Fueling Infrastructure        Competitive       $1.25 billion     fueling infrastructure along designated    infrastructure (hydrogen, propane, natural           DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Program (Corridor Charging)                             alternative fuel corridors and in communities.  gas), acquisition and installation of traffic
control devices.
Applications must include a description of
how the eligible entity has considered
public accessibility relative to the proposed
project, collaborative engagement with
stakeholders, the location of the proposed
FHWA: Eligible entity: State or
project, responsiveness to technology
local authorities (plus MTOs,
advancements, and the long-term
Tribes, special purpose gov)
Electric Vehicle Charging and                               To install electric vehicle charging and      operation and maintenance of the
that own publicly accessible
Fueling Infrastructure                               alternative fuel in locations on public roads,   proposed project. Priority: projects that                                                     Sometime in
Competitive       $1.25 billion                                                        up to 80%   DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes    transportation facilities.
Program (Community                                schools, parks, and in publicly accessible    expand access in rural areas, low- and                                                        2022
Projects related to propane
Charging)                                          parking facilities.            moderate-income neighborhoods,
infrastructure are limited to
communities with low ration of private
infrastructure for mediumparking
spaces to households or a high ratio
and heavy-duty vehicles.
of multi-unit dwellings to single family
homes. Geographic diversity between rural
and urban and meets current or anticipated
market demands for charging or fueling
Funds the resiliency, modernization and
expansion of U.S. ports while reducing impacts
to nearby communities. Long list of eligible                                                               MARAD: Adds funds to
projects in addition to those specified in statute                                                            existing program.First round
Port Infrastructure                     $2.25 billion (10  incl. resiliency (sea-level rise, earthquakes),                                                              of funding available $475                   $450
Competitive                                                                     up to 80%   DOT    Yes    No     No                     2/14/2022  5/16/2022
Development Program (PIDP)                     years)    reducing GHGs: electrification, hydrogen, cargo-                                                             million (see Biden Admin                   million
handling equipment; development of                                                               release on early ports action
microgrid; worker training to support                                                                     plan).
electrification; install bunkering facilities for
OGV fuel; Planning OK

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Port Eligible IIJA Programs

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
On hold
Study technology and strategies to reduce idling  Awards are intended to test, evaluation,                                     New program, on hold
Reduction of Truck Emissions                                                                                                                                    pending a
Competitive       $400 million   truck emissions at ports and fund projects to   and deploy projects that reduce port-      0.8     DOT    Yes               pending a full-year budget. No
at Port Facilities                                                                                                                                        full-year
reduce truck emissions, including electrification        related emissions                                          specific recipients identified.
Eligible entity: States, MPO, unit of local
For use on projects that improve freight
govt, political subdivision of a state of local
movement, including multimodal connections
gov, special purpose district; Tribe,                                      Federal share depends on
with regional or national significance. Adds
Infrastructure for Rebuilding                                                           multijurisdictions together. Adds                                        project type. NOFO
wildlife crossings, surface transport
America (INFRA) also                                                            enhancement of freight resilience to                                    anticipated Q1 2022. $750 m
improvements functionally connected to an int'l                                                                             anticipated
Nationally Significant        Competitive       $7.25 billion                               natural hazards or other disasters (high   60%/80%    DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes    set aside for States, MPOs,
border crossing, projects on the National                                                                                Q1 2022
Multimodal Freight and                                                         winds, flooding, rockslides) as an additional                                   special purpose district, port
Multimodal Freight Network, and marine
Highway Program (NSMFHP)                                                       consideration when making grants. Criteria:                                   authorities with transport
highway projects functionally connected to
eval based on how projects address climate                                     function, local govt
national highway freight network as eligible
change, environmental justice, and racial
Rebuilding American
Incl: surface transportation components of
Infrastructure with                               Supports surface transportation projects with                                                              $5 billion set aside for
Competitive       $7.5 billion                              certain eligible airport projects; replace or           DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes                     1/14/2022  4/14/2022  $1.5B
Sustainability and Equity                                significant local or regional significance                                                                multimodal projects
rehab culverts;
Existing program. States,
group of states, Interstate
wide range of freight and passenger rail                                                       Final
Consolidated Rail                                                                                                                     compact, political subdivision
Projects that improve the safety, efficiency, and  capital, safety technology deployment,                                                     selections in
Infrastructure and Safey       Competitive       $5 billion                                                                  DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   of a state, Amtrack or other
reliability of intercity passenger and freight rail. planning, environmental analyses, research,                                                    progress for
Improvements (CRISI)                                                                                                                     rail providing intercity rail,
workforce development and training.                                                      Spring 2022.
Class II/III railroads, Tribes,
Grade separation or closure, track                                       NEW. States, political    FY 22 funds
Dedicated funding to eliminate at-grade
relocation, improvement or installation of                                    subdivision of State, Tribe,  released in
railroad crossings (highway-rail or pathway-rail)
Railroad Crossing Elimination                                                        protective devices or measures to improve                                   local government or group of  Dec. 2021;
Competitive       $3 billion    where there is a conflict with the community;                                     DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Program                                                               safey, other means to improve safety.                                      local govts, public port     FY23
focus on improving the safety and mobility of
Planning, environmental review, and design                                   authority, MPO, group of  released Oct.
people and goods
of an eligible project type                                           above entities.       2022
Support planning, resilience improvements,
community resilience and evacuation routes,    Eligible entities: State, MPO, local
Promoting Resilient
and at-risk coastal infrastructure. Planning,   government, special purpose district or
Operations for
strengthen and protect evacuation routes,    public authority with transportation
Transformative, Efficient, Cost-     Competitive       $1.4 billion                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   "certain port projects eligible"   TBD
increase resilience of surface transportation  function, Tribe. Different eligibilities for atsaving
infrastructure from the impacts of sea level rise,  risk coastal infrasture grants. Highway,
(PROTECT) - Discretionary
flooding, wildfires, extreme weather events,   transit, and certain port projects eligible
other natural disasters.
Should improve safety, mobility, efficiency,
Advanced Transportation                                                                                                                    State or local government,
To deploy, install, and operate advanced      system performance, intermodal
Technologies & Innovative      Competitive       $900 million                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   transit agency, MPO, or multitransportation
technologies       connectivity, and infrastructure return on
Mobility Deployment                                                                                                                       jurisdictional group
Supports demonstration projects to improve
transportation efficiency and safety, including                                                             State, political subdivision,
Strengthening Mobility and                             innovative technological solutions for efficient                                                               Tribe, public transit
Revolutionizing         Competitive       $500 million    goods movement. Projects could include                                      DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   agency/authority, public toll   Q3 2022
Transportation (SMART)                              autonomous or connected vehicles, intelligent                                                             authority, MPO, 2 or more
transportation systems, use of GPS data,                                                                 groups together.
reduced emissions
Priority to projects that: improve passage
for anadromous fish stocks listed as
For the removal, replacement, and restoration
National Culvert Removal,                                                          threatened or endangered; those that                                       State, unit of local
Competitive       $1 billion    of culverts to address flow of water through                              0.8     DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Replacement, and Restoration                                                        might become threatened, etc.; prey for                                      government, Tribe
roads, bridges, railroad tracks, and trails
other endangered species (SRKW); stocks
identified as climate resilient.
Urbanized Area Passenger                              Passenger ferry capital projects in urbanized   States, counties, cities, special districts,
Competitive       $150 million                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Spring 2022
Ferry Program                                            areas                       Tribes

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Port Eligible IIJA Programs

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
Grants may be made for site specific and
comprehensive planning must examine
ways to improve economic development
Provides funding to lcoal communities to
and ridership, foster multimodal                                      State or local government
Pilot Program for Transit                              integrate land use and transportation planning
Competitive       $68 million                               connectivity and accessibility, improve            DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   authorities that are FTA grant
Oriented Development                               with a new fixed guideway or core capacity
transit access for pedestrian and bicycle                                       recipients (Port?)
transit capital investment
traffice, engage the private sector, identify
infrastructure needs, and enable mixed-use
of development near transit stations.
New pilot program through which eligible
entities may apply for planning funds to study
the feasibility and impacts of removing    Eligible entities: Planning = State, unit of
retrofitting, or mitigating an existing     local govt', Tribe, MPO, nonprofit; Capital
Reconnecting Communities                             transportation facilities that create barriers to  Contruction = owner of eligible facility +
Competitive       $1 billion                                                         Up tp 80%   DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes    FHWA. Unit of local gov't?   Q2 2022
pilot progam                                  mobility, access, or economic dev, and for   partnered with any of the above. Eligible
construction funds to carry out project to    facility: limited access highway; viaduct;
remove, mitigate, eligible facility with new        other principal arterial
facility. $150M for planning grants; $350M for
capital construction grants
Provide single or multi-year grants to projects
Eligible projects: highway or bridge on nat'l                                    State (or group of states),
generating national or regional economic,
multimodal freight network, national hwy                                    MPO, local govt, political
mobility, or safety benefits for large and smallersystems
, a freight intermodal (incl. public                                   subdivision, special purpose
National Infrastructure                              scale projects. Multi-modal, multi-jurisdictional.
ports) or freight rail project that provides                                   district/public authority with
Project Assistance (AKA -       Competitive       $5 billion     Eligible projects include highway or bridge                             up to 80%   DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes                     ~Feb 2022
public benefit; railway-highway grade                                      transport function/port
Megaprojects or MEGA)                               projects, freight intermodal or freight rail
separation; intercity passenger rail; public                                  authority; Tribe, partnership of
projects, railway-highway grade separatio or
transport project related to any of the                                    any of the above, any of the
elimination, intercity passenger rail, and certain
above.                                                above w/Amtrak
public transportation project
Authorizes $1.5 billion a year for the Federal-
States or group of states,
State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail  Preference to projects for which Amtrak is
political subdivision of a state,
grants program. Program is expanded beyond  not the sole applicant; that improve the
public agency or publicly
just Amtrak/State-owned assets to allow    financial performance reliability, service
Federal-State Partnership for                                                                                                                  chartered authority, Amtrak,
expansion of or construction on new intercity   frequency, or address the state of good                                                      Summer
Intercity Passenger Rail       Competitive       $36 billion                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   Tribe. At least 45% of funds
passenger rail routes, in addition to capital   repair of an Amtrack route; identified in,                                                       2022
Grants                                                                                                                        dedicated to the NE corridor,
projects that address state-of-good-repair.    consistent with, a corridor inventory
and 20% for the National
Planning, environmental review, and final  prepared under the Corridor Indentification
Network must benefit a longdesign
of an eligible project or group of projects     and Development Program.
distance route.
is eligible.
Assists in financing buses and bus facilities
capital projects incl: replacing, rehabilitating,
purchasing, or leasing buses or related equip;
rehab, purchase, construct or lease bus-related
facilities. Increases minimum allotment for   Eligible applicants: designated recipients
Funding starts at $447m in
States from $1.75m to $4m and encourages    that allocate funds to fixed route bus                                                      Expected in
Buses and Bus Facilities       Competitive       $1.96 billion                                                         80%     DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes   2022 increasing to $490m in
utilization of innovative procurement practices. operators, State or local govt that operate                                                      Q1 2022
Lower-emission buses and vehicles are eligible     fixed route bus service, Tribes.
for at least 25% of funds. Zero emission vehicle
grant apps must include a zero-emission fleet
transition plan, including a workforce transition
plan, and provides funding for such activities.
Provides capital funding to replace, rehab,
Low or No Emission Bus                               purchase, or lease buses and bus related    States, counties, cities, special districts,
Competitive       $5.6 billion                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Q1 2022
Grants                                  equipement and to rehab, purchase, construct,           Tribes
or lease bus-related facilities.
Projects to replace, rehab, preserve or
Support projects to improve bridge and culvert   protect one or more bridges on the                                    State, MPO, local govt, special
condition, safety, efficiency, and reliability.    National Bridge Inventory. Projects to                                      purpose govt or public
Bridge Investment Program      Competitive       $12.2 billion                                                                 DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
$100m set aside for planning, feasibility   replace or rehab culverts to improve flood                                   authority with transportation
analysis, revenue forecasting.       control and improve habitat connectivity                                         function
for aquatic species.

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Port Eligible IIJA Programs

Funding (5 years,                                                                                                          NOFO
Program        Formula or Competitive                       Description                     Criteria           Federal Share  Agency   Port    State  Partners        Notes                NOFO Close NOFO $
unless noted)                                                                                                           Release
States, Counties, special
Pilot Program for Enhanced                             Competitive program to improve coordinated                                                            districts, Tribes (federally and
Competitive       $24 million                                      Capital projects                   DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Mobility                                          access and mobility                                                                    non-federally recognized),
nonprofit orgs,
Increases the current cap on these bonds from
15B to $30B to allow state and local
Surface Transportation                               governments to enter into additional public-
$500 million                                  State and local government               DOT    Yes    Yes    Yes
Private Activity Bonds                                private partnerships to supplement future
surface transportation projects with private
States run a competitive
process for replacing lead
Provides below market-rate loans and grants to                                                            service lines. $152.9m total
fund water infrastructure improvements to                                                              across multiple programs.
Drinking water State revolving                 $11.7 billion/$40
Formula                  protect public health and the environment.                                     EPA    Yes    Yes    Yes     Formula allocations:
fund                         million (to WA)
Reduces the cost share for the first two year to                                                           https://www.epa.gov/system/
10%.                                                                       files/documents/2021-12/fy-
Recipients: industry partners, federal,
Competitive/Cooperative            Additional funding for the Hazardous Substance
Superfund Remedial                      $3.5 billion                              states, local governments, special districts,           EPA    Yes    Yes    Yes                     Ongoing
Agreement                          Superfund
Reauthorizes existing grant program for
alternative water source projects - engineering,
design, construction, and final testing of alt.
water source projects to meet critical needs.
Pilot Programs for Alternative
Competitive       $125 million   Provides alternative sources of water through                                     EPA    Yes?          Yes
Water Source Projects
conserving, managing, reclaiming, or reusing
water, wastewater, or stormwater for
groundwater recharge, potable resuse, or other
Program to help EPA educate household
consumers about their residential and
community recycling program and help
Consumer Recycling
decrease contamination in the recycling stream                                                            "Unit of local government" =
Education and Outreach Grant     Competitive       $75 million                                                                 EPA    Yes?    Yes    Yes
and support recycling infrastructure. Eligible                                                             special purpose govt/port?
entities include a State, unit of local
government, Tribe, nonprofit org, public-private
Following the Puget Sound National Estuary
Program's approved Comprehensive
Conservation and Management Plan;
"Broad eligibilities" for funding
National Estuary Program -                                ecosystem and wetland restoration,
Competitive       $89 million                                                                 EPA    Yes    Yes    Yes        recipients         TBD
Puget Sound                                  stormwater treatment and control, naturebased
infrastructure, community resilience,
resilient shorelines, and environmental
eduation, Tribal support.
Airport Improvement Projects such as runways
$15 billion (SEA =                                                                                                                         $45.3M
Airport Infrastructure Grants       Formula                 and taxiways, terminal development projects,                                     FAA    Yes                                 Dec. 2021
$240 million)                                                                                                                          to SEA
noise, multimodal, or airport-owned towers.
Capital improvements for airport terminal
development; access roads servicing airport
traffic; walkways that lead directly to or from an  Recipients: public agency, private entity,
airport passenger terminal building; multimodal state, Tribal Governement owning a public
Airport Terminal Program      Competitive       $5 billion                                                          80%     FAA    Yes    Yes    No                     2/22/2022  3/28/2022   $1B
terminal development; projects for on-airport use National Plan of Integrated Air Systems
rail access. As well as projects for relocating,            airport.
reconstructing, repairing or improving an
airport-owned control tower.
A pre-disaster mitigation program supporting                                                             Note that applicants apply
states, local communities, Tribes and territories                                                             through the State as sub-
Building Resilient                                 undertaking hazard mitigation projects to                                                                 applicants. See:       FY 22
Must submit application through the State
Infrastructure and        Competitive       $1 billion    reduce the risks they face from disasters and                                    FEMA    Yes    Yes    Yes  https://mil.wa.gov/emergency- applications
as a sub-applicant
Communities (BRIC) Program                              natural hazards. Capability and capacity-                                                              management-division. BRIC  in Fall 2022
building; mitigation projects; management                                                              prioritizes programs with
costs.                                                                            partnerships

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Web pages are fluid in nature, and the exact positioning of PDF text creates presentation problems.
PDFs that are full page graphics, or scanned pages are generally unable to be made accessible, In these cases, viewing whatever plain text could be extracted is the only alternative.