10b. Presentation

Hydrogen Storage Cooperative Research and Development A

Item No. 10b  supp
Meeting Date: April 26, 2022
Hydrogen Storage Cooperative Research and
Development Agreement Authorization

Port of Seattle Commission
April 26, 2022

Authorization for the Executive Director to enter into an inter-agency
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) for a
Hydrogen Storage Risk Assessment with Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory (PNNL), Sandia National Laboratory, and Seattle City Light.


Cooperative Research & Development Agreement
Funding through US Department
of Energy  "Hydrogen at Scale"
program and "Hydrogen
Earthshot" initiative
$1.1 million total project cost
Partner contributions to PNNL:
$35,000 Port of Seattle
$75,000 Seattle City Light
Start Q2 2022, runs 24 months


Context: Exploring Clean Fuels is Part of the Port's Climate Strategies
Maritime Climate and Air                             Seattle Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy
Action Plan (MCAAP)
Port implementation plan to                               Enabling infrastructure to facilitate Port &
achieve NW Ports Clean Air                                Industry transition to zero emissions fuels
Strategy and Century Agenda Goals                        and technologies
Optimize power grid resources
Financial, policy and business models for
successful implementation

Related National Lab Studies:
Networked Microgrids
Medium/Heavy Duty Fueling Hydrogen Node
Hydrogen Storage Risk Assessment


Energy storage at end-use locations
Risk assessment of large volume storage in urban industrial setting
Generation, conversion and storage technologies
Operational use case analysis (widespread heavy-duty vehicles,
energy storage, grid support, maritime fueling)
Cyber security assessment
Use of risk assessment products for education and stakeholder


Activity                                               Timing
Inter-agency Agreement Authorization              April 26, 2022
Data Collection, Risk Model Development            2022 Q2 -2023 Q1
Participant Workshop                              2023 Q1
Preliminary Risk Analyses, Project Integration         2023 Q2-Q4
Final Report to DOE                                 2024 Q1


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