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5/24/22, 8:20 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] public comment for 5-24-2022
Elizabeth Burton 
Mon 5/23/2022 11:20 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.

I am submitting the following public comment for the Port Commission meeting on 5/24/2022.
Thank you,
Elizabeth Burton

Port staff and the Executive Director have recently promoted the idea that cruising is safe, that Covid is
no longer an issue.
For example, at the March 22nd Port Commission meeting, the memo for Item 11C, Cruise Season
Update, stated:
“Cruise vessels have sailed safely for some time not only in Seattle in 2021 but throughout the world."
And in his opening remarks at the May 10th Cruise Study Session, the Port’s Executive Director said:
“We demonstrate that we can protect the health and safety of passengers and crew, with strong
COVID protocols and partnerships with local health authorities. Early on, we embraced the
vision and goal that cruise would return stronger and safer, and that has been the case.”
But this story of safe cruising is false. It is directly contradicted by numerous, easily accessible sources,
including the CDC, the Miami Herald, the Associated Press, and the Seattle Times.
During the months preceding the March 22nd Commission meeting, for example, the Miami Herald,
the Maritime Executive, and cruise expert and maritime attorney Jim Walker of Cruise Law News all
published accounts of Caribbean cruises with numerous Covid cases on board; of multiple ships
denied entry at Caribbean ports due to onboard illness; and of thousands of infected crew members
housed at sea on “plague ships" with inadequate medical care (references below).
And on May 4th, just days before the Director’s “safe cruising” comment at the Cruise Study Session,
an Associated Press article ran nationwide, including in the Seattle Times, describing how Covid was
wreaking havoc on the Carnival Spirit as it arrived in Seattle.
A related article in the Seattle Times, also published May 4th, revealed that the Carnival Spirit was not
unique: the majority of cruise ships in the United States had Covid cases, and ship protocols to care for
affected passengers were wholly inadequate. From the Seattle Times article:

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/4

       5/24/22, 8:20 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
Of the 92 cruise ships operating in U.S. waters, 76 have reported at least one COVID case among
passengers or crew members, according to the CDC’s cruises dashboard. Carnival has 22 cruises
operating; all but four have positive cases.
…some passengers on the 16-day voyage said there were more than 100 cases aboard and that
the outbreak “overwhelmed” the crew, according to media and social media accounts.
“They didn’t have enough staff to handle the emergency that was happening, period,” passenger
Darren Sieferston told KING 5. “They were overwhelmed and they didn’t have a backup course in
how to handle about 200 people affected with COVID. We all suffered.”
From the AP article:
Passengers tell KING 5 they waited hours for meals, weren’t properly isolated and couldn’t get a
hold of medical staff.
“We couldn’t call anybody…Basically, we sat in the room, you call and it would ring, ring, ring,
and ring all day long” said Sieferston.
All of these facts were publicly available before the Port statements about safe cruises were made on
March 22 and May 10. 
Are false statements like those cited above, particularly on important matters of public health, just
“business as usual” for the Port? Are Port announcements not fact checked? Are the staff and the
executive director getting their information solely from cruise companies? Who is responsible for
making sure Port statements made in public are true? 
Cruise passengers and crew, whether sick or well, are all impacted by Covid cases onboard, and are
not served by the Port covering up the situation. Potential cruise customers, trying to assess the risks
of taking a cruise, are misled into believing that the risks are lower than they actually are. Residents
of every port city these ships visit need to know that they are at risk, so they can take appropriate
precautions. In fact, cruise ship stops in Alaska - Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Hoonah, and Sitka -
currently have some of the highest Covid rates in the whole state.
False statements like these undermine the credibility of the Port, and are at odds with its repeated
claims of being transparent and accountable. 
Commissioners can’t do their jobs responsibly if the information they get from staff exaggerates the
safety and benefits of cruise while obscuring or ignoring its dangers and harms. 
The Port has a special relationship to the media: reporters turn to the Port for information about
cruise, and generally publish what the Port tells them. The Port abuses this privileged position by
promulgating falsehoods.
This situation requires action. As the primary representatives of the public interest at the Port,
commissioners have the responsibility of assuring that staff prioritize truth and the interests of the
public rather than the interests of cruise companies.
This is a serious matter. I would appreciate a response.
https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   2/4


5/24/22, 8:20 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
Elizabeth Burton
CDC Dashboard for cruises (as of May 22nd, shows that of the 90 ships opting in to voluntary CDC
COVID-19 program, 80 are code orange, meaning that there are enough cases of COVID to trigger a
CDC investigation)
AP article carried nationwide on May 4th, 2022: Carnival Cruise Ship passengers say COVID
overwhelmed ship
Seattle cruise industry’s comeback from COVID marred by outbreak, Seattle Times, May 4, 2022
Cruise ships stops in Alaska have high Covid rates: Alaska Department of Health & Social Services
COVID dashboard; scroll down to see current 7-Day average. Here’s the dashboard for May 18th:

Articles detailing Covid outbreaks on Caribbean cruises:
From maritime attorney Jim Walker’s blog, cruiselawnews.com:
Jan. 4, 2022: Vision of the Seas and Rhapsody of the Seas: Royal Caribbean’s “Plague 

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   3/4


5/24/22, 8:20 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
Jan. 9, 2022: MSC Meraviglia Arrives Back in Port Canaveral With 169 Crew Members 
and Sixty Guests Infected with COVID-19
Jan. 10, 2022: Royal Caribbean Adds Jewel of the Seas to its Fleet of “Plague Ships"
Jan. 11, 2022: Royal Caribbean Adds Fourth Cruise Ship, Serenade of the Seas, to its 
Fleet of Floating Quarantine / Medical Facilities
Jan. 14, 2022: Majority of Royal Caribbean Crew Stuck on “Plague Ships” are 
Feb. 11, 2022: Over 30% of Crew Members on Silversea’s Silver Cloud Test Positive for 
Reports from the Miami Herald:
Jan. 6, 2022: Third Royal Caribbean cruise ship hit with COVID-19 outbreak
Jan. 6, 2022: Norwegian Pearl returns early to Miami as crew members test positive for 
Jan. 25, 2022: What can occur when COVID-19 turns cruise vacations into nightmarish 
Cruise Ships Turned Away due to Covid
Dec. 23, 2021, The Maritime Executive: Caribbean Ports Turning Away Cruise Ships Over 
Omicron Fears
Jan. 7, 2022, Caribbean National Weekly: Cruise Ships Turned Away from Grenada Over 
COVID-19 Concerns
Feb. 3, 2022: Cute video: Cruising with Don: Multiple Ships Turned Away From Port
More recent reports: 
Mar. 28, 2022, L.A. Times: Guests and crew members test positive for COVID-19 aboard 
Princess Cruise ship
March 31, 2022, Wall Street Journal: Cruise Lines Won't Catch a Wave, "Roughly two-
thirds of cruise ships sailing in U.S. waters right now have reported Covid-19 cases on 
board, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
April 4, 2022, Cruiselawnews: “Lots of Covid-19" on Recent Princess Cruise Sailings

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   4/4

       5/24/22, 8:12 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] Thank you
Kaelyn M Camarao 
Mon 5/23/2022 12:45 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
Cc: Como, Vangjola 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.
D ear Port of Sea le Commissioners,
M y name is Kaelyn Camarao, Trainer Supervisor at ERMC. We have many new hires employees
t hat English is their second languages, it's great that we can send these employees to seek help
fr om Airport Jobs / Airport University to get the help they need to successfully pass the Port of
S ea le Badge AOA / SIDA test. Without Airport Jobs staffs many of our new hires would not
be able to work at Sea le Tacoma Interna onal Airport. 
T hank you for all your support.

Kaelyn Camarao
Trainer Supervisor SEA-DL
Phone        (206) 507-4481
Office         (206) 212-4444
Address      19540 Intl Blvd Suite 201 SeaTac, WA 98188
Email        kaelyn.camarao@unifiservice.com

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/1

5/24/22, 8:13 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
Mark Leslie: VIP 
Mon 5/23/2022 2:53 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.

This comment is in regards to Agenda item 11a, the Workforce Development Annual Report.
As a major representa ve of VIP Hospitality regarding workforce recruitment, selec on, and development, it is a
pleasure to leave comment on the posi ve contribu ons of The Airport Jobs program toward our company’s
success. Whether to broadcast open hiring/recruitment events through Airport Jobs communica on networks, to
use Airport University classrooms for new hire orienta on, or to partner with the Program Manager, Cris
Krisologo, in exploring placement of those seeking work opportuni es or for the benefit of outgoing employees,
the ease at which we have been able to work with and collaborate with the Airport Jobs team has been an oasis
of reliability and dependability in the increasingly turbulent waters of staffing here at the airport. The team at
Airport Jobs has also been ac vely facilita ng the job seeking process by bringing together employers with those
now seeking refuge here in the Puget Sound area by partnering with local organiza ons. Through this, we here at
VIP and other employers have found numerous qualified team members and look forward to the fruit of future
connec ons. We would like to thank the Port of Sea le and Commission for their con nued support of these
services and investments into the airport community.
Kind regards,
Mark Leslie
HR Manager, VIP Hospitality
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       5/24/22, 8:34 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] Request to comment at today's meeting and letter submitted to today's
Noemie Maxwell 
Tue 5/24/2022 8:22 AM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.

My name is Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis and I would like to speak at today's meeting on the subject of saving North
SeaTac Park and surrounding forest to protect the health of residents near SeaTac International Airport.
I've also attached a letter with citations to documents reference in my comments and request for this letter to be
provided to Commissioners and included in the meeting materials.
Thank you!
Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/1

Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis 
Burien, WA 98168 

Port of Seattle Commissioners 
Seattle, WA 98121 

May 24, 2022 

Re: Calling on Commissioners to take timely action to protect residents living near
SeaTac International Airport from airport pollution and other harm by protecting
North SeaTac Park and the community’s surrounding urban forest 

Dear Commission President Calkins and Commissioners Cho, Felleman,
Hasegawa, and Mohamed, 
Proposals in the Port’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan and Real Estate Strategic
Plan to develop an estimated 100+ acres of mostly tree-covered land in SeaTac,
including 31 acres inside North SeaTac Park, are unjust. (1) 
They would take us in the opposite direction of a recent recommendation by Public
Health Seattle and King County to expand tree canopy and green space within 10
miles of SeaTac Airport in order to reduce human exposure to deadly airport
pollution. (2) 
Massive deforestation is especially unjust in SeaTac, a city where one of the most
racially and economically diverse communities in the county bears among the
highest impacts from environmental health disparities (3) and has among the
lowest percentage of tree canopy. (4) 
This deforestation is not necessary. 
In a 2018 letter, Shane Jones of Alaska Airlines wrote to Steve Rybolt, of the Port
of Seattle that the SAMP Near Term Projects posed “a substantial risk of
overbuilding” and should receive a higher level of environmental review than the
currently planned Environmental Assessment. (5) 
Please heed this input.


The Near Term proposals, which include the deforestation in SeaTac, require a
full, transparent, and publicly accountable examination of whether they are even
necessary in light of the climate, ecological, and environmental justice problems
we grapple with today. The Port’s commitment as a member of King County Cities
Climate Collaboration, to reduce sprawl and protect forests cannot be honored
otherwise. Nor can its commitments to social and environmental justice,
meaningful collaboration with the community it impacts, or action on climate
It is up to you as our elected Commissioners to guide Port development staff in
upholding justice and public health. The environmental process currently
underway will likely not provide adequate protection for people or justice. A 2020
review published in Transport Research found that, nationwide, during the
environmental assessment process for airport expansion, the FAA and airport
owners did not consistently detect environmental justice impacts and, when they
did, they did not consistently confer importance to those impacts. (6) 
It is up to you, Commissioners, to save our iconic evergreen forest here in the
gateway to our Evergreen State, to uphold the honor of the Port, and to protect the
community members in your care from unjust and unnecessary exposure to airport
toxics and devastating loss of its park land and trees. History is in the making and
we can right now choose to advance justice. 
Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis 
Sources cited: 
1.   What Trees are at Risk? Defenders of North SeaTac Park website https://KCTreeEquity.org/trees
2.   Community Health and Airport Operations Related Noise and Air Pollution: Report to the
Legislature by Seattle-King County Department of Health in Response to Washington State
HOUSE BILL 1109, December 1, 2020
3.   Washington State Department of Health Environmental Health Disparities Map
County 30-Year Forest Plan, Feb., 2021, p 17.
4.   Letter from Shane Jones, Alaska Airlines to Steve Rybolt, Port of Seattle, 9/27/2018, published in
the Sustainable Airport Master Plan Near Term Projects Scoping Report Final Attachment 4G. p.
123-128 https://sampntpenvironmentalreview.org/wp-
5.   Investigation of env ironmental justice analysis in airport planning practice from 2000 to 2010,
Amber Woodburn McNair, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, V 81, April
2020 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1361920919311149

Public Comments for Agenda item 11.a 2021 Workforce Development Annual Report – May 24, 2022 
Greetings, Port of Seattle Commissioners! My name is Mary Turla, and I am an instructor at Highline College. I am
writing to support the vital work of Port Jobs’ Airport University and Airport Jobs programs. (Agenda item 11.a 2021
Workforce Development Annual Report.) 
At Highline College, I teach Business Technology (BSTEC) and BSTEC support classes for English Language/Basic Skills
learners. I also teach those same Business Technology classes onsite at Sea-Tac airport through the Airport University 
program. Many of my students are immigrants and refugees working to support their families. It has been a privilege 
and honor to teach and support learners through Airport University for the past 10+ years. 
My family and I immigrated to Seattle from the Philippines decades ago. This shared experience allows me to deeply
appreciate the value Airport University brings to our community. Airport University offers job seekers and workers the
opportunity to earn college credit and learn the skills needed to get their first job, sustain a current job, or advance to a
next-step job. This program is a model partnership that accommodates the needs of a diverse, low-income, job seeking,
and working student population. Our class topics include high-demand, transferable business skills, including business
software like Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint, and communication/virtual communication skills. 
One of my earliest experiences of the positive impact of Airport Jobs/Airport University was in 2005. I worked as a 
vocational English Language instructor at Neighborhood House. I taught workplace English to immigrants and refugees. I 
remember organizing field trips to Airport University interview preparation workshops held onsite at the Airport Jobs
office. These workshops focused on helping applicants successfully complete airport job applications, learn the English
needed for airport job interviews, and pass airport security badge tests. A few years later, Port Jobs offered me a 
position as an Airport University Instructor/Coordinator. I jumped at the chance to support my community through this
amazing program! 
As a Highline College instructor, I am now in a different role but still inspired by our student successes. At Airport
University, we celebrate all achievements as each is a step towards career and educational advancement. These steps to
success range from getting a first job, getting a better job, earning their first U.S. college credit, and even earning a
college certificate or degree. My favorite story involves a student who used his newly learned Excel skills to correctly
calculate his wages for the current pay period! I am happy to say his airport employer corrected his paycheck! 
Partnership is a guiding principle at Airport University. In addition to partnerships with Highline College and South
Seattle College, Airport University collaborates with employers and local community agencies. In my airport classes, we
have had lively discussions led by airport employer guest speakers including the Port of Seattle (POS), Alaska Airlines,
FedEx, Hudson Group, and HMS Host. In 2018, our guest speaker was a POS Landside Supervisor and Highline College
student. She invited my Airport University BSTEC 100 Office Management class to tour the Port of Seattle Airport Transit
Operations (ATO) Center! (She eventually earned her BSTEC Administrative Management AAS at Highline College!) Our
students have also enjoyed hearing from representatives from the King County Library System about resources for job
seekers, adult learners, immigrants/refugees, and new arrivals. Advocates from Northwest Education Access visit my AU
class every quarter to provide guidance, connections to resources, and financial support to low-income young people 
and adults working towards higher education degrees. 
Port Jobs’ Airport University and Airport Jobs programs provide unique, valuable opportunities for job seekers and
working families to build the education and skills to launch and grow their careers in aviation, transportation, hospitality,
and security. Thank you for your continued support of Port Jobs! 

Mary Turla 
Business Technology, Faculty 
Highline College 

       5/25/22, 8:59 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] PUBLIC COMMENT for October 27, 2020 Agenda Item 10b. Duwamish River
Basin Steward
Greg Wingard 
Tue 5/24/2022 2:14 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records ;Arturo Zazueta
;'Bernie McKinney' ;Gil Bortleson
;Marlla Mhoon ;Peter Beaupain
;Michael Taton 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.
Port of Sea le Commission members:
The Green River Coali on strongly supports standing up the Duwamish River Basin Steward posi on. 
The posi on is cri cal to meet the needs of the Green/Duwamish watershed for staffing, providing the
same support to the most populated and impacted water segment of the watershed that the lower and
middle Green River already have, and address the equity issues inherent in the Duwamish not having
access to a Basin Steward.
Green River Coali on is a member organiza on of the Duwamish River Community Coali on, and as a
co-founder of the precursor Duwamish River Cleanup Coali on I and Green River Coali on are very
familiar with the challenges and needs of the Duwamish River. We also have a good perspec ve on the
u liza on by the community of Basin Stewards, and the value the stewards and their program bring to
our communi es. As we started our organiza ons work, we already had a Basin Steward to work with
who represented the middle Green River watershed where our work was originally located. We have
worked with our current middle Green River/White River Basin Steward for more than 20-years and can
say without reserva on that the Basin Steward and program enabled and transformed our
organiza on's ability to do work and outreach in the watershed. We also work closely with our lower
Green River Basin Steward, and have expanded our efforts to encompass this area of the river as well,
working on projects currently in Auburn Kent and Tukwilla.
Your support for the Duwamish River Basin Steward posi on is greatly appreciated. We encourage the
Commission to con nue its regional leadership in suppor ng and sustaining this cri cal posi on. Our
river and its communi es will be be er for it.
Greg Wingard

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/1


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