8g. Presentation

New Unified Pest Management Contract

Item No. 8g_supp
Date of Meeting _November 14, 2023_
New Unified Pest Management Contract
Presenters: Tino Petterson, UPM Coordinator
David Crowner, Sr. Mgr. Operational Risk & Safety

                  Action Request
Requesting Commission authorization for the Executive Director to competitively bid and
execute a new 5-year Unified Pest Management (UPM) contract with one base year and
four 1-year optional extensions commencing on June 1, 2024, through May 31, 2029, for
an estimated value of $7,000,000.
•   Requesting a $70,000 increase to the baseline; Totaling $1,400,000 per/year
•   Authorization to Bid new 5-year, $7,000,000 Pest control contract


            Unified Pest Management
UPM-Is a Port operated program that coordinates pest control measures across the airport to reduce and
eliminate root causes of pest activity before pest issues become health and safety concerns and centralizes pest
reporting for all airport tenants.

Coordinates with:
•   ADR- Airport Dining and Retail
•   Environmental
•   Maintenance
•   Facility and Infrastructure
•   Janitorial
•   Wildlife
•   Contractor (Western)


• 2013 to 2018- Unprecedent pest issue
–  Spending $1.2 Million over 5 years or $240,00 per/year
–  Increased rodent concerns
–  One technician covering the Airport
–  Large gaps in services
–  Slow reaction times
• 2019-2024 Current contract
(Ending May 31,2023)
–  Authorized for $5,000,000 initially (Nov. 2018)
– Increased again for $2,000,000;
Totaling $7,000,000 (April 2019)
–  Increased scope of work
– 24/7/365 coverage
– Additional technicians (1 manager, 6 technicians)
– Overlapped shifts to eliminate gaps in service
– Performing sanitation audits, pest safety events, weekly follow up visits, ETC.
– Annual reports created to show results


              New UPM Contract
• This contract is meant to be “Preventative” with the
ability to be reactive.
• Covers the same scope of work
• Ensures data integration for uninterrupted access          Costs
– Creating location maps                                                       recovered
– Showing hot spots                                                          ~$462K
– Helping keep pest at a manageable level/ out public view                       ~$538K
• UPM Tariffs (ADR and Non-Aero Leased Space)
– Wet spaces                                                Recover about 33% or
$462,000+ each year.
– Dry spaces


•  Improving communication and response times (24/7/365)
•  Training
•  Regularly performed Sanitation Audits
– Stricter audits
•  Enforcing proper cleaning, use of Port property and trash disposal
– All attractants for pests

Improved Sanitation and proactive control = Reduced Pests


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