8j. Presentation

Flow Meter Replacement CMP Design and Construction

Item No. 8j_supp
Meeting Date: November 14, 2023
Flow Meter Replacement in the
Central Mechanical Plant (CMP)
Joe Cook                           Matthew Piccolo
AV F&I – Mech. Engineering Manager      AV PMG – Capital Project Manager

                   Project Scope
This is a renewal and replacement project
for the cooling system flow meters and
select isolation valves in the CMP which are
at the end of their service life.
•  Replace 31 flow meters
•  Replace 4 isolation valves
•  Integrate flow meters and isolation valves
with the Direct Digital Control (DDC)
•  Connect flow meters to the flow rate
remote displays


Milestone                                                                 Date
Design Complete                                                            Q4 2024
Advertisement for Construction                                                  Q1 2025
Construction Start                                                                  Q3 2025
Substantial Completion                                                          Q3 2026


Cost Estimate               Capital                ERL                    Total
Design & Other Soft Costs              $1,609,000                  $0                     $1,609,000

Construction                          $2,626,000                 $0                    $2,626,000

Project Cost Estimate                   $4,235,000                  $0                     $4,235,000


                 Cone of Certainty

We are here


                Action Requested
•  Prepare design and construction bid documents;
•  Advertise, bid, and execute a major works construction contract for the project;
•  Authorize the use Port of Seattle Crews and small works contracts to support the
design and construction activities;
•  Requesting $4,185,000 for an estimated total project cost not to exceed $4,235,000,
this will fully authorize this project.





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