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COMMISSION AGENDA            Item No.     6h

Date of Meeting   August 25, 2009

DATE:   August 20, 2009

TO:     Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Ofcer             %4

FROM:   Ralph Graves, Managing Director, Capital Development Mg

SUBJECT: Change Order #077 for the Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Contract
MC-03 1 5405

Request authorization for the Chief Executive Ofcer to issue Change Order Number 077 for the
Consolidated Rental Car Facility (RCF) in the amount of $400,000.00.

Construction for the RCF project requires excavation at the existing project site for building and
wall foundations, detention vault and various utilities. After the soils are excavated, the
Geotechnical Engineer determines if the underlying soils are suitable as structural support for the
new work. Change Order (CO) #004 was issued last year for the unforeseen unsuitable soil
removal work in the amount of $195,465, the majority of which has been expended at the
detention vault area. CO #006 was also issued last year for dealing with unforeseen
contaminated materials for $1,100,000.00. Unsuitable soils are not contaminated but are deemed
unsuitable as structural support material due to soft soils, buried trash and/or existing
construction debris.

During current excavation work at the Quick Turnaround (QTA) #1, a large quantity of
unsuitable material was uncovered along with a small quantity of contaminated material. There
are insufcient dollars remaining in CO #4 to cover the quantity of the unsuitable soil removal
and backll at QTA #1 and at the remainder of the site. The contaminated soil removal
discovered at QTA #1 can be dealt with using the existing dollars remaining in CO #6. The
contractor was directed to pothole in suspected areas in an attempt to identify the potential
locations of future unsuitable soil. Based in this evaluation, staff has estimated the quantity of
potential unsuitable material removal and backfill and is requesting approval of CO #77 be
issued to pay for the direct cost of this scope of work.

The unsuitable soil uncovered at QTA#1 is critical work and delays in excavation and removal
have impacted the critical path. Options are being reviewed with the contractor to mitigate the
schedule impact and associated costs. No additional project budget for potential additional
impacts funds are being requested at this time as a result of this Change Order. This Change

T. Yoshitani, Chief Executive Ofcer
August 20, 2009
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Order covers direct costs of the unsuitable soil issue only. A separate CO may be necessary to
address any time impacts or indirect costs that cannot be fully mitigated.


The following information relates to the pending change order scope and cost:
Change Order No. 077
Scope of work: Remove soil identied by the Geotechnical Engineer as unsuitable
underlying soil for the new construction and dispose of in accordance with state
regulatory requirements. Replace the excavated unsuitable soil materials with new
structural ll. Work to be performed on a force account (time and materials) basis. This
change order is for direct cost of this work only.
Justification: The existing soils under slabs and footings must be suitable to carry and
transfer the building loads. Existing site soil have been identied by the Geotechnical
Engineer of record as being unable to meet the structural requirements and must be
removed and replaced with materials that will need the structural requirements. Types of
unsuitable soils being disCovered on the site include soft soils, buried trash and existing
construction debris. This soil material is not contaminated but does not satisfy the
structural requirements.
Consequences of not proceeding: Proceeding with construction over unsuitable soil
may result in unacceptable settlement of footings and cracks in slabs on grade and could
result in structural failure.


Funds to pay for this change order are part of the project contingency funds that were included
in previously approved authorizations of $419,3 06,000.00. No additional project funds are being
requested as a result of this change order.

CONTRACT INFORMATION: The following information relates to the contract and
competitive award:

Contract award date:                             May 30, 2008
Original period of performance:           May 30, 2008 to April 1, 2011
Previous contract extensions:                            0 Days

Contract extension this change order:                       0 Days
Current Contract Completion Date:                   April 1. 2011

Original contract amount:                        $224,837,739.00
Previous Change Order Nos. 001  076:               $2,583,003.00

T. Yoshitani, Chief Executive Ofcer
August 20, 2009
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Current contract amount                        $227 420 742.00

This request, Change Order No. 077                   $400,000.00

Revised contract amount:                       $227,820,742.00

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