Item 5b Memo


COMMISSION AGENDA             Item No.      5b 
Date of Meeting     June 9, 2009 
DATE:    May 22, 2009 
TO:      Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 
FROM:    Michael Ehl, Director, Airport Operations 
Robert F. Riley, Director, Aviation Capital Improvement Program 
SUBJECT: Additional scope authorization to the Runway 16L/34R Reconstruction Project at
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to include an underground conduit connection at
an estimated cost of $60,000 to prepare for future Federal Aviation Administration 
(FAA) Runway Safety Status Lights (RWSL) on adjacent runway 16C/34C. 
Request Port Commission authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to increase scope to include
construction of an underground infrastructure connection as part of the runway 16L/34R
reconstruction project, for an estimated cost of $60,000; and to use the active Icon Materials contract
for the runway 16L/34R reconstruction to complete this work within the current authorized budget
and reimbursable by the FAA. 
This memorandum requests authorization to increase project scope in order to include installation of 
underground conduits now while construction is still going on. It is preferable and least costly to
install the conduits now rather than installing them later after the new pavement has been installed
when demolition, repaving, and a runway closure would be required that would disrupt air traffic
operations. This construction change order will install a conduit ductbank under Runway 16L/34R,
while it is being reconstructed, to service the future runway 16C/34C RWSL system required by the
FAA. Commission previously au thorized the reconstruction of runway 16L/34R on October 28,
2008, for a total of $85,000,000. This authorization would increase the scope of the project to
include the infrastructure connection. The $60,000 in additional scope will be covered with the
current authorized budget, and will be reimbursed 100% by the FAA. The ductbank will be an FAA
asset. No new additional authorized budget funds are required for this action. Future RWSLs would
be funded by the FAA. 
The magnitude of this request would not normally require Commission authorization for three
reasons: The magnitude of this individual change is within prescribed limits, the total amount of
unforeseen change on the project to date remains small and within prescribed limits, and adequate
authorized contingency dollars remain within the project budget to accomplish this work. However, 
this set of underground conduits will serve the future 16C/34C runway reconstruction project which
has not yet been authorized by the Commission, therefore authorization for this scope of work must
receive Commission approval. The timing of the future 16C/34R project will be evaluated in this
year's budget process, however it may not be brought forward for some time. Installing the conduit
ductbank now will save money whenever the project does move forward. No new additional

Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 
May 22, 2009 
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authorized budget funds are required for this $60,000 action as there is available contingency
available within the 16L/34R project. Again the $60,000 will be reimbursed by the FAA. 
The FAA's RWSL system is designed to warn pilots of potential runway incursions. On October 28,
2008, Commission authorized $85,000,000 for the reconstruction of Runway 16L/34R. Included in
the authorization was the installation of the FAA's RWSL system in RW16L/34R. The RWSL
system is eventually planned to also be installed in Runway 16C/34C. The RW16C/34C RWSL
system will be controlled from a lighting vault under the Central Terminal, and will need to be
physically connected by underground infrastructure ductbank. This project will take advantage of the
RW16L/34R reconstruction, to extend the ductbank under the runway, to service the future
RW16C/34C RWSL system. 
The $60,000 project cost will be covered by the existing authorized budget and be reimbursed 100%
by the FAA. The ductbank will be an FAA asset. 
Project Statement: 
Install ductbank under Runway 16L/34R to service the future RWSL system in Runway 16C/34C. 
Project Objectives: 
Take advantage of existing construction and limit future airfield operational impacts. 
Scope of Work: 
Install approximately eight hundred linear feet of dedicated ductbank from existing lighting manhole
M1025-L to a new RWSL handhole just west of the Runway 16L/34R runway safety area. This
requested action authorizes a change order to the existing Runway 16L/34R reconstruction project 
with Icon Materials. 
This project supports the Port strategy to "Ensure Airport and Seaport Vitality" by maximizing
financial resources and through enhancing safety with the future RWSL system.

Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 
May 22, 2009 
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Budget/Authorization Summary 
Original Budget                                         $85,000,000 
Pending Budget Transfer                                        $0 
Revised Budget                                       $85,000,000 
Previous Authorizations this CIP                               $85,000,000 
Current request for authorization                                       $0 
Total Authorizations, including this request                         $85,000,000 
Remaining budget to be authorized                                   $0 
Source of Funds 
This project will use funds from the authorized budget for the RW16L/34R Reconstruction Project.
The FAA will reimburse the funds up to a not-to-exceed amount of $60,000. 
Financial Analysis Summary 
CIP Category             Renewal/Enhancement 
Project Type              Customer Service 
Risk adjusted Discount rate     N/A 
Key risk factors             Unanticipated increased construction costs due to market
Project cost for analysis        $60,000 
Business Unit (BU)           Aviation Operations 
Effect on business performance   From an accounting perspective, if the Port constructs an
FAA asset, the costs incurred by the Port will be treated as a
non-operating expense (rather than a capital cost).
Similarly, the reimbursements received by the Port from the
FAA will be recognized as non-operating revenue (rather
than as a funding source for the Port's capital cost). The
bottom line impact to the income statement will be zero as
long as the Port is fully reimbursed for the cost of the
IRR/NPV             N/A 
CPE Impact             None. 

This project will eliminate potentially more expensive alternatives, such as tunneling, under Runway
16L/34R when the future Runway 16C/34C RWSL system is installed, at a later date.

Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 
May 22, 2009 
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No impact to the environment is anticipated as a result of this project. The ductbank will be
constructed with materials that have demonstrated long life and durability.
This project takes advantage of efficiencies from existing construction and FAA funding. This
project has no impact on the environment, and provides for the future safety of the traveling public.
Contract Change Order                   June 2009 
Construction Start                       June 2009 
Construction Complete                   June 2009 
On February 26, 2008, the Commission authorized the expenditure of $2,000,000 to initiate design
development for the reconstruction, and to design and construct Taxiway P modifications to support
the reconstruction of runway 16L/34R by the end of 2009 (CIP C800167). 
On October 28, 2008 Commission authorized an additional $83,000,000 for the reconstruction of
Runway 16L/34R (CIP 800167), for a total of $85,000,000.

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