8d. Presentation

Employee Services Center Project

Item No.          8d_supp
Date of Meeting       March 8, 2022
Employee Services Center

Action Requested
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
authorize an additional $1,309,000 for a total project
authorization of $11,675,000 for the Employee Services Center
project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


Project Scope / Purpose
1.  Improving the Customer (Airport Employee)
Experience by creating a "one-stop shop" for
the badging and on-boarding of airport
2.  Provide a dedicated waiting area that brings
customers out of the general area with a
comfortable place to wait for their
3.  Improve the Credentialing Staff experience by
designing to guidelines outlined in the pursuit
of a WELL Certification.


New Enclosed Waiting Area


Customer Facing Transaction Windows


Aesthetic Updates to Mezzanine Area


Key areas of Project cost increases are attributed to:
Incomplete designs and consequently underestimated
costs of the temporary relocation of the Credential and
Badging office. Lessons Learned from this experience
have been compiled.
Varying site conditions encountered during demolition
and abatement activities.
Project soft costs have risen through delays, responding
to varying site condition contractor inquiries, and
additional WELL certification reviews.
Increased costs for redesign triggered by COVID-19 social
distancing requirements.


Additional Budget Requested
Budget Type                Description                                  Revised Totals
CAPITAL                       Current Budget         $9,299,000
Requested Increase         $1,309,000
Revised Capital Budget                           $10,608,000
EXPENSE                     Current Budget        $1,067,000
Total Revised Budget                           $11,675,000


Project Schedule
Current Schedule
Construction NTP Q2 2021
Investment Committee Q1 2022
Commission Q1 2022
Substantial Completion now forecasting Q3 2022
Temporary space vacated by Q4 2022




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