8o. Presentation

2022 Local and Regional Policy Priorities ADOPTION

Item No. 8o
Meeting Date: March 8, 2022

2022 Local and Regional Policy Priorities
Request for Adoption
March 8, 2022

Sabrina Bolieu, Regional Government Relations Manager
Dave Kaplan, Local Government Relations Manager
Keri Pravitz, East King County Community & Government Relations Manager
Nate Caminos, Director of Government Relations

Priority Items
Aviation/Airport Communities
Engagement and Partnership Priorities
Engaging, Partnering, Informing
Next Steps
Incorporate Commission feedback
Seek adoption at February 22 meeting


Port-wide/Regional Priorities
COVID-19 Recovery                       Resiliency and Emergency
Equitable Economic Recovery             Preparedness
Equity and Inclusion                       Tribal Relations
Sustainable Airport Master Plan         Workforce Development
(SAMP) Near Term Projects (NTP)
Climate, MCAAP, Energy and
Regional Mobility
Industrial Lands


Maritime/Seattle Priorities
Cruise 22                                    Sound Transit 3 - West Seattle and
Ballard Extensions
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
Project Implementation              Natural Resources Stewardship
Terminal 5 Modernization Project        Truck Parking
Seattle Waterfront Clean Energy
Maritime Innovation Center
Safe and Swift


Aviation/Airport Communities Priorities
Customer Experience Enhancement     City of SeaTac Interlocal Agreement
Projects                                South King County Community
Equitable Economic Development        Impact Fund
Highline Forum, Soundside Alliance,
and SEA Stakeholder Advisory
Round Table (StART)
Natural Resources Stewardship
Noise Monitoring and Mitigation


Engagement and Partnership Priorities
38 Cities
Airport Communities
Eastside Communities
Vashon Island
Beacon Hill
Duwamish Valley
Pioneer Square and International District


Next Steps
Today  Seek Commission adoption
March and ongoing  Meetings with other jurisdictions and key
stakeholders to share top priorities and the local and regional
focus for the year



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