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Sustainable Century and Fly Quiet Awards

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Meeting Date: April 26, 2022c
Sustainable Century and Fly Quiet Awards
Sandra Kilroy
Environment, Sustainability & Engineering
Center of Expertise
April 26, 2022

2020-2021 Award Program
Awards for tenants and businesses supporting Port
sustainability goals since 2010
Recognize sustainability accomplishments of local Aviation &
Maritime industries
Recognize airline noise reduction efforts
Opportunities for small businesses
Winners determined by staff with Senior Management


Sustainable Century Award Winners


Maritime Sustainable Century Awards
Environmental Innovation: Fishermen's
Finest, Inc.
For innovative and ambitious leadership in
energy conservation and sustainability
Commissioned American's Finest, a 240-foot
fishing trawler that reduces fuel consumption
by 66% and represents the lowest carbon
footprint of the Bering Sea Trawl Fleet
First commercial fishing fleet to achieve Green
Marine Certification
Purchased the first credits from King County's
Forest Carbon Program to protect urban forests

Maritime Sustainable Century Awards
Equitable COVID Pandemic Recovery:
SSA Marine/Carrix
For community COVID recovery support and
Teamed with Columbia Hospitality and Food
Lifeline, and donated 160,000-square feet of
warehouse space and equipment, which helped
increase foodbank capacity by 41% or 20 million
pounds of food over one year
With Seattle Visiting Nurses Association, 80 staff
volunteered to run a north Seattle vaccine clinic
for one week, resulting in 2,700 vaccines

Maritime Honorable Mention
Environmental Innovation: Whooshh
For innovation invention of improved fish
passage technology
Developed the 'Passage Portal,' allowing
juvenile and mature salmon to migrate past a
major landslide in the Fraser River, B.C., without
requiring human handling
During one season, 125,000 salmon passed
through the portal
Supports salmon migration and the critical food
of Southern Resident Killer Whales

Aviation Sustainable Century Awards
Environmental Innovation: Bellair
Charters & Airporter Shuttle
For innovative partnering with SEA's Raptor
Strike Avoidance Program to protect local
Voluntarily transported ~800 raptors captured
at SEA from 2011-21 using Airporter shuttles
16 raptor species relocated, tagged, and
released to wild in NW WA farmland
Used backhaul trips preventing 119K miles of
Port travel saving ~3K hrs. labor, ~$24K fuel, and
avoiding ~70 metric tons of carbon emissions

Aviation Sustainable Century Awards
Greatest use of airport ground power
systems: Southwest Airlines
High use of emission reducing ground
systems (80-90% of all operations)
Longest connectivity to ground systems
(over 80% of turn time at gates)


Aviation Sustainable Century Awards
Highest percentage of fuel-efficient
aircraft use: Delta Air Lines
16% of operations using highly fuel-
efficient aircraft (Airbus A220s,
A330neos, and A350s)
Compares favorably to other high-
operation carriers at SEA who achieved


2022 Fly Quiet Awards


Spirit Airlines
Top Fly Quiet scoring airline for
their operations in 2021
Operate the very quiet Airbus
Remarkably low takeoff noise
Fly the Noise Abatement
procedures at SEA with great


Frontier Airlines
Significantly lower takeoff noise
than other domestic carriers in
Annually a very high scoring Fly
Quiet airline at SEA
Fly the very quiet Airbus A320neo
Very accurate at flying the Noise
Abatement procedures at SEA


EVA Airways
Most improved Fly Quiet score in
2021  significantly reduced
noise levels
Partnered with Port staff in
response to Late Night Noise
Limitation Program
Changed to the much quieter
Boeing 787 as a result of program
Less noise at night at SEA


Sustainable Century and Fly Quiet Award Winners
-Save the Date-
Awards Luncheon
5/26/22 12-1:30 PM
SEA Airport Conference Center


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