10d. Presentation

Aviation Salmon Safe Certification

Item No. 10d supp
Meeting Date: June 28, 2022

Salmon Safe Certification

•  Authorization to exempt this contract from a competitive process consistent with
RCW 53.19.020
– Salmon-Safe organization has the exclusive, peer-reviewed accreditation program
in Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia.
•  Execute contract(s) with Salmon-Safe, a non-profit organization, for a not to exceed
amount of $200,000, for the Port’s Salmon-safe certification.
– Requested contract(s) authorization provides flexibility to have option years and
continue the Salmon Safe certification for the next four cycles (20 years).


     • Why Salmon-Safe?
• Salmon-Safe Assessment and Certification Process
• Airport Environmental Program and the Infrastructure
• Maritime Parks


                 Salmon-Safe Certification
•  Third-party environmental certification
•  Programs protecting water quality and
salmon habitat
– Stormwater management
– Construction practices
– Habitat protection
– Water conservation
– Integrated pest management
•  Annual reviews ensure ongoing
•  www.salmonsafe.org

          of stormwater run-off at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

In one year that's 418 million gallons or
930,000,000 full bathtubs

This and other Salmon-Safe initiatives advance habitat restoration
and water quality, helping salmon to spawn and thrive.




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