4a. Proclamation

Quality Jobs Proclamation

Agenda Item: 4a 
Meeting Date: May 23, 2023 
WHEREAS, the Port of Seattle, established in 1911 by the voters of King County, has a
mission of promoting economic development and quality of life in the region through trade,
commerce, and job creation in an equitable, accountable, and environmentally responsible manner;
WHEREAS, the Port of Seattle envisions a vibrant region through job creation, partnering
with our neighboring communities, and promoting social responsibility as foundational to
fulfilling our mission as a public agency; and
WHEREAS, the Port supports access to quality jobs for every worker who works in Port
operations. A quality job with a living wage and adequate healthcare coverage for workers is
essential to the Port’s success; and
WHEREAS, the Port provides all Port employees, temporary and permanent, with robust
health care options; and
WHEREAS, the Port funds the SEA Employment Center operated by the nonprofit Port Jobs
with the purpose of assisting SEA employers connect with qualified jobseekers from the diverse
near airport communities; and
WHEREAS, essential workers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) are a majority
Black, brown, multi-racial, and immigrant workforce. They fill important jobs for airport
operations including work as cleaners, wheelchair agents, baggage handlers, concessionaires, and
security personnel; and
WHEREAS, essential workers were vital during the COVID-19 pandemic to keeping Port
operations running smoothly. Facing the extraordinary challenges of COVID-19, service workers
at SEA enabled the critical delivery of essential goods and services and yet many experienced
financial barriers to accessing healthcare to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe;
WHEREAS, essential workforce remains the backbone of SEA operations, often in
physically demanding jobs, and continue to serve as a front-line workforce during this newest and
uncertain phase of post-pandemic COVID-19 with increasingly busy travel at SEA; and 
WHEREAS, a sample of essential workers were surveyed by labor representatives and one-
third report relying on Medicaid to meet their healthcare needs, while one-third forego healthcare
coverage all together due to inadequate and/or expensive coverage that does not work for them
and their families; and

                    WHEREAS, a 2014 Port of Seattle study on quality jobs comparing SEA and airports in
Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and St. Louis found that airport employers who offer
competitive wage and benefits cited positive impacts through reduced employee turnover, reduced
employee absenteeism, fewer disciplinary problems, and higher morale; and
WHEREAS, the Port of Seattle recognizes that meaningful access to healthcare insurance is
an important recruitment tool to attract and retain a skilled workforce needed for a safe and secure
airport environment. The Port of Seattle and SEA tenants are successful because of our dedicated
workforce ensuring robust commercial activity and operations at our world-class and awardwinning
NOW, THEREFORE, the Port of Seattle Commission hereby proclaims support for every
SEA worker to have access to a quality job that includes meaningful access to healthcare insurance
and urges employers at the airport to offer healthcare coverage that meets the needs of the
workforce at SEA.
Proclaimed by the Port of Seattle Commission this ___ day of __________,

Port of Seattle Commission 

Port of Seattle Commission


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