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ADR Program Briefing

AGENDA MEMORANDUM                        Item No.          11a 
BRIEFING ITEM                            Date of Meeting     November 14, 2023 
DATE:     October 27, 2023 
TO:        Stephen P. Metruck, Executive Director 
FROM:    Jeff Wolf, Director, Aviation Commercial Management 
Khalia Moore, Senior Manager, Airport Dining and Retail 
SUBJECT: ADR Program Briefing 
The continued redevelopment of the Airport Dining and Retail (ADR) Program offers an
excellent opportunity to advance the Port’s Century Agenda goals by enhancing the Airport’s
profile as the preferred gateway to the Pacific Northwest by promoting job growth, creating
new opportunities for small, local, and disadvantage businesses, and meeting the expectations
of the traveling public for quality food service, retail products, and personal services. 
The ADR program is an important element of the Port’s ongoing efforts to provide outstanding
customer service and improve the traveling experience.  In addition, the businesses generate
significant revenue that is reinvested to support airport operations and capital improvements. 
Starting in 2014, ADR underwent a master planning effort and continues to be in a state of
implementation of that ADR master plan.
This briefing is to provide Commission with an update on the implementation of the ADR
Master Plan, Lessons Learned through the master planning effort and from the previous
request for proposal (RFP’s) processes. This briefing will also review the new ADR locations that
are being constructed as part of the Concourse C Expansion (CCE) Project to be released for
concessions bidding opportunities at SEA. This upcoming RFP will also include multiple locations
in the area surrounding the Concourse C Expansion. Port staff intends to return to Commission 
in public session on December 12 to seek authorization for the CCE ADR RFP release and
corresponding contract executions. 
Master Plan and Lessons Learned: 
• Status of the ADR Master Plan 
• Lessons learned with master planning effort 
• Lessons learned in RFP process 
• ADR process improvements to the RFP process 

Template revised April 12, 2018.

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Meeting Date: Month November 14, 2023 

Concourse C RFP 
The CCE project is the latest and one of the last projects at SEA to add new ADR locations into
the overall ADR program. The approval of these proposed RFP opportunities continues to
support the Port’s Century Agenda to create 100,000 new jobs and provide opportunities for
small, local, and disadvantaged businesses.
The RFP bidding opportunities will be comprised of both single unit and multi-unit packages 
with a total of 13 new locations, of which seven (7) will be food and beverage and six (6) will be 
retail. There will be at least two (2) locations specifically identified for small business proposals
only. Currently, all locations are designated as open concept categories to allow for greater
variety of proposals and staff is still evaluating concept specific needs on a space-by-space
Proposed Business Terms: 
(1) Food and Beverage: 12 years 
(2) Retail: 10 years 
There are multiple locations within the CCE project that are not a part of this RFP release as
there are extenuating circumstances regarding the leasing of those locations which include: 
• six (6) introductory kiosk locations, which have a limited contract term and 
• space CC-29, which is allocated as a contractually required replacement space for an
existing ADR tenant displacement. 
The additional 13 units will provide an increase in new non-aeronautical revenue at SEA
estimated to range from approximately $15 -$20 million per year depending on final selection
of tenants, lease terms, and passenger demand. 
(1)   Presentation 
October 24, 2023– Concourse C and Concourse A Termination Agreements 

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