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Special Meeting on Jun 30, 2009 1:00PM

Agenda for the Port Of Seattle Commission meeting, held on Jun 30, 2009 1:00PM

          Port of Seattle
        Commission           Port of Seattle 
                           Commission Chambers 
                             P69, 2711 Alaskan Way 
            Bill Bryant                 Seattle, WA 98111 
          John Creighton 
           Patricia Davis              SPECIAL MEETING 
          Lloyd Hara 
          Gael Tarleton             Date: June 30, 2009 
          Chief Executive Officer      ORDER OF BUSINESS 
          Tay Yoshitani                   1:00 p.m.   1.  Call to Order 
                                                  Recess to: 
         Web site:                            2.  Executive Session, if necessary*                          Call to Order or reconvene to Open Public Session 
                                                         3.  Approval of Minutes 
           E-mail:                                  4.  Special Order of Business 
        Commission-records                   5.  Unanimous Consent Calendar**                         6.  Division, Corporate and Commission Action Items 
                                                         7.  Staff Briefings 
         Port Commission                        8.  New Business 
          (206) 728-3034                          9.  Policy Roundtables 
         Meeting and Agenda                     10. Adjournment 
          (206) 728-3222           1.  CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 
           Port of Seattle: 
                                      2.  EXECUTIVE SESSION* - Pursuant to RCW 42.30.110, if necessary. 
         Creating Economic 
           Vitality Here 
                                      3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES 
         Business Strategies 
           for 2003-2007: 
           Ensure Airport and        4.  SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS 
           Seaport Vitality 
          Develop New Business       None. 
         and Economic
           Opportunities for the         5.  UNANIMOUS CONSENT CALENDAR** 
          Region and the Port 
           Enhance Public            None. 
          Understanding and 
           Support of the Port's 
          Role in the Region 
            Be a Catalyst for 
          Regional Transportation
           Be a Leader in
                                        * An Executive Session may be held at any time after the convening time, if necessary. 
          Transportation Security       ** Unless otherwise requested by a Port Commissioner, all items under the Unanimous Consent Calendar will be considered as a 
           Exhibit Environmental        single item. 
          Stewardship through        *** Cellular telephones and pagers should be off or on vibrate mode during the Public Session. 
          our Actions 
           Be a High Performance

       AGENDA - Port Commission Special Meeting, June 30, 2009                                          Page 2 

            a.   Resolution 3624, Second Reading and Final Passage. Amending and restating Resolution 3599, and authorizing Port staff to raise the
              Customer Facility Charge to a level sufficient to pay the Port's obligations under the Lease Agreement for the Consolidated Rental Car
               Facility and requiring Port staff to raise the Customer Facility Charge to a level sufficient to at all times repay the Project Financing and
             Port Investment, as those terms are defined in Resolution No. 3624. (memo and resolution enclosed) 
            b.  Request for authorization for Chief Executive Officer to: 
                  1)    Lift the suspension on and to restart the entire RCF program given the successful sale of bonds to finance the program; and 
                  2)    Prepare contract documents; execute and award outside professional services agreements; prepare and execute outside
                     utility agreements; and perform contract administration and execution for the Bus Maintenance Facility (BMF) and Off-Site
                     Roadway Improvements (ORI) as part of the RCF (CIP# 102167) project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Airport) for
                      an additional $591,670 for a total authorization to date of $6,610,000; and 
                  3)    Prepare contract documents; perform construction services; execute and award outside professional services agreements;
                     prepare and execute outside utility agreements; advertise and award major and small works contracts; pre-purchase
                     materials and equipment including contract award and execution; perform contract administration and execution; issue letter
                    to Turner Construction Company (Turner) to lift the suspension on the RCF GC/CM contract; and re-baseline the schedule
                    for restarting the RCF and Main Terminal Improvements (MTI) as part of the RCF Construction (CIP #100266) project at the
                      Airport for an additional $27,826,000 for a total authorization to date of $350,260,970; and 
                  4)     Execute multiple change orders for an estimated not to exceed value of $16.8 million and up to 260 calendar days of contract
                     time extension for the suspension/restarts costs and schedule impacts; and 
                  5)     Revise the Commission notification requirements for the cumulative total of all change orders established under Resolution
                    3605 from 10% to 18%, a one-time change specific only for the RCF GC/CM Total Construction Contract (TCC).(memo and
                    exhibit enclosed) 
         7.  STAFF BRIEFINGS 
         8.  NEW BUSINESS 

      10. ADJOURNMENT 

                               PUBLIC TESTIMONY PROCEDURES 
           1.    Any person wishing to speak at a Port Commission meeting must register on a sign-up sheet and identify the specific agenda item to which he/she will speak before the
         agenda item commences. 
           2.    The Commission does not generally take public testimony for non-action agenda items such as "Staff Briefings" or Work Session presentations, but may do so at the
          discretion of the Commission Chair. 
           3.    An individual may testify on an agenda item for up to three minutes. Organization representatives may testify for up to five minutes. 
           4.    Any person wishing to speak on a topic not appearing on an agenda may sign up to speak under "New Business". All testimony provided under "New Business" is limited to
          three minutes. 
           5.    In the interests of time, the Commission Chair may limit the number of persons speaking on any topic or may limit testimony to those having new information or material to
           6.    The Commission Chair may alter the time allotments for testimony to ensure that more speakers have an opportunity to be heard. 
           7.    The identity of each testifier will be noted in the meeting minutes. An individual or organization representative may have the text of his/her remarks appended to the
          Commission minutes by submitting a written text at, or before, the meeting. The appended written text will be preserved permanently. 
           8.    A digital audio recording of the public testimony is on file in Port offices. Digital audio recordings are retained in Port offices for six years and then transferred to State
          Archives. A charge is assessed for duplication or transcription. 
           9.    The Commission does not engage in discussion or debate with testifiers during commission meetings.  Questions and requests for information or documents may be
          addressed to Port staff or to individual Commissioners outside of Commission meetings. (Revised September 14, 2007)