10b. Presentation

South 160th St TNC Lot Improvements

Item No.       10b_supp
Date of Meeting    February 14, 2023
South 160th Street Lot TNC Improvements
Construction Authorization

                 Project Purpose
To minimize operational maintenance costs and encourage sustainable ground
transportation services with installation of permanent lighting system and EV chargers.
•  Replacement of existing diesel-powered temporary light plants with lighting systems
•  Installation of 10 EV chargers with associated infrastructure upgrades
•  Installation of 4 permanent restrooms for TNC operators
•  Installation of security cameras for operational awareness
•  Landscaping and irrigation improvements


                  Project Location
S 146th St                                                                   Rental Car
th 24 Ave S
S 160th St

S 160th St GT Holding Lot


                 Existing Conditions

Diesel-powered           TNC side of S 160th St        Temporary Restroom
temporary light plant             GT holding lot                  Facilities


            Project Budget & Schedule
Project Budget: $7,300,000                    Key Schedule Milestones:
Department of Commerce Grant              •  Advertise for Construction: Q1 2023
•  Reimbursement of up to $1,229,322           •  Construction Start: Q2 2023
– Port of Seattle: $757,262
•  Estimated In-Use Date: Q1 2024
– 3rd Party (EVGo): $472,060

Electrical Equipment

EV Chargers



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