WHEREAS, Black lives matter; and 
WHEREAS, Black History Month was first officially celebrated in the United States in 1976
with the objective to commemorate and honor the achievements of Black
Americans and recognize their central role in the history of our nation; and 
WHEREAS, Black History Month is a powerful reminder that Black history is American
history, and throughout our country's history, Black Americans have led the
struggle for equity, social justice, and to perfect our democracy; and 
WHEREAS, Racial oppression is deeply rooted in our nation's early beginnings  from the
mass exploitation of Native American populations to the enslavement of Black
Americans  and acknowledging this checkered past is essential to healing and
creating a more equitable future; and 
WHEREAS, The Port of Seattle Commission has a responsibility to combat systemic racism
and racism in all its nefarious forms, and work to contribute to a more equitable
and just world; and 
WHEREAS, The Century Agenda Goal 5 calls for the Port to "Become a Model for Equity,
Diversity and Inclusion;" and 
WHEREAS, In 2019, the Port established an Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to
address institutional racism and increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in Port
policies, processes, and programs; and 
WHEREAS, In 2021, the Port initiated an equity survey and a women of color assessment to
better understand the landscape of EDI at the Port of Seattle and form a baseline
as the Port works to implement real change; and 
WHEREAS, The official recognition of the month of February as Black History Month is a
significant way that we can celebrate the contributions of our Black employees
and communities and work to create a culture of belonging, and a more equitable,
anti-racist organization.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Port of Seattle Commission hereby honors and recognizes February
as Black History Month;  celebrates the contributions of the Port's Chapter of Blacks in
Government, acknowledges our history of institutional racism and slavery; demonstrates that
Black lives matter; and affirms our commitment to advance racial equity. 
Proclaimed by the Port of Seattle Commission this 8 day of February, 2022.

Port of Seattle Commission 

Port of Seattle Commission

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