Item No. 



Date of Meeting 

August 25, 2009 



August 7, 2009 



Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 



Michael Ehl, Director Airport Operations 
Peter Garlock, Chief Information Officer 
Robert F. Riley, Director, Aviation Capital Improvement Program 






    Common Use Expansion at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 



Request Port Commission authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to execute a design 
consultant contract, complete design, and purchase and install computer hardware and software 
for the Common Use Expansion project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Airport), for 
$506,000 out of a total projected program cost of $3,018,000. 


As a productivity and cost-savings program, the Airport has installed “Common Use” equipment, 
such as common gate areas and ticket counters, at several locations in the terminal that can be 
used interchangeably by participating airlines.  By creating a flexible, common-use environment, 
more airlines are able to use the existing facilities without major capital investment, which helps 
hold down their costs.  The Airport is further able to handle more passengers and support future 
growth within the current terminal footprint.   This project brings the latest Common Use 
equipment and technology to the remaining gates at the South Satellite, and at various gates on 
Concourse A. 
This project will install a common-use environment at the combined Delta/Northwest Airlines 
(DL/NW) eight South Satellite (SSAT) preferential gates, one Port common gate, Horizon Air’s 
gate S16c/d, and at three Concourse A gates (A12, 13 & 14).  The project relocates gate podiums 
locations closer to the passenger loading bridge doors at the SSAT.  The scope also includes 
conversion of up to fourteen ticket counter positions to common use at the former Delta ticket 
counter.  This authorization will provide for design by outside professional services and 
replacement of selected hardware and software by Port staff.  A future request will seek 
authorization of construction funds and approval to advertise for a major construction contract.  
The airlines that operate at the Airport have formally approved this project. 

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