Item 6a Memo

COMMISSION AGENDA             Item No.      6a 
Date of Meeting     May 5, 2009 
DATE:    May 6, 2009 
TO:      Tay Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 
FROM:    Ralph Graves, Managing Director, Capital Development Division 
Michael Burke, Senior Manager, Container Leasing and Operations 
SUBJECT:  Cable Replacement and Installation for the Terminal 30 Upgrade Project 
Port staff requests Commission authorization for the Chief Executive Officer to enter into an
agreement with SSA Terminals (Seattle), LLC ("SSAT"), the Terminal 30 tenant, to reimburse
certain costs associated with making its container cranes operational at the Terminal 30 site. The
agreement amount will not exceed $400,000, and it is expected the cost would be reimbursed to
SSAT through rent credits. 
As part of its lease of the Terminal 30 site, SSAT intended to relocate three cranes from its
Terminal 18 site. These cranes are electrically powered by a cable that spools in and out of a
trough in the apron deck as the crane moves from side-to-side. The crane power cable trough
runs the length of the terminal and was constructed, per contract documents, at 2.50 inches wide.
After the cranes were delivered to the site, the power cable was found to have an actual diameter
of 2.52 inches. Further investigation revealed existing trough widths at other Port of Seattle
container facilities have trough widths of 3" or 4". This is being investigated as an "Error and
Omission." The Designer of Record is involved in fixing the problem and may be required to
absorb costs associated with this change.

No Action: The terminal will not open on time as the cranes could only be operated with the
cables laid on the surface; subject to damage and creating an unsafe condition in addition to
premature wear of the power cable. The loss of rent is valued at approximately $11,500 per day. 
Alternative 1 - Change order the construction contract to modify the cable trough: The cable
trough consists of a fabricated stainless steel trough cast in concrete. It is possible to saw cut one
side of the stainless steel trough and adjacent concrete to widen the trough to 3.50 inches and
make other necessary changes. This change order is for the estimated amount of $600,000.

T. Yoshitani, Chief Executive Officer 
June 24, 2009 
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Alternative 2 - Negotiate with SSAT for the reconfiguration of its cranes: The cranes owned by
SSAT can be reconfigured by purchasing and installing new 2 inch diameter crane cables that
will fit into the constructed 2.5 inch wide cable trough. The estimated cost for this alternative is
$400,000. This is the recommended option.

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