Port of Seattle Commission 
December 7, 2018  1:00 p.m. 
Commission Chambers, Pier 69, 2711 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington 

Committee members:                                     Also attending: 
Commissioner Fred Felleman, Chair                              Glenn Fernandes, Internal Audit Director 
Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck                                 Aaron Pritchard, Commission Issues and Policy Manager 
Committee Public Member Christina Gehrke                     Paul J. White, Commission Clerk 
1.  Call to Order 
2.  APPROVAL of Minutes  September 28, 2018 
External Audits  Moss Adams 
3.  Moss Adams  2018 Engagement Service Plan 
Olga Darlington  Partner 
Tyler Reparuk  Senior Manager 
Updates and Approvals 
Glenn Fernandes  Director, Internal Audit 
Dan Chase  Manager, Internal Audit 
4.  2018 Audit Plan Update 
5.  APPROVAL of Proposed 2019 Internal Audit Plan 
Operational Audits 
Glenn Fernandes  Director, Internal Audit 
Dan Chase  Manager, Internal Audit 
6.  Sea-Tac Utilities 
7.  International Arrivals Facility
Information Technology Audits 
8.  Aviation Maintenance and Facilities and Infrastructure Data Centers 
Glenn Fernandes  Director, Internal Audit 
Bruce Klouzal  Senior IT Auditor 
9.  Aviation Maintenance IT Change and Patch Management 
Glenn Fernandes  Director, Internal Audit 
Scott Watson  Point B 
Limited Contract Compliance Audits1 
10. Thrifty Car Rental 
Glenn Fernandes  Director, Internal Audit 
Concluding Business 
11. Committee Comments 
12. Adjournment 

1 Limited Contract Compliance items are presented during the meeting only when there are findings, or by Committee request.

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