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Owned K9

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Meeting Date: January 4, 2022

Burien Veterinary Hospital
4628 Ambaum BlvdSW
Seattle, WA 98166

Port of Seattle Police Dept.
P.O. Box 68727
Seattle, WA 98168-0727
18 November 2020

To whom it may concern;

Concerning canine "TY" microchip # 956000004523624 with Officer Hannah

Ty a neutered male Labrador Retriever current problem of severe anxiety is
increasing with age. He originally came with anxiety issues and was somewhat
controllable with high doses of medication. He is now better with his handler, but
has now developed severe separation anxiety away from Officer Minnehan.  On
multiple occasions he has developed severe injury, anorexia, and illness from
being separated from the handler for a brief time. This level of stress has been
also noted when he was with one of the other Port Handlers. It is in my
professional opinion, as well as the opinion of Dr. Erin Whitty and Dr. Sibylle
Kamdar, that it will be detrimental to separate him from the handler and will cause
severe suffering and damage to him. It is my recommendation to retire Ty to
Officer Minnehan when she leaves the canine unit.


Tram Le, DVM
Medical Director
Burien Veterinary Hospital

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