8b. Presentation

Concourse and Parking Garage Low Voltage Upgrade Project

Item No. 8b_supp
Meeting Date: January 4, 2022
Concourse & Parking Garage
Low Voltage Electrical Upgrades
Design Authorization

Concourse B                  Concourse C

Concourse D


Project Overview
Renew & replace electrical equipment throughout Concourses B, C, D, and the Parking
Garage at STIA.
CIP C801280  Concourse Low Voltage Upgrades
CIP C800901  Parking Garage Low Voltage Upgrades
Projects have similar scope and will be implemented with a consistent approach;
therefore, they have been combined into a single request
Panels have been prioritized for replacement based on condition and highest risk of
operational impact


Additional Project Information
Conditions of Existing Equipment:
S 146th St
Beyond service life (40+ years in many cases)     Ave S       Lack of available spare circuit breakers
Poor condition                                       th        Lack of available space in electrical rooms
Obsolescence / no spare parts available                  Panels with no individual disconnecting means
Project Benefits:
Reduce the risk of failures and outages at STIA.
Metering will provide opportunities for future energy conservation projects.
Increase capacity for Airport Dining & Retail and other tenant and Port projects.


Project Scope
Replacement of existing panelboards, motor
control centers, switchboards, feeders, meters,
and transformers
Installation of new electrical closets for
relocated panels
Installation of a new electrical room in
Concourse D
Upgrade fire protection & HVAC systems as
necessary to support electrical equipment


Concourses  Project Budget & Schedule
CIP: C801280                               Key Schedule Milestones:
Budget: $28,350,000                           Design Start: Q3 2022
Construction Start: Q1 2024
In-Use Date: Q3 2025


Parking Garage  Project Budget & Schedule
CIP: C800901                               Key Schedule Milestones:
Plan of Finance Budget: $3,267,428              Design Start: Q3 2022
Revised Budget: $12,544,000                   Construction Start: Q1 2024
Budget increase is due to:                         In-Use Date: Q1 2025
Project complexity (panel tracing,
cutovers, night work, etc.) not
considered in original estimate
Number of panels needing replacement
Revised budget is based on actuals from
Main Terminal Low Voltage (C800061)

Combined  Project Budget & Schedule
Concourses        Parking Garage
(C801280)         (C800901)
Design start                                   2022 Quarter 3      2022 Quarter 3
Commission construction authorization       2024 Quarter 1      2023 Quarter 3
Construction start                            2024 Quarter 1      2024 Quarter 1
In-use date                                   2025 Quarter 3      2025 Quarter 1

Project                                    Amount of this request     Total estimated project cost
CIP C801280
$7,200,000                $28,350,000
Concourse Low Voltage Upgrades
CIP C800901
$4,000,000                $12,544,000
Parking Garage Low Voltage Upgrades
Total                                         $11,200,000                 $40,894,000


Cone of Certainty

We are here


Project Risks and Mitigation
RISK                         DESCRIPTION                                 MITIGATION PLAN
Electrical Closet Space    Some panels will require relocation.      Identify closet space locations, as
There is risk that a location cannot be     needed, as part of 30% design.
found within the assumed 50ft vicinity   Consolidate relocated panels to the
of the existing panel, requiring longer     same closets where possible.
conduit runs, HVAC tie-ins, and other
Circuit Tracing             Panels will be traced early in the          GCCM and pre-construction
project to confirm loads and reduce      services will be utilized after 30%
risk. The scope of the tracing effort        design to trace identified panels.
includes some uncertainty due to        Panel tracing costs and lessons
outdated panel schedules on aging       learned from recent projects have
electrical panels.                           been used as a basis for the
estimate on this project.


Action Requested
1) Complete design;
2) Advertise and execute up to two professional services contracts for design services for the Concourse
Low Voltage Upgrade project (CIP C801280) and the Parking Garage Low Voltage Upgrade project
(CIP C800901);
3) Advertise and execute a General Contractor, Construction Manager (GCCM) construction contract
and authorize pre-construction services for CIP C801280;
4) Issue a job order contract (JOC) to carry out pre-construction services for CIP 800901;
5) Use Port of Seattle crews for pre-construction activities for CIPs C801280 and C800901.



Operated by the
Port of Seattle


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