8f. Attachment

Ratification of Snow Removal Service Expenditures

Item No. 8f Attach 1
Meeting Date:   January 25, 2022
Policy Waiver #2021-    -PP 
DATE:         December 23, 2021 
TO:            Dave Soike, Chief Operating Officer
FROM:       Stuart Mathews, Director, Aviation Maintenance SPM 
SUBJECT:      CPO-5 Policy Waiver for snow removal services
Aviation is requesting a policy waiver from the requirements of CPO-5 and authority to execute noncompetitive
contracts for snow removal services for December 23 through January 30, 2022, and 
authorize Aviation to utilize P-Card to pay for signage.
SEA is at risk for not having sufficient snow removal services to address an imminent snowstorm.
SEA has two contracts (Merlino & Ceccanti) for supplemental resources to assist the Airport in snow
removal. Teamsters Local 174's dump truck drivers are on strike at Merlino and indicated they will
picket the airport if we use Merlino for snow removal. The snow amounts are not yet certain but have
a reasonable potential to reach the level where we would need to activate our supplemental
contractor resources. While Merlino indicated they could provide the resources, they acknowledged
they cannot guarantee there won't be a labor related disruption (e.g., operators refusing to load trucks
driven by non-Teamster drivers). Given the risk/impact to airport operations were Merlino not
capable of performing their portion of the removal work, the Port is working to secure other resources
and may not activate the Merlino contract at this time.
Maintaining operations at SEA is vital to the region and national travel system. If there were to delays
caused by lack of snow removal capacity here at SEA, air travel will be disrupted thought the system,
causing travel delays during this holiday season.
In accordance with EX-2 Delegation Schedule, Attachment A: 
Date: 12/23/2021 
Nora Huey, Director, Central Procurement Office 
Date: 12/23/2021
Pete Ramels, General Counsel 
Date: 12/23/2021
Stephen P. Metruck for Dave Soike, Chief Operating Officer
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