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Meeting date: March 8, 2022 
Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee 
Annual Report 2020 and 2021 
The Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee (NAC) is pleased to provide the Port of 
Seattle Commission with this report of its activities during 2020 and 2021. 
Composition of NAC 
NAC community representation is composed of eight voting members, four from each 
Magnolia and four from Queen Anne. Each community council also has members who 
serve as alternates. As of December 2021, following are the representatives serving 
each community: 
Magnolia Community Council                 Queen Anne Community Council 
Stephanie Ballard, President                     Paula Mueller, Chairperson 
Fred Rapaport                                 Don Harper 
Lynn Hogan                                 Denny Bird 
Janis Traven                                    Erik Smith 

Weldon Ihrig, NAC Chair, is presenting this report. His service is provided through 501 
Commons, a non-profit specializing in providing access to volunteer resources. 
Over these two years, long-time members of the NAC have retired. These include Jim 
Smith from Queen Anne, an original NAC member, along with Bruce Carter from 
Magnolia. Ellen Monrad of Queen Anne and Lynn Hogan of Magnolia, both of whom 
were previously president or chairperson of their respective community councils. Their 
contributions will be missed. 
Rosie Courtney is the primary Port representative and staff support for NAC. Pam 
Xander of Environmental Science Associates (ESA) serves as environmental liaison and 
Nicole Lobodzinski prepared summaries for each NAC meeting. Additional Port staff that 
attended one or more meetings in 2020 or 2021 are: Kelli Goodwin, Mark Longridge, 
Geri Poor, Eric ffitch, Kyra Lise, Lindsay Wolpa, Mick Schultz, Earl Parker, Katherine 
Goodman, Marie Ellingson, Sally del Fierro, Elena Franks, Srinivas  Pendikatla, Kathleen
Hurley, Lily Ninburg, Joanna Florer, Kathy Bahnick, Joseph Gellings, Stephanie Jones-
Stebbins, Ilays Aden, Alex Adams, Ryann Child, Nicola Graham, Matthew Mateo, Sabrina
Bolieu, Dave McFadden, Emily Roder, Jon Sloan, and Elise Lasky.

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Following are guests that attended NAC meetings during 2020 and 2021: 
Isabella Schwartz                                Seattle Public Utilities 
Laura Jenkins                                   City of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods 
Josh Castle                                      Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) 
Michelle Miranda                                Pioneer Square Residents Council 
Gary Abrams                                Pioneer Square Residents Council 

NAC generally met monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. These past two years 
have been especially challenging with the disruptions due to the COVID pandemic, but 
the Port staff have found ways for the NAC to continue to meet virtually. Their flexibility 
in adjusting to the ever changing situation to enable the NAC to continue to meet has 
been exemplary. Thanks to Rosie and her associates for their efforts. 
The principal activity was dialog among NAC members and between NAC and Port staff 
regarding Terminal 91 operations and including the North Bay area. NAC also discussed 
issues related to geographically adjacent areas, but outside NAC's purview, that could 
affect Port operations and/or the two neighborhoods as well as the Interbay area. Staff 
participation included briefings, updates, and responses to NAC questions and concerns. 
Detailed summaries of each meeting are available in the Minutes posted at
General Value of NAC 
The Magnolia Community Council and the Queen Anne Community Council affirm that 
the NAC continues to have a constructive and positive value to both the Port and 
neighboring communities. Participants all view the committee and its meetings to be 
informative, cooperative, a desirable forum for discussion and consensus building as well 
as an opportunity to prevent/resolve potential areas of misunderstanding. The 
underlying Short Fill Redevelopment Agreement (NAC Agreement) has proven effective 
for its purposes to date. 
Ongoing Issues for NAC 
During 2020 and 2021 the issues below were the most significant to NAC. 
1.  Traffic. Monitoring trends in traffic reported in the annual Traffic Study mandated 
by the NAC Agreement. Due to the pandemic, temporary reductions in cruise 
activities and other Port activities as well as the adjacent Expedia campus and 
overall commuter traffic reductions, the annual traffic study was temporarily 
deferred for 2020 and 2021. The NAC will continue to monitor the situation and 
decide when to resume the annual traffic studies. Until such time, the study for 
2019 functions as the most recent traffic data available. 

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2.  T-91 Development & Construction. Port plans of most interest to NAC include: 
the economic development projects on the T-91 Uplands on the north side of the 
Magnolia Bridge; review any suggested considerations of opening the North Gate 
and whether such plans comply with the existing Short Fill Redevelopment 
Agreement; and monitoring the projects to replace the pier fenders and old 
creosote piles. 
3.  Noise and Light. Noise and light issues arising from tenant, construction, as well 
as ground lease activities at the T-91 complex. 
4.  Interbay Projects. Continue to monitor potential traffic impacts from neighboring 
projects including the expansion of Tiny Homes Village on the Tsubota site, 
future of Armory site, Expedia campus plans and Sound Transit alignment plans 
as well as supporting the industrial zoning for the area. 
5.  Magnolia Bridge. Planning for the replacement of the Magnolia Bridge. 
6.  Environmental Projects. Monitoring the Port's continued progress toward a 
cleaner air and water environments, which are appreciated and encouraged. 
7.  Maritime improvements at T-91 included in the Port capital budget 

8.  Other Topics (see minutes for details) 
a.  Expedia's employees return to working in their offices 
b.  Armory site development planning 
c.   Sound Transit and King County Metro Smith Cove station and alignment 
d.  Environmental issues/projects at T-91 and Smith Cove areas 
e.  Fishing Pier Project 
f.   Cargo congestion and supply-chain issues 
g.  Seattle Storm Facility Rezone 
h.  Cruise Operations 
i.   Magnolia Bridge Replacement 
j.   SPU 23rd Ave West Drainage Improvements 
Of Specific Interest to the Commissioners. 
NAC community members urge the Commissioners to continue to engage with City of 
Seattle leaders and to advocate for a more holistic approach in the city's planning 
activities as well as retain the focus on lands for industrial/maritime focused activities. 
Planning for the Ballard-Interbay area including Terminal 91 properties have become 
more complex and interconnected. While many of these projects are beyond the scope 
of the NAC Agreement, all have potential impacts on Terminal 91 and traffic flows on 
adjacent streets. 
Other Matters 
We invite each and all Commissioners to attend a NAC meeting at your convenience. 
Meetings are usually on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:30 PM. 

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NAC thanks the Port Commissioners for the opportunity to provide this report on behalf 
of the Magnolia and Queen Anne communities. We will be happy to respond to any 
questions or concerns you might have. 

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