Agenda Item: 4a 
Meeting Date: March 8, 2022 
WHEREAS, the Russian Federation launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine resulting in
loss of life, destruction of critical infrastructure, and irreparable damage to
Ukrainian cultural heritage. 
WHEREAS,  the Port of Seattle stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and their fight
for sovereignty, as well as with all those impacted by the invasion; and 
WHEREAS, Washington State is home to tens of thousands of people whose families originate
from Ukraine and Russia; and 
WHEREAS,  the Port of Seattle, as a hub for global trade and travel, relies upon a system of
international order which respects territorial sovereignty and builds trust between
nations; and 
WHEREAS, the Port of Seattle has reviewed its commercial commitments and found no ties
to Russia, or Russian-owned entities, and will not contract with, purchase from,
or otherwise engage with Russian-owned entities until the Russian Federation
ends hostilities and withdraws all forces from Ukraine; and 
WHEREAS, the U.S. has taken immediate action to prohibit financial investment and
transactions with Russia issuing orders blocking Russian aircraft, airlines, ships
and cargo from entering and using all domestic U.S. airspace and ports; and 
WHEREAS, the Port of Seattle remains committed to supporting the safety, inclusion and
engagement of all members of our community and to protect the rights and
quality of life of immigrants, refugees, and foreign visitors by being a welcoming
port for all those seeking refuge during a time of war; and 
WHEREAS, the Port of Seattle has demonstrated its commitment to welcoming arriving
refugees  through  our  airport  in  close  partnership  with  local  resettlement
organization, most recently for Afghan refugees, and is committed to providing
similar coordination for arriving Ukrainian refugees; and 
WHEREAS, our thoughts are with our neighbors, employees and their families who may be
directly impacted by this conflict.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Port of Seattle Commission hereby proclaims its support of those
impacted by the invasion of Ukraine and calls for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces 
from Ukraine. 
Proclaimed by the Port of Seattle Commission this ___ day of __________, 2022.

Port of Seattle Commission 

Port of Seattle Commission

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