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SEA Stakeholder Advisory Round Table (StART) 2021 Annu

Item Number: 11a_attach_3 
Date of Meeting: March 22, 2022 
SEA Stakeholder Advisory Round Table (StART) 
Aviation Noise Working Group 
Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda Summary (as of 2/22) 
Action Items     Late Night Noise Limitation Program       Runway Use Program        Glide Slope Adjustment       Ground Noise Study          Noise Abatement            Rolling Takeoffs            Noise Comment
Departure Profiles Analysis                                       Reporting 
Description    Voluntary measure to reduce late night    Revise the current informal    Raise Runway 34R's           Analyze airfield ground    Implement a Noise            Establish rolling takeoffs    Provide up-to-date,
(12:00 AM to 5:00 AM) noise by           Runway Use Program to       glideslope to lessen aircraft   noise sources and         Abatement Departure         as the preferred takeoff    accessible information on
incentivizing air carriers to fly at less       minimize use of the Third       approach noise                 identify potential           Profile to lessen aircraft        procedure during periods   noise complaints and
noise sensitive hours or transition to      Runway during the late night                                  mitigation measures        departure noise for farther    of light air traffic             comments submitted by
quieter aircraft                              (12:00 AM to 5:00 AM)                                                                        out airport communities                                      the public 
Components    Ongoing outreach with air carriers    Updated language for:        Considered various         Major ground noise      Analyze the tradeoffs and    Evaluate whether there is  Monthly statistic and
about possible late night schedule      Third Runway              strategies and timelines for   sources identified in the   feasibility of implementing    a measurable noise         heat map reports posted
and aircraft fleet changes including        daytime/evening runway   raising Runway 34R's 2.75    study:                      the "distant" versus the        difference of instituting a   on Port website detailing 
meetings with carriers with the most      usage                      degrees glideslope and        Taxiing/queuing        "close-in" departure profile    rolling takeoff versus a      totals and trends by city,
noise exceedances                     Third Runway late night    settled on plan to             Takeoff rolls           and the noise impact it        traditional takeoff          zip code and subject
Established noise thresholds that         runway usage             permanently relocate 34R's    Reverse thrust upon   would have on communities                             matter. 
identify louder aircraft exceeding                                      navigational aids and             arrival                  south and north of the
noise thresholds during the late                                       pursue a 3.0 degrees           Auxiliary Power Unit   airport 
night hours                                                           glideslope with the FAA           (APU) use 
Late night noise threshold                                                                     Engine maintenance 
observance tracked and reported                                                                  run-ups 
out on a quarterly basis and
publicized as part of the Fly Quiet
Change     Reduction of aircraft noise during the     Reduction of aircraft noise    Potential reduction of       Reduction of aviation     Reduction of aircraft noise    Potential reduction of     Transparent and
late night hours                             for Third Runway adjacent     aircraft noise for               noise for close-in           for farther out communities   aircraft noise for             convenient information
communities and            communities south of       communities            directly south and north of    communities close to the   on noise complaints and
communities underneath     airport                     surrounding the airport    airport                      runway ends              comments submitted by
the Third Runway's                                                                                                                         public 
Key      Port of Seattle, airlines and air cargo     Port of Seattle and FAA       Port of Seattle and FAA      Port of Seattle, FAA,      Port of Seattle, FAA, airlines   Port of Seattle, FAA,       Port of Seattle 
Responsible   carriers                                                                                        airlines and air cargo      and air cargo carriers          airlines and air cargo
Parties                                                                                                                   carriers                                                      carriers 
Status     UNDERWAY - Program commenced in    UNDERWAY - Implemented   UNDERWAY - The 34R glide  IN PROCESS - The         NOT IMPLEMENTED  The    IN PROCESS  A noise      UNDERWAY  Monthly
Update     July 2019 with regular reporting each     in September 2019. Late     slope adjustment is         study's noise monitoring  analysis identified a possible  monitoring effort will      reports began with June
quarter to external audiences. In 2021,   night operations on the        incorporated into an airport  and modeling is            uptick in noise for close-in     soon be implemented to    2020. 
the program achieved its first significant   Third Runway dropped         taxiway reconfiguration       complete. The             neighborhoods.                evaluate whether there is
success when EVA Airways made the     dramatically from an         project. Preliminary design   consultant team is        Consequently, the decision    a measurable noise
switch to a quieter aircraft during the      average of 12 nightly           is complete.                   developing potential       was made to not pursue any   reduction with a rolling
late night hours.                            landings pre-implementation  Implementation is             mitigation measures.       additional proactive            takeoff. If there is, the
to an average of one nightly   contingent on the                                        measures to promote the      next step is to identify
landing in 2021.               Sustainable Airport Master                               distant procedure with air     what language can be

Item Number: 11a_attach_3 
Date of Meeting: March 22, 2022 
Plan's (SAMP) finalization                                                                  strengthened to
and FAA approval.                                                                    encourage their use.

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