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SEA Stakeholder Advisory Round Table (StART) 2021 Annu

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Meeting Date: March 22, 2022
2021 Annual Report
SEA Stakeholder Round Table

2021 StART Members
Burien                           Normandy Park
Diana Smith                                                      Eric Zimmerman
Jeff Harbaugh                                                  David Lashley
Brian Wilson                                                         Amy Arrington
Garmon Newsom II (Alt)                                             Mark Hoppen
Des Moines                      Chief Dan Yourkoski (Alt)
Bob Leonard                                                SeaTac
Peter Philips                                                            Tejvir Basra
Michael Matthias                                                 Robert Akhtar
Susan Cezar (Alt)                                                       Carl Cole
Federal Way                     Kyle Moore (Alt)
Dave Berger                                                  Tukwila
Chris Hall
Erica Post
Bill Vadino
Tod Bookless
Steve McNey (Alt)
Brandon Miles
Laurel Humphrey (Alt)
Aviation Noise   Federal Policy     Alaska
Working Group  Working Group    Scott Kennedy
Randy Fiertz (Alt)
Arlyn Purcell                      Alex Stone
Bill Vadino                        Amy Arrington
Bob Leonard                  Anthony Hemstad              Delta
Brian Wilson                     Arlyn Purcell                        Scott Ingham (Alt)
Carl Cole                        Bill Vadino                          Tony Gonchar
Chris Hall                         Brian Wilson
Christopher Schaffer             Chris Hall                        Air Cargo
Colin Rice                         Dave Berger                         Shan Hoel
Dave Berger                   Diana Smith
Eric Zimmerman                Eric Schinfeld                  FAA (non-members)
Erica Post                         Erica Post                            Justin Biassou
Jeff Harbaugh                 Jeff Harbaugh                    David Suomi
Jennifer Kester                   Justin Biassou
Justin Biassou                    Kyle Moore                       Port of Seattle
Lance Lyttle                      Lance Lyttle
Lance Lyttle
Lynae Craig                    Marielle Trumbauer
Arlyn Purcell (Alt)
Marco Milanese                Megan Utemei
Eric Schinfeld 
Amy Arrington                  Michael Matthias
Marco Milanese
Michael Matthias               Robert Akhtar
Robert Akhtar                   Tommy Bauer
Scott Ingham                                                 Facilitation Team
Scott Kennedy                                                   Brian Scott
Stan Shepherd                                                 Dori Krupanics
Steven Osterdahl
Susan Cezar
Tim Toerber
Tom Fagerstrom
Vince Mestre

2 | StART 2021 Annual Report

Welcome & Summary
Committed to Collaboration in 2022 
I am pleased to present this report on SEA
Stakeholder Round Table's (StART's) 2021 activities
on behalf of the city government officials,
community representatives, Port staff, and airline
representatives who make this collaboration
This report features a Summary of 2021 Activities
(pgs. 4-7). Topics include a renewed culture of trust
and collaboration, a new Steering Committee,
pandemic and recovery, impact studies, and the
Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) process, as
well as summaries of the topics explored by the
Federal Policy and Aviation Noise Working Groups.
An overview of each StART and Working Group
meeting agenda is also included (pgs. 8-9).
I want to especially recognize the 12 community representatives who each volunteered
dozens of hours to learning, sharing knowledge, and advocating for the needs and
desires of their neighbors and communities. Together, all of StART's members,
presenters, and observers, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), make
this forum a powerful force for greater understanding and collaboration between SEA
and the communities that surround the airport.
I was delighted to see everyone come back to the (virtual) table in 2021 after some
challenges in earlier years. The new Steering Committee (composed of city
representatives, Alaska Airlines, the FAA, and Port staff) played a key role in setting
StART agendas and administering our new operating procedures. This new approach
allowed procedural issues of concern to be arbitrated through collaborative dialogue,
which expanded everyone's sense of trust.
I also want to call out the Port's Marco Milanese,
Eric Schinfeld, Arlyn Purcell, Stan Shepherd, Tom
Fagerstrom, and Clare Gallagher who worked            Table of Contents
tirelessly to coordinate meetings, organize
presenters, prepare information, and follow-up on         2 | 2021 StART Members
requests. Their spirit of community service is a
credit to the Port of Seattle.                                  3 | Welcome Letter
4 | 2021 Summary
I am proud of StART's accomplishments in 2021 and
8 | 2021 Meetings & Agendas
look forward to an even more productive 2022.
In Community,
Lance Lyttle
SEA Airport Managing Director                          StART 2021 Annual Report | 3

2021 StART Activity Summary
For the SEA Stakeholder Advisory Round Table, 2021 was a year of renewal, group learning, and
trust building. 
StART provides Highline Forum-member cities, airline representatives, the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) and the Port with a forum for meaningful and collaborative public dialogue;
informing airport-related decision-making; raising public knowledge about airport operations
and impacts; and a focus on practical ways to reduce the impact of the airport on Highline
Forum-member cities. The intent is to foster a spirit of good will, respect, and openness while
encouraging candid discussion between the Port and all StART members.
In its first three years, StART had many successes but also challenges with communication,
cooperation, and trust. StART members addressed these issues head-on and approached 2021
as a new beginning with everyone committed to a spirit of collaboration. The following are
highlights from the year. More detail is available on the Port's website
(https://www.portseattle.org/page/StART_Partners) and in the StART meeting minutes.
(Meeting dates are included for reference)
Renewed Culture of Trust & Cooperation 
The strongest feature of StART in 2021 was a renewed culture of trust and cooperation. Each of
the StART member cities and the Port of Seattle agreed to an amended set of Operating
Procedures that strengthen behavior expectations for StART membership, clarify the role of the
facilitator, and establish a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee serves to guide
implementation of the Operating Procedures, develop StART agendas, and troubleshoot any
issues that arise. Brian Douglas Scott of BDS Planning & Urban Design also took over facilitation
duties for StART, as well as Working Group, and Steering Committee meetings. These changes
have helped build a spirit of collaboration on common objectives among the StART participants.
4 | StART 2021 Annual Report

Steering Committee 
The StART Steering Committee is made up of the SEA Managing Director, the designated
executive representative of each StART member city, and an airline representative. The FAA also
attends Steering Committee meetings. The group meets about a month before each StART
meeting to set the upcoming agenda, outline topics for future meetings, and manage
implementation of the Operating Procedures. During 2021, the Steering Committee addressed
two substantial issues regarding StART membership. The group decided that community
representatives whose circumstances change and make them no longer a resident, business, or
property owner in their respective communities are allowed to finish their StART term
representing that city but are ineligible for reappointment at the end of their term. The Steering
Committee also reviewed the criteria for communities eligible for StART membership and
decided to continue limiting membership to The six Highline Forum cities that immediately
surround SEA.
Pandemic & Recovery
A major theme of Working Group and StART meetings during 2021 was passenger traffic at the
airport. Traffic levels started slow but began growing early in the year and grew much more
rapidly later in the year as pandemic impacts receded and passengers became more
comfortable with air travel. Another key feature of airport traffic was the dramatic growth of air
cargo, which continued growing steadily throughout the year.
Impact Studies
The Working Groups and full StART also gave considerable attention to several studies related
to the impacts of commercial air traffic. Studies reviewed included:
Federal Aviation Administration Neighborhood Environmental Survey (February 24th)
Seattle-King County Public Health: Health Impacts of Aviation Study (June 23rd)
FAA and Boston University Aviation Emissions Research within the Vicinity of Airports
(August 25th)
HMMH Ground Noise Study (October 27th & December 8th)
Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) Process
Another theme of StART meetings in 2021 is the upcoming environmental review for the
Sustainable Airport Master Plan Near-Term Projects (SAMP NTP). StART members see the SAMP
process as an opportunity to share formal input regarding their concerns about airport
operations, aircraft impacts on their communities, and the potential for future growth in flights
and passenger volumes. Of particular interest are the timeline for the SAMP NTP environmental
review and opportunities and timing for public input.

StART 2021 Annual Report | 5

Federal Policy
The Federal PolicyWorking Group focused its energy on updating and implementing the shared
Federal Policy Agenda that was developed in collaboration between the Port and the six cities.
These policy priorities identify new resources, new flexibilities, and new policies that can
address community concerns related to aircraft noise and emissions. 2021 saw a number of
significant opportunities for progress, ranging from a joint comment letter in response to the
FAA's release of its "noise annoyance survey" to passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that
included several airport and community provisions. A good example of positive momentum was
the FAA's formal recognition that homes with noise insulation installed before 1993 are eligible for
upgrades with additional federal funding; the Federal Policy Working Group continues to work
toward approval for secondary insulation for homes insulated pre-2001. The Working Group also
held virtual "fly-ins" with U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (7th District) and U.S.
Representative Adam Smith (9th District), each of whom represents a portion of the cities
surrounding SEA. Looking forward, the Working Group plans to continue advocating for
implementation of its priorities through FY23 appropriations and the 2023 FAA Reauthorization
Aviation Noise
The Aviation Noise Working Group, as part of its Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda,
explored and discussed several issues related to aviation noise, including late night noise, how
noise comments and complaints are captured, third runway usage, runway glideslopes, airfield
ground noise, and rolling takeoffs. The group received quarterly reports on the Port of Seattle's
Late Night Noise Limitation Program, including a tally of late night noise exceedances by each
airline and by type of aircraft. It is notable that late night cargo flights represent a majority of
these exceedances and that nearly all exceedances are by older model aircraft since newer
planes are typically quieter. The group also reviewed quarterly summaries of noise comments
and complaints received by the Port, including where those complaints originate, with a strong
majority from Vashon Island. The group also discussed reports on runway usage, with particular
attention to the western-most runway (or "3rd Runway"), during the late night hours. 
One well-received accomplishment for StART in 2021 was EVA Air, in response to the Late Night
Noise Limitation Program, replacing their older and noisier aircraft with a newer and quieter
Boeing 787 for their nightly late night flight between Seattle and Taipei. By doing this, they went
from 85 noise exceedances in the third quarter of 2019 (the highest of all carriers in that quarter)
to zero exceedances in the third quarter of 2021.

6 | StART 2021 Annual Report

Guest Presenters at StART and
Working Groups
Donald Scata, Noise Division Manager, FAA & Sean Doyle, Senior
Aviation Noise Policy & Research Specialist, FAA
John Heimlich, VP and Chief Economist, Airlines for America
Dr. Kris Johnson, Senior Social Research Scientist, Seattle/King County
Public Health
Dr. Elena Austin, Assistant Professor, UW School of Public Health
Kevin Welsh, Executive Director, FAA Office of Environment and Energy
& Dr. JonathanLevy and Dr. Kevin Lane, Boston University
U.S. Representative Adam Smith
Annie Russo, Senior Vice President of Government and Political Affairs,
Airports Council International  North America
Amanda Wyma-Bradley, Legislative Assistant, Office of U.S.
Representative Adam Smith
Vince Mestre, Noise Consultant
Gene Reindel, Vice President, & Mariano Sarrate, Consultant
Port of Seattle Personnel
Michael Drollinger, Business Intelligence Director
Clare Gallagher, Capital Project Delivery Director 
Tom Hooper, Manager of Aviation Planning
Arlyn Purcell, Aviation Environmental Services Director
Tim Toerber, Airline Resource and Scheduling Manager
Colin Rice, Airfield/Airspace Planner
Stan Shepherd, Airport Noise Programs Manager 
Tom Fagerstrom, Airport Noise Programs Coordinator

StART 2021 Annual Report | 7

2021 StART Meetings

February 24                    April 28                         June 23
StART's Revised Operating       U.S. Airlines: Road to             Seattle-King County
Procedures                     Recovery                      Public Health: Health
Neighborhood                SEA Aviation Forecast          Impacts of Aviation Study
Environmental Survey           Noise Insulation Program        SAMP Public Process 
Results                            Overview                          Federal Policy Working 
Federal Policy Working          Federal Policy Working           Group Update 
Group Update                 Group Update                 Aviation Noise Working
Aviation Noise Working          Aviation Noise Working          Group Update 
Group Update                 Group Update                 Public Comment 
Public Comment                Public Comment
August 25                      October 27                     December 8
Aviation Emissions               Aviation Legislation              School Resilience to Air
Research within the             Federal Update                  Pollution Study
Vicinity of Airports Update       Ground Noise Study              Infrastructure Investment
SAMP Primer & Public            Progress Report                 & Job Act Briefing
Process Schedule              SAMP Update                  SAMP Update
Federal Policy Working                      Federal Policy Working                      Public Comment 
Group Update                 Group Update 
Aviation Noise Working          Aviation Noise Working
Group Update                 Group Update 
Public Comment              Public Comment

8 | StART 2021 Annual Report

2021 Working Group Meetings
Federal Policy                 Aviation Noise
February 1                                       February 8
Biden Administration and Congressional         StART's New Operating Procedures
Progress and Priorities Update                   Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda
Congressional Meetings: Opportunities for       Update
improvement                              Aircraft Fleet Changes at SEA
FAA Noise Annoyance Survey Results
April 5
Potential Aircraft Noise and Emissions         April 12
Policy Opportunities for 2021                       34R Glideslope Adjustment Progress to Date
Policy Updates                                Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda
Airport Improvement Program Eligibility       Update
Expansion of Sound Insulation                Temporary Noise Monitoring: Update & Next
Letter to FAA: Request for Input on             Steps
Research Activities to Inform Aircraft          Noise Abatement Departure Profiles Study
Noise Policy                                   Recap
Appropriation Process/Member-
Directed Spending Updates              June 14
Next Virtual Fly-in Meetings                       Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda
June 7                                           34R Glideslope Adjustment Progress to Date
New Federal Policy Agenda Items               Noise Abatement Departure Profiles Study:
EPA Grant Program                            Further Analysis
American Jobs Plan Update                Late Night Noise Limitation Program:
The Sustainable Skies Act                     Enhanced Outreach
Policy Updates:
Congressional Earmarks                 August 9
Upcoming Emission Rule by EPA              Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda
FAA Environmental Program Grants          Update
Prepare for FAA Presentation at the next      The Airport Noise & Capacity Act (ANCA)
StART Meeting                             Primer
Resumption of Ground Noise Study
August 2
Federal Policy Update
November 11
Community Feedback & Working Group
Aviation Near-term Noise Action Agenda
Decision on New Federal Policy Agenda
Prepare for FAA Presentation at the next
Ground Noise Study Progress Report
StART Meeting
Rolling Take-offs Primer
October 18
Federal Policy Updates:
Infrastructure Bill
Build Back Better Act
Vaccine Policies
Federal Funding & Federal Debt Ceiling
2023 FAA Reauthorization

StART 2021 Annual Report | 9

International Airport
aWE          8
I      Ky              ;                  "1   Seattle, Washington

vie                               '        oe
2           8                                                          3
ok +s           3
. PortableiNGise Monitor: Ba                      0

3on                               TT
PortableNoise Monitor;   i.    :     SEAT:       ig                          South FlowStartof Take-off Roll
1   9)        aii
:                      Runway 16L

dBA Lmax

as         70
I 50     75
55         80

60         85

65        | 90

'    i
i    | Airport Boundary
A  Portable Noise Monitoring
"+   B737 Aircraft Source
m= Runway/Pavement
Highway / Road

ma  )
0    1,500   3,000 Feet    0


SC     SC  gq
AA    \ / x J# 0
Ly    [Vy
Coarse particules           Fine particules          Very fine particules        Ultrafine particules
Upper respiratory tract       Lower respiratory tract               Alveolus                 Blood/Whole body

|                                        Direct                                     WE
ted        >  :
Se                          NH      EEE

EH  ES    jgI

Photo Captions
Previous Page:
Upper Left: Aircraft noise monitor
Upper Right: Noise footprint of a
take-off role in south flow
Middle: Airborne particles and
the respiratory system
Bottom: Aircraft noise diagram
This page: 
Top: Aircraft noise monitoring
Middle: Residential noise
insulation program
Bottom: Air cargo operations


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