8b. Presentation

Passenger Flow Metrics Project

Item No. _____8b_Supp_____
Meeting Date: April 26, 2022
Passenger Flow Metrics
Project Authorization
April 26, 2022

Project Purpose
Provide passenger flow metrics to identify and measure
improvements, assess impacts from future construction, and
alert SEA Operations on emerging issues
Arriving passengers from the clock tower on the main drive through
security checkpoint
Internationally arriving passengers from their gate on the South
Concourse to a connecting flight on the North Concourse
This project supports key SEA Customer Experience objectives


Procure and implement a system(s) that will collect
anonymized information from a mix of new and existing
technologies to determine average passenger flow
Install limited equipment to support anonymized measurement
Integrate with existing systems that can provide flow data in
areas along the measured paths


Cost Breakdown                              This Request  Total Project
Hardware, Software, and Vendor Services             $230,000      $230,000
Port Labor                                           $400,000      $400,000
Total                                                     $630,000       $630,000
System Procurement Complete             2022 Quarter 4
Roadway Metrics Available                  2023 Quarter 4
Terminal Metrics Available                    2024 Quarter 4


Proceed with the Passenger Flow Metrics project
Execute contract(s) for software, equipment, vendor services,
and up-to ten years of software license and maintenance fees

Total project request is $630,000. The up-to ten-year maintenance
and license fee contract is estimated not to exceed $3,000,000.


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