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C Concourse Expansion Budget Authorization and Transfer

Item No. 8n_supp
Meeting Date: April 26, 2022
C Concourse Expansion
Budget Transfer and PLA
April 26, 2022

C Concourse Expansion


C Concourse Expansion
Project Purpose                          Budget Authorization and
Add four floors to the existing C1         Transfer Purpose
Building                                   Maintain airline access to baggage transfer
Increase Airport Dining and Retail            lines during construction
offerings                                    Build permanent baggage transfer input
locations that will serve the airlines after
Increase leasable office space                construction
Increase airline lounge capacity             Baggage equipment requires special
Increase C3 holdroom size                  knowledge to design and install. Baggage
Optimization Project has the expertise.
Add passenger amenities
(restrooms, meditation room,
nursing rooms)


C Concourse Expansion
Schedule Milestones
Q2 2022 Enabling Construction start
Q3 2022 60% Design submitted for review
Q1 2023 90% Design submitted for review
Q2 2023 Construction start
Q1 2026 Early Completion
Q2 2027 Late Completion


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