10c. Presentation

Urban Kelp Research Project

Item No. 10c  supp
Meeting Date: April 26, 2022
Urban Kelp Project
Innovative tools to understand
ecosystem health,
connectivity, and trends in
urban areas of Puget Sound

Action Requested
Requesting approval for a competitive exemption to contract
with the Seattle Aquarium to undertake the urban kelp
research project


Context for Urban Kelp Research
Smith Cove Blue Carbon Project
Sustainable shorelines initiative
Partnership with Seattle
Aquarium exhibit
Duwamish Basin Steward

Kelp research will inform Port efforts to improve the nearshore environment


Project Synopsis
Investigate what causes kelp to thrive
in an urban environment;
Establish urban kelp forest monitoring
Use scuba, remotely-operated devices,
and machine learning to survey urban
kelp forests;
Develop an ecological characterization
of urban kelp forests;
Engage and increase awareness
with the public;                        Source: Eiko Jones Photography, Puget Sound Kelp Recovery and Conservation Plan (2020)
Share results with partner agencies


Next Steps
Finalize contract with the Seattle Aquarium
Implement research (Phase 1) May  September 2022
Share Phase 1 results late 2022/early 2023
July 2022: budget request for 2023/2024 work (Phase 2)


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