8d. Presentation

Contract for Concourse N Hazard Mitigation

Item No.        8d_supp
Date of Meeting      May 10, 2022
C800556  NSAT Modernization
Concourse N Arc Flash Mitigation

Purpose & Scope
Supply and install the following equipment and monitoring system for arc flash
mitigation at the south main power center in the concourse:
Project Scope:
Two (2) new appropriately rated arc flash circuit breakers
The modifications to the switchgear to accept the 2 new circuit breakers
Two (2) circuit breaker relays for primary breaker protection
Two (2) control power transformers
Two (2) sets of 3 current transformers for power monitoring
Perform commissioning of the switchgear to validate the arc flash incident levels
desired are achieved


North Satellite  Arc Flash Mitigation


CIP: C800556
Key Schedule Milestones:
Design Start: Q2 2021
Construction Start: Q3 2022
In-Use Date: Q4 2022


Risks and Mitigation
Risk: Safety
Mitigation: Ensuring the proper breakers are installed to mitigate the arc flash levels
Risk: Schedule
Mitigation: Maintaining the construction schedule to promote safety


Action Requested
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
(1) Use Port of Seattle crews, as well as small and major works on-call
contracts to perform the construction work and;
(2)  advertise and execute a major on-call construction contract for hazard
mitigation in the south power center of Concourse N
The total estimated project cost is $1,000,000
This work is being completed as part of the original North Satellite
Modernization at Concourse N project.

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