10a. Presentation

Public hearing and Adoption of Resolution No. 3802

Item No.   10a__ supp
Meeting Date: May 24, 2022
Port of Seattle
Property Surplus and Conveyance in Support of
WSDOT SR 509 Extension

Resolution 3802: Surplus of Remnant Parcels
Commission Meeting May 24, 2022


Property Surplus and Conveyance for SR 509
Executive Summary
Subject property (Port owned portions of 4 "Parcels") was purchased with FAA
noise funds in 1976.
Parcels are a remnant after the Port's 2009 sale of 19.68 of its 20.45 acres in this
area as required by WSDOT to enable the extension of SR 509 ROW.
Bridge Industrial owns land SW of Parcels along the WSDOT SR 509 ROW and is
working with WSDOT on a grading plan to manage the grade change between
WSDOT's future roadbed and Bridge's future warehouse development.
WSDOT & Bridge seek to include Parcels in the grading plan, Port has no
operational or commercial use for Parcels and wishes to convey Parcels to Bridge.


Port Parcels Location

Le                             PCE)

Sale to WSDOT

Port Parcels

J519502)        FI H0 3
A1L5  1151 POS
"| GanzV

Port Parcels

Original SR 509 ROW
Expanded SR 509 ROW
Port of Seattle Parcels
Bridge Point SeaTac, LLC
S 200th St


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