10b. Presentation

Duwamish Basin Steward Position Interlocal Agreement

Item No. 10b  supp
Meeting Date: May 24, 2022
Duwamish Basin Steward
Interlocal Agreement

Request for approval to execute
Interlocal Agreement between
King County, City of Seattle, City
of Tukwila, and Port of Seattle

Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to
execute an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with King County, City of
Seattle, and City of Tukwila for a new Duwamish Basin Steward
This request furthers a Commission priority related to
stewardship capacity in the Duwamish Service area.


Aligned with the Duwamish Valley Community Equity Program
which was adopted by the Port Commission in 2019. The
Duwamish Valley Community Equity Program aims to
harnesses the Port's economic development mission to
promote community partnerships, healthy environments and
communities, and economic prosperity.
Aligned with the Port's Century Agenda goal to "restore,
create, and enhance 40 additional acres of habitat in the
Green/Duwamish Watershed."

Duwamish Basin Service Area


Key Priorities for Basin Steward
Increase stewardship capacity for Duwamish Service Area focused on:
Salmon recovery
Shoreline habitat restoration
Community engagement
Partnership and funding coordination
Creative stormwater management
Climate adaptation and resilience
Land conservation
Community-based science
Other stewardship activities within the service area


Outcomes of the Interlocal Agreement
The Duwamish Basin Steward position will:
Increase collaboration with landowners, businesses,
communities, agencies and tribes in the Duwamish Service
Secure technical assistance and funding from federal and
state agencies and other sources.
Participate in landscape-level stewardship and restoration
planning with key partners in the Duwamish Service Area.
Assist the Port in optimizing its Sustainable Shorelines
Program, Multi-Site Mitigation Bank, Stormwater Utility,
and climate resilience programs.


Cost Share
Estimated Annual Cost Share (2022-2023)
King County             37.5%      $    78,000
City of Seattle              37.5%       $    78,000
City of Tukwila            12.5%       $    26,000
Port of Seattle             12.5%       $    26,000


Next steps
Spring 2022: Finalize and execute the Interlocal Agreement
Summer/Fall 2022: Recruit and hire the Duwamish Basin
Steward position (led by King County) with support from the
Duwamish Basin Management Team
Fall 2022: Port staff request funds for Port share for 2023


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