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Maritime Blue Annual Report

AGENDA MEMORANDUM                        Item No.          11a 
BRIEFING ITEM                            Date of Meeting        July 12, 2022 
DATE:     June 24, 2022 
TO:        Stephen P. Metruck, Executive Director 
FROM:    David McFadden, Managing Director, Economic Development Division 
SUBJECT:  Maritime Blue Annual Report 
Three years ago, the Port of Seattle executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with
Washington Maritime Blue (MB), the new nonprofit organization charged with implementing
Washington State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy.  The Memorandum of Understanding laid
out general areas of cooperation and subsequent service contracts have formalized the Port’s
partnership with MB on maritime innovation and workforce initiatives.
The MOU and Port service agreements with MB has yielded an effective partnership that is 
advancing development of Washington’s Blue Economy.  Over the past year we have jointly
launched another successful maritime innovation accelerator, expanded the Youth Maritime
Collaborative  workforce  development  initiative,  and  initiated  other  efforts  to  advance
sustainability within the maritime industry. 
The partnership to build a Blue Economy is working. Over the next year our priorities include: 
• Advancing a third round of the maritime innovation accelerator program 
• Expanding Youth Maritime Collaborative internship opportunities 
• Starting Quiet Sound initiative to reduce the impacts to Southern Resident Killer Whales
from large commercial vessels 
• Collaborate on greenhouse gas reduction initiatives that positively  impact Port
• Diversify funding sources and developing MB Board capacity and expertise 
This work going forward will be supported in part by a two-year $300,000 contract we will ask
Port Commissioners to authorize this summer.
In 2019, the Port of Seattle helped Washington State develop a compelling long-term strategy
for a Blue Economy.  It outlined goals to modernize the maritime industry by accelerating its
path towards sustainability.  By advancing innovation, growing maritime gateways, reducing

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Meeting Date: July 12, 2022 
greenhouse gas emissions, and investing in workforce development, Washington’s maritime
industries and communities could prosper.
Maritime Blue, a new cluster-based organization was born to implement the Blue Economy
Strategy.   The organization reflects a partnership between private industry, government,
education, and community-based organizations. Maritime Blue has grown significantly over the
last two years.  It now has 80+ members from national research labs to startups to global
technology providers, and community-based workforce partners. 
The Port of Seattle has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of Maritime Blue.
The Port and Maritime Blue signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2019 that
formalized our support for the organization and its work to advance the Blue Economy.
Subsequent service agreements with Maritime Blue have supported the Maritime Blue
Innovation Accelerator and the Maritime Youth Collaborative workforce development initiative
(with a contract pending to support the new Quiet Sound initiative designed to protect
Southern Resident Killer Whales).
Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator 
MB just finished running its second maritime innovation accelerator.  The program was
completely virtual, but the cohort nonetheless thrived and connected with one another
effectively.  Over 100 startups applied to the program and 11 companies were ultimately
chosen for four-month immersive training program.  Seven of these startups were from
Washington state. Three companies featured women founders and two ventures were led by
people of color.
Initial results from the accelerator are promising: 
•    Silverback Marine landed large contract with Port of Lopez w/ 1st wave company, Pure
•    Allosense secured non-dilutive funding from DoD; 
•    MM-Seas launched their platform during the program; and 
•    Puget Buoy won Alaska Airlines Innovation Challenge. 
Maritime Blue’s cadre of mentors expanded for the second accelerator and helped guide
participating companies.   The second accelerator featured weekly CEO roundtables with
industry experts and hundreds of hours of individual meetings with each company.
With the success of the first two maritime accelerator cohorts, Maritime Blue plans to run a
third accelerator early next year.  This accelerator will complement the Port of Tacoma’s
incubator and Bellingham’s WA Clean Tech/Blue Tech program. Over time Maritime Blue hopes
the accelerator program will serve as a hub for broader innovation programs like Tacoma and
Bellingham’s efforts. 

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Meeting Date: July 12, 2022 
Youth Maritime Collaborative 
Efforts to orient young women, low-income youth, and youth of color have progressed because
of Maritime Blue’s work on the Youth Maritime Collaborative, YMC. 
Over the past year, MB implemented its Youth Maritime Accelerator Project (YMAP).  Eleven
interns from diverse backgrounds participated in eight-week paid internships and received a
stipend at the end or their experiences. Youth we able to work with six maritime employers and
participate in several experiential learning events as part of the YMAP. 
MB supported12 interns from Seattle Public School’s Launch 206 project. Participating youth
completed a four-week internship, received high school credit, and a $1000 stipend. 
As the YMC’s initiatives like the YMAP gain momentum there are expanding opportunities for
youth to experience on-the-water programming and maritime/ocean learning activities.
Funding partners like the City of Seattle and the Workforce Development Council of Seattle and
King County have joined the Port to support broader maritime workforce programming for
young women and people of color. More recently, Maritime Blue received a $350,000 grant
from the Builders Initiative, to further advance its career connected learning initiatives.
Joint Industry Projects/Quiet Sound 
MB supports several Joint Innovation Projects (JIP) in partnership with government agencies
and private maritime companies. As an example, MB is working closely with Washington State,
Vigor industries and other partners on electric ferry development. More recently MB launched
a joint industry project to develop a whale report alert system. This “Quiet Sound” initiative is
just getting off the ground and will tackle noise and vessel disturbance issues that impact the
survival of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population. 
Public Forums 
In addition to advancing maritime innovation, workforce development and key partnerships,
MB typically organizes events, workshops, and public forums on key topics impacting
Washington’s maritime industry. The pandemic has put a damper on many of these vents but
as Washington reopens there are good opportunities to gather again and host critical
discussions using MB member expertise and outside thought leaders.  Some potential topics
could include: 
• Equity in a 21st Century Maritime Workforce 
• Offshore Wind Development Opportunities 
• Smart Ports: Shipping Terminal Digitization 

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Meeting Date: July 12, 2022 
Organization Growth and Development 
Maritime Blue has made tremendous strides over the last two years since our Memorandum of
Understanding was executed to help jumpstart this new cluster association. The organization
has secured significant new grants and private funding to supports its key projects and overall
mission.  Maritime Blue’s annual budget is $1.94 million of which $250,000 comes from the
Port of Seattle.
With more stable funding, the organization has filled several new staff positions and formalized
Joshua Berger’s position as MB’s President and CEO. New staff include: 
• Jennifer States, VP of Projects and Strategy 
• Josh Carter, Program Director, Blue Ventures/Innovation Accelerator 
• Veasna Hoy, Program Director, Youth Maritime Collaborative 
• Karina Marija-Harris, Community and Events Coordinator 
This continued partnership between the Port and Washington Maritime Blue helps galvanize
the Port’s commitment to the values of the State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy; A growing
maritime and ocean economy, healthy ocean and marine ecosystems, and equitable and
resilient communities.  The original MOU, coupled with committed funding allows Maritime
Blue to utilize its growing network of private industry, public sector, research & academic
institutions, and community & workforce organizations deliver our strategic goals to create
herein Washington a: 
• Thriving Low-Carbon Maritime Industry through Deep Decarbonization 
• Global Innovation Hub through Joint Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
• Green Gateway through Working Waterfronts that create safe jobs support climate &
environmental action. 
• Diverse and Equitable 21st Century Maritime Workforce 
• World Class Cluster through a Strategic Alliance for Maritime Innovation and
(1)   Presentation slides 
July 13, 2021 - The Commission was briefed on Maritime Blue’s maritime innovation
accelerator and other Blue initiatives 
August 4, 2020 – The Commission authorized two-year contract with Maritime Blue to
support innovation accelerator and other key Blue initiatives 

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Meeting Date: July 12, 2022 
July 14, 2020 – The Commission was briefed on Maritime Blue’s inaugural innovation
accelerator and other Blue initiatives 
July 23, 2019 – The Commission authorized one-year contract with Maritime Blue to 
implement priorities established in Memorandum of Understanding 
July 9, 2019 – The Commission authorized executive of Memorandum of Understanding
with Washington Maritime Blue to clarify partnership opportunities and responsibilities 
May 14, 2019 – The Commission authorized design funding for the Maritime Innovation 
Center (Historic Ship Supply Building) 
January 8, 2019 – Commission received a briefing regarding Maritime Blue Plan and the
Maritime Innovation Center. 

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