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ILA with UW Sea Grant

Item No. 8p_supp
Meeting Date: September 13, 2022
Washington Sea Grant Fellowship Program
Interlocal Agreement with
University of Washington
September 13, 2022

• Authorize Executive Director to sign a 3-year Interlocal Agreement
with University of Washington
•  Funding authorized in 2022-23 expense budget ($40,000)
•  Subsequent years cost will increase by $10,000 amount/year
•  Fellow is a UW employee embedded within Maritime Environment &
Sustainability Department for 12 months
•  Start date October 1, 2022


       Washington Sea Grant Fellow Program
• Washington Sea Grant provides funding and support for a
variety of graduate fellowships.
• The Port has hosted 3 Hershman Fellows since September
• Hosting a Keystone Fellow in 2022-2023
– “Broaden participation in marine and coastal professions making them more inclusive of the full
diversity of our communities and responsive to their needs and perspectives. The Fellowship
recruits and engages early career professionals who are underrepresented in the marine science,
policy, and industry workforce providing them with experience, training and mentorship in these


                    Scope of Work
• Participate in design and monitoring of mitigation bank
• Support environmental stewardship and community
engagement initiatives
• Support ongoing and new “blue carbon” restoration initiatives
– monitoring kelp, eelgrass, and oysters
• Coordinate sustainable shorelines bankline assessments
• Science communications (i.e., blog posts, interpretive signage)



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