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01 New MOU Teamsters Local 117

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Meeting Date: September 13, 2022

By and between
Affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Representing Police Officers
Re: Port Police Patrol Staffing
The following Memorandum of Understanding is entered between the Port of Seattle and the
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 117, Police Officers, regarding Port Police Patrol
Staffing and is subject to the following:
The Port of Seattle Police Department is experiencing a staffing shortage, with the Department
often falling below minimum staffing levels (MSL). Immediate mitigation steps are necessary to
increase staffing and improve public safety. In recognition of these interests, the Union and the Port
have worked collaboratively to find a solution that the parties believe will significantly improve
patrol coverage at the airport and seaport, while retaining the existing schedule for members of the
unit. This MOU establishes an immediate solution for the next several months while the
Department continues to recruit additional staff, and the parties work on more long-term strategies.

1) Overtime assignments will be filled as follows:
a) Double time (2X) for all overtime hours worked to fill patrol shifts, both minimum
staffing levels and optimum staffing levels, during the dates specified in this MOU.
b) Patrol Shift is defined as shifts at the airport and waterfront (i.e., Paul, Tom, David,
Robert, and William units), but does not include specialty units, training, or nonpatrol overtime.
c) Effective for shifts starting August 28, 2022, Patrol Officers will sign up for an extra
shift every two weeks contiguous to their normal workweek, where there are
vacancies in shifts to meet MSL.
d) The Port will determine which shifts are required to meet MSL.
e) The Port will post the required shifts to meet MSL pursuant to section 1.c and 1.k of
this MOU, with the first set of shifts beginning on August 28, 2022.


The extra shifts will be filled by Patrol Officers by seniority. Patrol Officers will
schedule their extra shifts in SharePoint commencing on the date noted above in
item 1(e) through the conclusion of this MOU.
g) If a Patrol Officer is unable to fill one of the extra shifts that they selected, the
Patrol Officer will be required to find another Officer to trade with them in order to
work the shift. This requirement does not apply for an Officers use of lawfully
protected leave.
h) Voluntary overtime shifts will be available to meet the optimum patrol staffing
level as determined by the Chief. Any bargaining unit member, regardless of
regular assignment, volunteering to work an additional patrol shift is eligible for
the 2X overtime pay or other CBA rules on overtime. The Chief will announce in
writing what the optimum patrol staffing levels are and if the optimum patrol
staffing levels change.
i) BDU will be assigned to Patrol working their current twelve-hour schedule.
j) Canine and Administrative Officers will be assigned to Patrol when needed to fill
k) The Department will continue posting Mandatory Overtime schedule 14 days in

2) The parties agree to meet to collaborate and seek to resolve any issue(s) with this MOU within
thirty (30) days following the execution and ratification date of this Memorandum of
Understanding. Either party will also determine whether additional meetings will be required
upon advance notice.
3) This Memorandum of Understanding is effective August 28, 2022, and entered into between the
parties on a one-time, non-precedent-setting basis, specific to the circumstances presented
herein. Both parties reserve their respective rights to bargain pursuant to RCW 41.56. This MOU
shall expire December 31, 2022.


NO. 117, IBT



Executive Director




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