8h. Presentation

Terminal Solid Waste Project Irregular Bid

Item No. 8h_supp
Meeting Date: January 10, 2023
Airport Terminal Solid Waste Project
Irregular Bid Authorization (CIP #800945)
Commission Meeting
January 10, 2023

   Project Purpose
Project addresses waste
from Terminal:
 Passenger Growth
 Diversion Goals
 Sanitation Concerns
 Capacity Challenges
 Lack of Space
8,000         Terminal Waste Generation       50
 Need for Wash
7,500         Passengers
45 rs
7,000                                             e n g
e                                                      Annual Tons                                                      s                                                     6,500                                            40
l P a s
6,000                                             a u n   35 n n A                                                  5,500
M illio                              5,000                         30

                   Project Scope
•  Construct 2,400 SQ FT of
dedicated refuse collection
space at the ramp level of
Central Terminal
•  Install Sanitation/Cart
Washing Stations at the
Central Terminal, Concourse
D, the South Satellite and
Service Tunnel
•  Provide modern compactor
equipment to new spaces


             Central Terminal Additions


                      Irregular Bid
Construction Offer was 19% higher than the Engineers Estimate.
10 Prime Contractors were plan holders with 7 Contractors attending the pre-bid site
walk. Only one contractor bid on the project. Reasons given for not bidding on the
•  Complexity of the work, proximity to airfield operations and tight working area
•  Schedule constraints / High LDs for the Gate B1 outage/Contractor at Risk
•  Labor constraints / mix of labor available
• Steel, Fire Protection, Limited Mechanical, Temporary Requirements

             Construction Cost Increases
Cost Increases                      Additional Cost
Construction                              $1,744,916
Construction Contingency (10%)             $174,492
Tax (10.1%)                               $176,237

Construction Increase                      $2,095,644

                   Project Cost and Schedule
Cost Breakdown                             This Request        Total Project 
Design                                                  $0          $2,000,000 
Construction                                    $2,104,000         $12,680,000 
Total                                                $2,104,000         $14,680,000 
We are here
Construction Start: Q1 2023
Project in Use: Q1 2024


                     Project Risks
RISK                   DESCRIPTION                   PROBABILITY     IMPACT       MITIGATION PLAN
Project Coordination     Project Construction schedule                                       Critical reviewers have been identified from
tied to the Baggage Optimization                                     surrounding projects to reduce impacts and
and C1 expansion projects                                          overlap. Coordination meetings are ongoing.
L               M
finishing utility and build-out
work at the Central Terminal
Ramp by Q1 2023.
Complex Construction   Multi-phasing plan to maintain                                    Gate B1 will be out of service to relieve some of the
egress and operational                                              space concerns.
requirements. Contractors               M               M
concerned with space and time
Work Affecting Tenant   Requires move of tenant                                            Working with ADR on timing and duration of
Operations             refrigeration units affecting                                       outages. Project will provide new condenser units
M        L
food/perishable storage.                                             and pressure test the new assembly prior to cut
o v e r.  Alternative storage will be provided.

                Action Requested
(1) Increase the project budget for the Airport Terminal Solid
Waste project in the amount of $2,104,000 to accommodate
the irregular bid.
(2) Award the major public works contract for the Airport’s
Terminal Solid Waste Project.
Total request for this action is $2,104,000 for a project
total authorization of $14,680,000.


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