11b. Presentation

2022 Committees 2023 Work Plans

Agenda Item: 11b_supp
Date: February 14, 2023

LeeAnne Schirato, Commission Office Deputy Chief of Staff; Erica Chung, Strategic Advisor;
Tyler Emsky Strategic Advisor; Pete Mills, Strategic Advisor; David Yeaworth, Strategic Advisor
February 14, 2023


          Commission Standing Committees
Aviation                             Calkins and Mohamed
Waterfront and Industrial Lands      Felleman and Calkins
Sustainability, Environment &         Felleman and Hasegawa
Equity & Workforce Development    Calkins and Hasegawa
Art Board                           Cho and Felleman
Audit                               Cho and Mohamed

            Audit Committee 2022 Review
Commissioner Cho – Committee Chair, and Commissioner Mohamed –
Committee Member
Selected a public member for the        Oversaw the issuance of 17 Audit
Committee                           Reports including:
Held 4 public & 3 non-                       •  4 Performance
public Committee Meetings                 •  4 Capital
Oversaw the Annual Financial                •  6 Information Technology
Statement Audit with Moss Adams           •  3 Limited Contract Compliance
Received and addressed the State        Addressed ACH Fraud when brought
Auditor’s Annual Accountability Report      before the Committee
Enhanced the external facing Internal
Audit website for enhanced
transparency and outreach

           Audit Committee 2023 Workplan
Commissioner Mohamed – Committee Chair, and Commissioner Cho –
Committee Member
Review of External Audits:
•   2022 Financial Audit Results and 2023 Audit Engagement Service Plan
•   2021 Accountability Audit Results and 2022 Audit Opening
Review of Internal Audits:
•   Director’s Annual Communication
•   2023 Audit Plan Updates
•   Open Issue Status
•   Completed Audits
•   2024 Internal Audit Budget
•   2024 Internal Audit Annual Audit Plan

           Aviation Committee 2022 Review
Co-chairs: Calkins and Mohamed
Operational Initiatives                   Capital Projects
•   On-demand/taxi program                           •   Checkpoint 1, N Employee
•   Skytrax program results (4 out of 5 stars               Parking Lot
prior to IAF or central terminal opening)         •   International Arrivals
•   SEA Cares- maintaining safety while                    Opening
providing compassion for those in crisis          •   S 160th St TNC Driver
•   Advanced Air Mobility                                   facilities
•   Flight Corridor Safety Program


          Aviation Committee 2023 Workplan
Co-chairs: Commissioner Calkins and Mohamed
Ground transportation and access to the airport including issues related
to taxi and TNC’s, the airport drive and a Transportation Management
Airport community concerns including noise mitigation and the long-
term needs of the airport
Questions or concerns related to airport CIP projects and airport dining
and retail as they arise


     Sustainability, Environment, and Climate (SEAC)
Committee 2022 Review
Co-chairs: Commissioners Calkins and Hasegawa
Sustainable Evaluation Framework (SEF)
Capital Improvement Projects under the SEF
Green Hydrogen
King County Municipal Solid Waste study
International travel lessons learned and opportunities


    SEAC Committee Proposed 2023 Workplan
Co-Chairs:       Commissioners Hasegawa and Felleman
 Sustainable Evaluation Framework Capital Improvement Projects
 Tree Stewardship Motion
 Cruise MOU and Environmental Cruise Agreement Component Review
 Maritime Climate and Air Action Plan 2022 Update and Truck Electrification
 Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Study
 Seattle Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy
 Green Corridor Feasibility Study
 Annual Port-wide 2022 GHG Emissions Inventory
 Clean Maritime Fuels and Hydrogen Hub Update
 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Study Update

    Equity and Workforce Development 2022 Review
Co-chairs: Commissioners Cho and Mohamed
Reviewed and recommended to Commission an Equity Policy Directive
•  Preliminary Committee approval of EPD framework at Oct. EWFD
Provided strategic direction and recommendations on the Port’s Career
Connected Learning strategy (including Youth Career Launch) and broader
workforce development strategy
Monitored and provided strategic input into the Port's apprenticeship and
Priority Hire programs
Developed three-year Anti-Human Trafficking workplan
Initiated development of Port-wide Language Access Order
Monitored progress of WMBE Barriers Study

     Equity and Workforce Development Committee
Proposed 2023 Workplan
Co-chairs: Calkins and Hasegawa
Review final 2021 WMBE Barriers Study Results and discuss next
Per draft Equity Policy Directive, approve definition of "equity-
related resources."
Update Diversity in Contracting goals for next five- year period
Explore the establishment of an Architects and Engineers Small
Works list


     Equity and Workforce Development Committee
Proposed 2023 Workplan
Monitor the development and results of the SEA childcare study
Perform initial evaluation of Equity Policy Directive implementation
Receive preliminary update on the launch of the Port's environmental
justice initiative


                Waterfront and Industrial Lands
Committee 2022 Review
Co-Chairs: Felleman and Hasegawa
 City of Seattle Industrial Lands Rezoning
 Industrial Lands Transportation
•  Freight corridor planning
•  Bike lanes
 Real Estate
•  NWSA/PoS Real Estate Study
•  Waterfront redevelopment
 Tourism
•  Responsible Outdoor Travel Summit
•  Statewide and international outreach


            Waterfront and Industrial Lands
Proposed 2023 Workplan
Industrial Lands Zoning
•   City of Seattle
•   State
Real Estate Development
•  CEM, T-91 Uplands, WOSCA, Federal Center South, Tsubota, NWSA/PoS Real
Estate Study
 Bike and Industrial Lands Coexistence
•   AK Way bike lane, MIC to Mic bike access, Interbay pinch points, George
Benson tracks


           Portwide Arts and Culture Board
2022 Review
Co-Chairs:     Commissioners Felleman and Hasegawa
 Annual briefing at the 11/29/2023 Commission Meeting
 Implemented “Beacons of SEA”
 Hosted 2022 American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Arts in
the Airport Workshop at SEA
 Installation of “We the Stars” by Maja Petric
 Installation of Little Free Library at SEA
 Temporary art exhibits at SEA, Pier 66 and Pier 69


          Portwide Arts and Culture Board
Proposed 2023 Workplan
Co-Chairs: Commissioners Cho and Felleman
Art installation at Capital Improvement Projects
• Widen Arrivals
• Restroom Phase 4
• Restroom Phase 5
• North Main Terminal
• Checkpoint 1
• Concourse C


            Portwide Arts and Culture Board
Proposed 2023 Workplan Cont.
Programs/ Public Engagement
• Commissioners site visits to SEA and Maritime Properties
• Bi-monthly public tour
Conservation/maintenance (main projects)
• Conservation and relocation of Pantopol sculpture
• Relocation of Northwest Garnering
• Spinning Our Wheels
Other projects
• Appraisal on the art collection at SEA
• Website update

                 Ad Hoc Committees
Governance Committee        Small Business (new)
•  Commissioners Calkins and Felleman    •  Commissioners Cho & Mohamed
•  Periodic Commission Bylaws and Rules  •  Provide oversight and strategic
of Procedure Review – Every 3 Years       direction to Port small business
(Last occurring in 2000)                    programs, innovation initiatives and
•  Ethics Code Review                            programs





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