8g. Presentation

MMSO Electrical Service Upgrade

Item No: 8g_Supp
Date: March 14, 2023
MMSO Electrical Service Upgrade
Budget Amendment Request
Commission Meeting Date: March 14, 2023
Danny Good – WPM, Facilities Project Manager IV
Delmas Whittaker – Director Marine Maintenance

                   Action Requested
•  Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to (1) approve a
budget increase to an existing small capital project for a total revised project cost
not to exceed $450,000; and (2) to use Port Crews to complete construction.
Project Background
Construction is in-progress under project N00053 (CIP C801088 MD 2020 Small
Projects) with expected completion in Q2 2023.
Completion of this project will provide additional electrical capacity for future
lighting, security, or other infrastructure upgrades, and is a necessary predecessor to
future installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for Maintenance fleet


                      Project Scope
•  Installation of SCL pole mounted transformers & demolition and installation of
electrical switchgear in MM South Yard.
•  Construction performed by Marine Maintenance.
Remaining Tasks
Complete buildout of electrical switchgear and below grade connections.
SCL installation of meter and final power cutover.
Demolition of existing switchgear and MM yard pavement restoration.
Restoration of SDOT roadway panels on S. Hinds St.


                    Existing Conditions
New SCL Pole Mounted

New Switchgear

SDOT Roadway
Panels on S. Hinds St.

Old Switchgear
MM South Yard


               Funding Request Timeline
$50K in 2020 Q3 for design & permitting via EX-2 delegation schedule.
$200K in 2021 Q2 for construction via EX-2 delegation schedule.
2021 Q3 & Q4 dedicated to finalizing design and SCL service letter & reviewing electrical equipment
submittals prior to procurement in December.
Experienced 5-month delay in receiving critical electrical components, losing favorable weather window for
construction. (Anticipated April 2022 – Received September 2022)
A slight change in angle for the rigid conduit sweep for the main power distribution resulted in
unanticipated excavation through SDOT roadway panels.
$50K in 2023 Q1 for construction via EX-2 delegation schedule.
Intended as a stop-gap measure to avoid work shutdown while preparing Commission documents.
$150K in 2023 Q1 via Commission Approval for a total project cost of NTE $450K.
Current funding request to encompass all remaining work tasks for project completion in Q2 2023.



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