8i. Presentation

Sanitary Pipe Replacement

Item No. 8i_supp
Meeting Date: March 14, 2023
Sanitary Pipe Replacement
Abhinav Prasad
Project Manager, AV-PMG

                      Project Scope
Replace or reline failing sanitary piping in four locations:
Central Terminal South             Central Terminal North

Concourse A                                    Main Terminal


         Failed Piping and Space Constraints

Cracked/corroded pipe from 2020          Mechanical Room 4 (STS Level)     Under Central Terminal (STS Level)

Milestone                                    Date
Design Complete                               Q2 - 2024
Commission Authorization for Construction        Q2 - 2024
Construction Award                             Q4 - 2024
Substantial Completion                           Q2 - 2026


COST ESTIMATE      Capital      ERL       To ta l
Status 2 Estimate
$2,000,000     NA     $2,000,000
Revised Project
$2,935,000   $65,000   $3,000,000
Estimate (2022)


Risk           Description     Probability     Impact           Mitigation Plan
Material shortages   Long-lead times
Identify long lead time materials
associated with
and work with designer and
stainless steel              H              H
construction team to order
materials as quickly as possible.
Minimal space       Areas where pipe is                             Identify issues early and work
available for pipe     being installed is                                     with designer to find alternative
routing               congested with             H              H        pathing, as needed
various other
Restroom and      Replacement of                               Work with AV Public Relations,
concession         pipes will require                               ORAT, AV F&I Signage, AV
temporary closures  temporary closures                               Operations, and ADR early to
to restrooms and          H             M       provide signage and do work in
concessions                                   hours that least impact the


                  Cone of Certainty
W e are here




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