8j. Presentation

Landside Pavement Program

Item No.        8j_supp
Date of Meeting     March 14, 2023

Landside Pavement Program
Authorization for Design

           Landside Pavement Program
•  SEA has 2.5 million square feet of
Pavement Condition Index (PCI)                                                                             Landside pavement
•  Maintain a minimum pavement
condition at the lowest total cost
of ownership
•  Goal is to maintain pavements at
PCI rating of 70 or more
Pavement Useful Life


           Landside Pavement Program
60                                                        •  Completed assessment of

50                                                            existing Landside pavements

40                                                        •  Landside pavement program
Percent of Area                                                                             renewal prioritized by condition
•  Leverage other capital projects to
20                                                            maximize delivery


Pavement Condition
Very Good    Good    Poor    Very Poor


             Project Purpose and Scope
The Landside Pavement Program will rehabilitate SEA landside pavements
in order to maximize the useful life of assets and ensure operations
•  Pavement rehabilitation will include pavement overlay or replacement
– Removal of abandoned utilities within work areas
– improvements to related surface water drainage facilities
– Comply with required codes or standards (e.g., signage, lighting, sidewalks,
bicycle lanes)
•  Locations include the South Parking Entrance, Northern Airport
Expressway, Air Cargo Rd, S 190th St, Starling Dr, and S 160th St

                   Project Location


          Project Photos: South Parking Entrance


            Project Budget and Schedule
Original Budget: $20,000,000            Key Schedule Milestones:
Revised Budget: $10,000,000            •  Design Start: Q1 2023
•  Budget reduced during COVID-19       •   Construction Start: Q2 2024
health emergency                   •  In-Use Date: Q4 2024
•  Puget Sound Regional Council
pavement preservation grant to
reimburse up to $638,000


                  Cone of Certainty

We are here

                           Project Risks
Risk /
Description       Probability   Impact      Mitigation Plan
Actual pavement condition
Evaluate during design and
Risk          could vary requiring different          M              H
determine appropriate remedy
Higher than anticipated
Risk         pavement costs due to oil price         M              M       Monitor and track during design
Deliver pavement remediation                               Identify potential opportunities
Opportunity                                         H            M
scope through other projects                                  and include in Acquisition Plan

Obtain a sales tax exemption for                                 Submit request to Department
Opportunity                                         H            M
the work (Tax Rule 171)                                        of Revenue during Design



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