11a. Attachment

03 SEA Stakeholder 2022 Annual Report

2022 Membership List
Facilitation Team


Federal Way

Des Moines

Normandy Park

Item No. 11a. attach 3
Meeting Date: March 28, 2023


Brian Scott


Dori Krupanics


Diana Smith

Burien Community Member

Jeff Harbaugh

Burien Community Member

Adolfo Bailon

Burien City Manager

Garmon Newsom II (Alt)

Burien City Attorney

Dave Berger

Federal Way Community Member

Michael Brugato

Federal Way Community Member

Bill Vadino

Federal Way Mayor’s Office, Senior Policy Advisor

Steve McNey (Alt)

Federal Way Communications & Government Affairs Manager

Bob Leonard

Des Moines Community Member

Peter Philips

Des Moines Community Member

Michael Matthias

Des Moines City Manager

Denise Lathrop (Alt)

Community Development Director

Bryan Tomich

Normandy Park Community Member

Moira Bradshaw

Normandy Park Community Member

Amy Arrington

Normandy Park City Manager

Chief Dan Yourkoski (Alt)

Normandy Park Chief of Police

Community Rep. Vacancy

Robert Akhtar

SeaTac Community Member

Carl Cole

SeaTac City Manager

Kyle Moore (Alt)

SeaTac Government Relations and Communications Manager

Community Rep. Vacancy

Port of Seattle

Air Cargo
FAA (non-members)

Peter Schilling

Tukwila Community Member

Brandon Miles

Tukwila Business Relations Manager

Laurel Humphrey (Alt)

Tukwila Council Analyst

Lance Lyttle

Aviation Managing Director

Laurel Dunphy (Alt)

Aviation Operations Director

Eric Schinfeld

Federal Government Relations Senior Manager

Marco Milanese

Community Engagement Manager

Primary Delta Rep. Vacancy
Scott Ingham (Alt)

Public Affairs Advisor, Delta Air Lines

Scott Kennedy

State and Local Government Affairs Manager, Alaska Airlines

Randy Fiertz (Alt)

Airport Affairs Director, Alaska Airlines

Air Cargo Rep. Vacancy
Justin Biassou

Community Engagement Officer, Federal Aviation Administration

Leslie Lardie

Senior Advisor, Federal Aviation Administration

Grady Stone

Northwest Mountain Regional Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration

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