10d. Presentation

Equity Policy Directive

Item no. 10d_supp
Meeting date: March 28, 2023
Equity Policy Directive

Bookda Gheisar, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Tyler Emsky, Commission Office

•  Motion 2018-06
– Directed Port staff to create and implement an equity pilot program.
– This pilot program shall inform the development of an equity policy directive.
•  Motion 2020-19 (sponsored by Commissioner Cho)
– Required racial equity and unconscious bias trainings
– Established an internal Change Team
– Called for annual assessments on state of equity in the Port starting in 2021
•  8/10 EWFD Committee Feedback
•  Additional rounds of staff dialogue and edits
•  10/28 EWFD Committee Preliminary Approval
•  January and February Listening Sessions (2 internal, 2 external)
•  Final revisions responsive to community feedback

       Elements of Proposed Equity Policy Directive
• Makes permanent:
• Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Senior Director position
• Change Team

• Annual equity goal setting & reporting requirements
• All departments to use equitable budgeting tool
• OEDI to support employee growth, advancement, and knowledge of equity culture and practices
across the Port
• As-needed cohorts of external community equity advisors
• Port to pursue opportunities to expand community equity programs


       Highlights of the Equity Policy Directive Draft
• Makes equity a permanent, ongoing commitment by the Port
of Seattle for every level, every division, and every employee
– Annual equity goals set by depts to reflect where they want to grow
– Progress towards EDI goals shall be part of performance reviews of
the Executive & members of the ELT
– Utilization of Port developed 'equity tools' such as the equitable
budgeting tool
– Audit team to perform periodic assessments of OEDI work and report
to appropriate Commission committees
– Tools & supports to be developed to enhance and strengthen equity
in programs and policies

                  Highlights (continued)
•  Commits the Port to grow its portfolio of community-based equity work
and investments
•  Language to address barriers to community participation in Port outreach,
as appropriate (stipends, language access)
•  To inform future action, Port staff are tasked with :
– Examining past Port equity-related funding, in order to propose an ongoing
commitment of resources for equity
– Convening as-needed groups of community equity advisors on an issue-by-issue
– Developing the Port's environmental justice principles and framework through
engagement with near Port communities.


  Post-listening Session Edits to Equity Policy Directive
• Annual reporting on continuous process improvement
opportunities regarding Port contracting with communitybased
organizations, informed by least one listening session
with these CBOs.
• Alignment of timelines to reflect proposed date of passage.


               Thank You




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