8d. Presentation

Maritime Industrial Center Electric Equipment

Item No: 8d_Supp
Meeting date:  March 28, 2023
Maritime Industrial Center
Electrical Infrastructure Replacement
Electric Equipment
Procurement Authorization
Kelly Purnell – Capital Project Manager
Melinda Miller – Director, Real Estate Asset Management (Sponsor)
Kenneth Lyles – Director, Fishing and Commercial Operations (Sponsor)
Trevor Panger – Real Estate Development Manager
CIP # C801241
Project # N06470

• Project Location
• Action Requested
• Current Condition
• Project Scope and
Equipment Purchase
• Risks and Opportunities
• Schedule
• Funding

                Action Requested
Request Commission authorization for the Executive Director to:
1. Proceed with early procurement of long-lead major electrical
equipment for the Maritime Industrial Center Electrical
Infrastructure Replacement project
Project Estimated Cost: $6,780,000
Procurement Authorization Request: $1,800,000


                 Current Condition
•   Significant corrosion
•   Stormwater intrusion
•   Degraded protective coatings
•   Decaying structural pads


                   Project Scope
Project Work:
•    Demolition of (5) existing switchboards and associated equipment
•    Install new switchboards and associated equipment
•    New ducts, vaults, and electric cables
Electrical Equipment Purchase:
•   Location 1: At Main Electrical – Switchgear, switchboards, transformer
•   Location 2: At Mooring Pier – Switchgear, switchboard, transformer
•   Location 3: At Wharf – Switchboards, transformer


              Risks and Opportunities
•  Risks
– Failure of the existing electrical equipment
– Safety risks to maintenance personnel due to degradation of equipment
– Schedule risks
•  Supply chain constraints causing very long lead times for equipment procurement
•  Seattle City Light delays
– Materials and equipment price volatility
– High escalation in current construction market
•  Opportunities
– Upgraded and safe equipment with higher load capacities for future site
upgrades (EV chargers, shore power, tenant changes)

                  Preliminary Schedule

Commission design authorization                  2022 Quarter 4
Design start                                         2022 Quarter 4
Commission authorization for major           2023 Quarter 1
electrical equipment procurement
Commission construction authorization             2023 Quarter 3
Construction start                                   2024 Quarter 1
In-use date                                         2024 Quarter 3


Cost Estimate/Authorization Summary        Capital        Expense            To ta l
Current estimate                             $6,780,000              0    $6,780,000
Previous authorizations                         $850,000              0      $850,000
Current request for authorization              $1,800,000               0     $1,800,000
Total authorizations, including this             $2,650,000               0     $2,650,000
Remaining amount to be authorized          $4,130,000            $0    $4,130,000





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