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3/14/23, 10:00 AM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] public comment on international tourism marketing initiative
Robin Briggs 
Mon 3/13/2023 11:47 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.
I urge you not to fund this initiative. We do not need to advertise to tourists! We get plenty of them
already. We in particular do not need to encourage them to fly, which results in a huge amount of
emissions, or take a cruise, which results in lots of emissions *and* pollutes our waters.
Lets spend this money on an initiative to do off-shore windmills, which will increase our clean electrical
capacity and result in lots of local high wage jobs.
Robin Briggs
Seattle resident

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       3/15/23, 12:14 PM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
[EXTERNAL] Written Public Comments for 3/14/23 Commission Meeting
James Jennings 
Tue 3/14/2023 1:04 PM
To: Commission-Public-Records 
WARNING: External email. Links or a achments may be unsafe.
Since I was unable to complete my comments, please include the below as part of the wri en record.
Good a ernoon Execu ve Director Metruck, President Cho and Commissioners
My name is James Jennings (JJ) and I am here to speak in regard to the Port’s HR-34 and EX-29 policies.
For the benefit of Commissioners Hasegawa and Mohamed, who I have not yet had the pleasure to
meet, I will provide a bit of my background.
I was a Port employee for more than 26 years, having a bit of a Cinderella story career, star ng as a
college intern and finishing as the Director of Avia on Business and Proper es.
As a sample of my work, I stood before many Commissioners here today, laying the groundwork for
many SEA major capital projects, most notably the Concourse C Expansion Project, SEA Gateway Project
and Concourse A Expansion for Airport Lounges. I am not sure if it is commonly known, but I am one of
the employees that was quietly terminated when the Port ins tuted it’s HR-34 policy requiring
vaccina on, having received no accommoda on for my sincerely held religious beliefs.
But I am not here today to tread out sour grapes or ask for my job back, in fact I have worked very hard
to move on from my Port employment, currently working with my wife in a small airport consul ng
business called 2J Consul ng. But one challenge we have had is that we are not currently allowed to
work on-site at Port facili es, due to our vaccina on status, which limits our poten al work
opportuni es to work that can only be completed virtually.
But probably more important, is the fact that not everyone who was terminated has fared as well as I,
and you may hear from some of them today during public tes mony. Many are bi er and some con nue
to struggle to find work, so not allowing them this opportunity to return to the Port feels discriminatory
in light of the current COVID-19 climate and evidence.
So I am here today to ask the Port why it has not retracted or significantly modified their vaccina on
requirement policies for both employees (HR-34) and contractors (EX-29)?
Clearly the body of evidence and the prac cal, poli cal and scien fic jus fica ons that underpinned the
development of those policies has dissolved?
Prac cally, we all know unvaccinated employees or contractors create no greater risk to the employee
popula on than a vaccinated employee in the workplace (in fact there are hundreds of unvaccinated
tenants and visitors spending significant me in Port facili es every month).
Poli cally, President Biden has long given up on vaccina on requirements for Federal Contractors (which
was the impetus for the Port’s policy) and both King County and the City of Sea le have both retracted
their employee vaccina on requirements.
Scien fically, even the CDC now recognizes natural immunity as “at least as beneficial” as a vaccine.
Personally, I have had COVID-19 previously, and took a standard an body test that showed robust
an bodies.
So, what ground then does the Port stand on in keeping these outdated policies?

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   1/2

       3/15/23, 12:14 PM                                              Mail - Commission-Public-Records - Outlook
Con nuing them only creates the percep on and/or validates the existence of discrimina on and/or
ulterior mo ves.
Commissioners, I implore you to retract or significantly modify both (HR-34 and EX-29) to align with the
current COVID-19 climate and evidence.
Thanks, you for the opportunity to provide public comment.
James Jennings (JJ)
Managing Partner
2J Consul ng LLC
(253) 257-9748

https://outlook.office365.com/mail/commission-public-records@portseattle.org/inbox/id/AAQkAGE1YmYzYTk0LWE2N2YtNGZmYi05YjgxLTE5MDVjO…   2/2


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